spiritcat cant heal and other stories

story #1: spiritcat cant heal

yep. accidentally queued H LFG for spiritcat instead of ahune, and got a stonecore run. somehow managed to keep everyone alive up to the first boss. then wiped, twice. on diff tanks. they got one-shotted practically. i ran out of the instance once. finally gave up and just left group. and queued for ahune instead.

story #2: locks need on spirit gear

in the same stonecore run, a epic healer BoE item dropped. lock needed on it as well and won it. then left group. famous. he didnt even bother to equip it since he was just gonna sell it on AH

story #3: loser tanks on ahune

tank didnt say he was changing spec, while group was downing the solo mob b4 activating the crystal for ahune. so when the mobs came out, he was no where to be found, and the group wiped.

story #4: weirdest ahune group ever

continued from story #3: after the tank left – we would have kicked him anyway – the group came to a halt. cos while 1 dps had a tank pal willing to help out, the group leader was grouped with one other dps and that dps was afk, so we couldnt kick the group leader nor get the lead so that the tank could be invited in. so after waiting a few minutes, the tank pal logged off and we quit group, leaving the group leader and his afk pal there.


on the bright side of things, Xense, Blackstealth and Naturespower have won their respective cloaks. of course, naturespower will need more than 1 cloak. so he will have to keep on running ahune.

the others that are still in the running are the rest of my 85s:

  • zappel
  • magel
  • xbowstrike
  • naturespower
  • spiritcat
  • pickwick
  • fruit

the importance of running ZAZG

otherwise known as semi-welfare epics.

once upon a time, you could only get welfare epics during certain festivals, like the lunar or halloween ones.

now, with ZA and ZG in LFG, you can get epics just from boss drops (and for ZA timed event, even more epics). it’s semi-welfare, since you gotta be at least ilvl 346 to queue for it. but hey, who isnt at least ilvl 346 by now? you can even buy epics off the AH.

instead of a long hard grind for rep to buy faction epics, you can now run ZAZG to get epics.

magel could queue ZAZG, after she swapped her green wand for a PVP wand from the conquest vendor (yup, i swapped her VPs for CPs and bought the 700 CP PVP epic wand)

the first run was ZA, and it netted her 3 epics. from just the PVP epic wand, she now has 3 more. just 1 ZA run. ok, that was luck, but hey, eventually, these semi-welfare epics will drop for you too.

not to mention, you get double the VPs per ZAZG run as compared with usual H runs.

so go for it! lol. most of you already do anyway, im slow to gear levelling.

alts update

some of my toons got the new ambassador title, after the delay in getting Gilneas rep – Greeni for one.

i guess over time, more of my toons will hit level cap. Pickwick just hit L85 last week. working on Blackstealth@Firetree and various on Jubei’thos, esp Persi who is already L83 and running Cat dungeons

on the other hand, i have Rhoanin and Greeni hit L80 but put on hold for levelling them for the time being. i want to get more BoE green gear for them first.

for my lower ranking toons, the last of my Firetree lowbies are now into Outlands or soon to be. Werewolfe is L59 and will pop into Outlands next. Wormage already completed both dungeons in Hellfire Peninsula and is now L62. Gonna move him into Zangarmarsh

As for the Firetree raiding toons, Xense and Magel, both are iL346 blued out and raid ready. both have also been running H LFG for the valor points (VP) and Tol Barad (TB) for honor points (HP).

am gonna have to spend a lot of time farming to get the professions up for quite a few of my toons. that should keep me busy, but i dunno if i have the time come July. got some real life things to do then….


it helps to be in a guild. you get 50% guild rep tabard on getting Friendly, and 100% tabard on Honoured. so when you quest, you get rep for your guild. and your guild level benefits you too! after certain level you can get BoA gear which will help your alts level faster. you also get a better chance at getting into a raid and getting even better gear!

BoA items – item level of 1

this is working as intended. so when you have been using BoA gear on your toon until you hit L80, you never had any problems queuing for LFG.

all of a sudden, you hit L80, and you cannot queue for nothing. a big fat zero LFG fail. cos your gear now is too low for H wrath and normal cata dungeons.

the official WoW workaround is: take off the BoA gear, equip normal gear then queue LFG.

update 13 June 2011:

as long as u carry the normal gear in your inventory, you can still wear BoA gear and queue LFG. it will take the best item level gear from your equipment and inventory.

i finally managed to queue LFG for Persi when she turned 82 and got enuf Cata gear…