BoA items – item level of 1

this is working as intended. so when you have been using BoA gear on your toon until you hit L80, you never had any problems queuing for LFG.

all of a sudden, you hit L80, and you cannot queue for nothing. a big fat zero LFG fail. cos your gear now is too low for H wrath and normal cata dungeons.

the official WoW workaround is: take off the BoA gear, equip normal gear then queue LFG.

update 13 June 2011:

as long as u carry the normal gear in your inventory, you can still wear BoA gear and queue LFG. it will take the best item level gear from your equipment and inventory.

i finally managed to queue LFG for Persi when she turned 82 and got enuf Cata gear…

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