finally, done with ahune

of all the ahune runs, zappel is the most unlucky one. i must have run it at least 10 times, each queue time is at least 30 minutes. fortunately, the last time was the first time the dps cloak dropped, and he won it over the other castor in the party.

i’ve had quite a few toons get their cloak on the first time to ahune, such as blackstealth and cavelion, when they were just L84.

anyway, now that i’ve got ahune under my belt, it’s time to focus on magel gearing for raid, as well as farming stuff. and i still need to level up my lowbie mage Wormage (L64) so that they can port ppl to Dalaran.

oh right. Blackstealth is now L85 and can lockpick boxes for the guild!

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