xense goes raiding

xense just completed ICC last weekend. and this weekend, picked up Throne of the 4 Winds and Bastion of Twilight (BoT). just too bad, it’s not with the guild. Firetree guild is missing enough ppl to form a guild raid.

i was not playing xense. but my gaming buddy. all i did was level xense to L85 and get enuf gear for H runs. he took over and got the rest of the gear and ran the raids.

i switched toons with him, so i levelled Magel instead and geared her for raiding. just didnt take her anywhere near a raid instance :) she is mostly epicced out too.

and just when i thought that’s all i have in terms of pro gear toons in Firetree, turned out Pickwick is already H run ready! thanks to the Ahune festival recently completed, he got the epic cloak and wpn (staff). plus an epic trinket from JPs, he has a lot of L346 gear too. his lowest gear is now L318. and just completed H SFK and H Vortex Pinnacle.


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