my virtual life so far

due to real life time constraints, i have decided some time ago to drop my toons on blackwater raiders. so they will stay forever 80. lol.

instead, i have just been playing firetree and jubei’thos. even so, my main on firetree is better geared than my main on jubei. since my guilds on both realms are non-raiding, i have just been gearing up my pal’s toon, xense. so he can go raid with other guilds. which he has been doing. and i am in the process of getting the mats to make for xense the blacksmithing epic hunter polearm.

along the way, farming mats have helped to gain xp for many of my toons. a few of them are just a hop and skip from level cap. that’s cavelion and everstone. as for the rest, like opheilia and disowned, even though they are only L80, they can already queue for dungeon and tank them. whereas on jubei, i have L80 toons but  not enuf cata gear to queue for LFG yet.

so what i have been doing a lot is farming. both realms. so that they can get their profs up to level for the next xpac. to that effect, i have been buying the epic flying for 4k gold for some toons – gsauce and incorrigible on jubei, and moodykat on firetree. i should probably invest in the 4k for wormage and werewolfe too. well, those 2 will be my next targets for epic flying. naturally, a lot of the gold came from questing from L85s, and some from the AH of lower level mats.