Leaving the 80s behind

moving on, firetree toons are now mostly past L80, except for Opheilia and Dethnyte, and the worgens Wormage and Werewolfe. from now on, i will probably put in more effort to levelling them as well. in fact, both worgens levelled from 72 to 74 over the weekend, and are now empty of rested XP.

on jubei’thos, things have also started to stir, and Greeni is now 81 and can queue LFG. so all the toons on jubei can now do LFG. however, prof-wise, Greeni is still pretty low on JC and inscription, so that means some ppl will have to farm the mats for her.

prof-wise, the latest and greatest thing i am doing is getting Spiritcat@firetree to level engineering past 450. so she can now use the Jeeves recipe she picked up a long time ago in a Northrend raid. once the 2 alchemists transmute a King’s Amber each tonight, she will be able to make it!


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