brewfest day 1

right after server maintenance was over, i logged in and ran coren LFG for all my eligible toons (ie L85s and L84s)

at the end of the day, i got nothing useful from the daily bag – melee dagger for a spellcastor toon. duh

hope i have better news tomorrow.

of course, some toons have already won useful ilvl 365 epic trinkets, even some of the L84s.

on the weekend, i shall port all my toons which havent got the wolpertinger pet to IF for it.

another mission i have for brewfest is to level as many of my L80+ toons to L84 in order to get welfare epics! greeni@jubei’thos was the first lucky toon. halfway L83, i ran her thru vortex + questing in uldum. once she hit L84, i took her into coren and she picked up both dps and healing castor trinkets. initially, she lost the need roll to a lock on the healer trink. dumb lock said it’s haste! lol. even the tank said, ya, but for it to proc you need to heal! so i got it traded to greeni. so she is the super lucky toon for the day!


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