brewfest day 2

same old same old.

cant believe my luck is still as shitty as day 1.

esp when i added moodykat to the run (hit 84 last night). she got her L85 trinks but no loot.

only 1 lucky castor toon got the agi dagger again.

no mount, no L85 epic tankard!

oh well, i still got some time to try my luck, but damn AH! i see so many tankards on sale for 2k and up!

i guess tonight i get darksunder to hit 84 (last of my L83s) then i have to work on my lower level toons over the weekend.

as for the wolpertinger pet, i realise that most of my firetree toons have already got it, except for the 2 worgens wormage and werewolfe.

prof stuff are currently on hold since i am focussing on brewfest daily bag and welfare epics and pet.

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