the joys of brewfest

week 1 roundup:

finally the tankards, they are a dropping! plus remotes. but zero mounts so far.

over the weekend, took the toons without a wolpertinger to Ironforge to get it.

levelled more toons on firetree and jubei’thos to L84 so that they can run coren for welfare epics (and more tankards!)

currently, i still have the following to go (ignoring those alts that are below L80 cos those will take too long:


  • disowned
  • dethnyte
  • opheilia


  • stormfrost
  • incorrigible


a trip to the lich king

Zappel and Xbowstrike (Naturespower helped in a couple of fights) got the title Kingslayer with the guild + some external help.

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