pilgrim cooking completed

all active alts are now L350 for cooking and above, which means northrend cooking is next for those who just completed the pilgrim cooking levels. what i really like is the turkey cooking counts for 2 levels each time. so less turkeys get killed in elwynn forest.

now to seriously start to look at levelling cooking and first aid for the majority of my L85s to get ready for the next xpac. cos cooking need to do daily quests for the awards needed to buy higher level recipes.

food festival

time to get my cooking noob alts to level up! that means khaz and the 2 worgen toons on firetree.

in the meanwhile, other than wagyu, the rest are heading for northrend, and only staying in outlands to finish up profs.

wagyu will be ready to head into outlands in a couple of levels.


hmm, wrong. in fact, firetree worgens have levelled cooking apart from pilgrim festival. so i only had to do the festival cooking for just 3 alts from khaz:

  • the 2 dks – sealism and darkruby
  • the new mage – wagyuburglar


i was actually hoping the festival would have upgraded to 450 (in line with 2nd last xpac – ie wrath) but since it is still stuck at 280 – cooking turkey which can level u up to 350 max, the rest will still have to be northrend cooking onwards.

khaz alts progressing well

faultless, darkruby, sealism, sealtle are all 65+ now

wagyuburglar is 45+

and their professions are moving along too.

hopefully, all can benefit from the pilgrim festival cooking quests in a week’s time.

i only have 2 other non capped toons on firetree: both werewolfe and wormage are now L83. soon i will have 2 L85 worgens!