it’s icc all over again

no imagination, that’s wow for you

so once again, at the end of the xpac, we have 3 new dungeons, which if you are geared enuf for it (350+), you can get better gear (378) which then gives u a shot at the raid finder and get even better gear (390+). which will put you in good stead for the level grind come next xpac

well, ok. at least now there’s something new – the random raid finder

but in terms of the grind process, nothing much different from wrath

right now, i only have 2 toons geared for raid finder. xense and magel. kinda obvious, since they are the mains on firetree. xense, played by my pal, has already done the weekly raid on raid finder. magel just got to 372 and became eligible for raid.

so gonna try out raid when valor points reset

i am beginning to realise that i will have to keep the majority of my alts in a state of being poorly geared. cos i just dont have the time to make them run tons of H dungeons and then raids to get gear. i dont need to do that anyway

nevertheless, some of them are already 360+ from running the new H dungeons – cavelion, spiritcat, pickwick, dethnyte.

the surprises are cave and deth. both have been slow starters, ignored for a long long time. and then pow! they are in the game.




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