leftindadark is 85 and has enuf gear to go H twilight 5-mans

dinged early this week, and with the JPs from dungeoning from the start of LFG, he got the iLvl 378 chest. and then bought a bunch of 377 PVP gear to skip the normal 85 dungeons into H mode.

finally, after a few nights of running H dungeons, he acquired enough JPs to get 2 more 378 gear – neck and wand. and at 353, he is now able to run H twilight 5-mans!

but not tonight. tonight, i rest and play diablo 3!

gone barthilas!

made a new friend with a L25 guild on Bart. so i create a brand new toon, no BoA gear, no bags, no gold, zilch. just the usual L25 guild buffs. and mass rez for dungeon runs.

as a result, it’s a farming toon, and with the help of AH, accumulated enuf gold to get glyphs and mounts and flying training. currently saving for the 4k fast flying. have 3k gold now. shouldnt be too long now.

toon just made it into Northrend and after a few LFD, just hit L70. been delayed cos of Diablo 3. hence, no more MoP gaming for me, cos D3 and this toon is keeping me busy.

so busy, i’ve neglected my last non-capped toon, my rogue on Khaz, Vampi. still stuck on L84. i guess i will go back and get her to cap at least, before MoP