theramore scenario

the luck of the draw plays a great part. i guess for now, the best players are running it. so there is less cock up

i can imagine in the next couple of days, things will degenerate, as always.

now, even without a tank-healer-dps, and all dps group can still clear the scenario, although a bit slower – having to sit and drink, or occasionally die and run back.

the ideal combo of tank-healer-dps is a non-stop run from start to finish, and wont face any problems. even a 2 dps and 1 healer combo, or a tank and 2 dps combo, will work pretty ok. but 3 dps is really a death match of sorts.

of course, some dps are better than others. such as hunters and mages. locks are a bit disadvantaged, now that they dont have rain of fire. hellfire means u are gonna aoe in the middle of the mob. without a tank or healer, you find urself dead very quickly. even though the mobs dont hit hard, a large enough mob hitting u will kill ya.

the 2 places most likely to die, are when you are clearing the ships, and the first captain is a boss who likes to charm. if u aggro a large mob and get charmed, you die. and there are quite a bit of mobs at that spot. the other one is clearing to the wyvern boss. 3 mobs that close in very quickly, and if you didnt clear the pat mobs nearby, they can easily join in and make short work of the party.

but i guess it’s still pretty worth it to run, if nothing else, for the tabard. and cos it is only available for a week, and thereafter it goes up to L90. loot is pretty rare. mostly ur just gonna get fireworks. but so far, i have got a 1h dagger, a the dps and healer staff

i heard there are other items, so i guess i will be running it quite a bit this week to get some L384 gear.

after all, my 85s are all geared for it, except Darkruby and Vampi. which i am in the process to gear them for the scenario. (iLvl 353 minimum)