Acronyms i use in this blog

last updated: 25 Aug 2010

AH – Auction House, place to buy and sell items to other players

Alts – WoW characters that i created and play with

AN – Azjol-Nerub, 5-man instance in Dragonblight

BEM – Blade’s Edge Mountains, a zone in the Outlands

BF – Blood Furnace, 5-man instance in Hellfire Peninsula

BFD – Blackfathom Deeps, 5-man instance in Ashenvale

BH – Baradin Hold, raid instance in Tol Barad

BoA – Bind on Account, items that can be passed among toons on the same account and realm and faction.

BoE – Bind on Equip, items that can be sold in the AN or traded between players (except in LFG due to cross realm restrictions) so long as the item has not been equipped.

BoP – Bind on Pickup, items that will be tied to a particular character once the character picks it up (or wins in it a loot roll).

BRD – Blackrock Depths, 5-man instance in Blackrock Mountains

brez – battle rez, which allows you to bring a dead player to life in the middle of combat. only certain classes have this ability, such as druids with the Rebirth spell.

BWR – my personal acronym for the US Realm, Blackwater Raiders.

Cat – Cataclysm, the latest WoW expansion pack

CoS – Culling of Stratholme, 5-man instance in the Caverns of Time

DM – Dire Maul, 5-man instance in Feralas (DM is sometimes used incorrectly for Deadmines, a 5-man instance in Westfall)

dmg – damage

DPS – Damage per second; also used to refer to role of damage dealers in a party or raid (the other roles are tanks and healers)

DTK – Drak’tharon Keep, 5-man instance in Zul’drak

EoE – Eye of Eternity, L80 raid in Nexus

EoF – Emblems of Frost, badges that can exchange for stuff from the respective badge vendor (gone. replaced by Justice points)

EoT – Emblems of Triumph, badges that can exchange for stuff from the respective badge vendor (gone. replaced by Justice points)

FoS – Forge of Souls, 5-man dungeon in ICC

FP – Flight Path

GD – Gundrak, 5-man dungeon in Zul’drak

GL – Guild Leader

GM – Game masters, Blizzard employees who you can turn to for help in-game.

GS – Gearscore, a gear ranking mod

H – Heroic (instead of regular instance)

HF – Hellfire Peninsula, a zone in Outlands

HH – Honor Hold, an Alliance Faction in Hellfire Peninsula

HoL – Halls of Lightning, 5-man instance in Storm Peaks

HoR – Halls of Reflection, 5-man instance in ICC

HoS – Halls of Stone, 5-man instance in Storm Peaks

ICC – Icecrown Citadel, a location in Icecrown; also used to refer to L80 raid there

JC – Jewelcrafting/Jewelcrafter

KT – Kel’Thuzad, end boss of naxx

L60 – Level 60 level cap for classic

L70 – Level 70 level cap for burning crusades xpac

L80 – Level 80 level cap for wrath of the lich king xpac

L85 – Level 85 current level cap (cataclysm)

LBRS – Lower Blackrock Spire, 5-man instance in Blackrock Mountains

LFG – Looking for Group; also used to refer to Dungeon Finder which became available with patch 3.3

LP – Lockpicking skill, only available to rogues, to open locked boxes and doors and to disarm traps

LW – Leatherworking/Leatherworker

Maly -Malygos, end boss of EoE

mats – materials (items used for crafting by various professions)

Naxx – Naxxramas, L80 raid in Dragonblight

OK – Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom, 5-man instance in Dragonblight

PoS – Pit of Saron, 5-man dungeon in ICC

Prot – short for Protection, a spec for tanking that Warriors and Paladins can choose.

PuG – Pick up Group, this is what the LFG system now does for you across realms, help you form an appropriate level and geared party for an instance.

PvE – Player vs Environment (fight monsters)

PvP – Player vs Player (fight other gamers’ toons)

Ramps – Hellfire Ramparts, 5-man instance in Hellfire Peninsula

rep – Reputation

SB – Sholazar Basin, a zone in Northrend

SH – Sethekk Halls, 5-man instance in Auchindoun

SP – The Slave Pens, 5-man instance in Zangarmarsh

Spec – Specialization, through use of talents, gear, skills, etc.

ST – Sunken Temple, or more precisely, the Temple of Atal’Hakkar in the Swamp of Sorrows. Called Sunken Temple cos the temple is basically under a lake

TB – Tol Barad, a L85 PvP battleground, similar to Wintergrasp, the L80 PvP battleground of the prev xpac.

ToC – Trial of the Crusader, L80 raid in Argent Tournament Grounds in Icecrown; also used to refer to Trial of the Champion, 5-man instance in the same place

ToGC – Trial of the Grand Crusader, Heroic version of ToC raid

UB – The Underbog, 5-man instance in Zangarmarsh

UK – Utgarde Keep, 5-man instance in Howling Fjord

UP – Utgarde Pinnacle, 5-man instance in Howling Fjord

VH – The Violet Hold, 5-man instance in Dalaran

VoA – Vault of Archavon, L80 raid in Wintergrasp

WG – The Battle for Wintergrasp, PvP event.

WotLK – Wrath of the Lich King, World of Warcraft expansion pack

WTF – swear word

XP – Experience, used to level up characters to the Level Cap (currently L80)

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