snappel is L80 – my 1st pandaren

my 1st pandaren is now L80, thanks to lots of BoA gear giving him xp and less pain during levelling of having to find and change gear. esp when there is a whole ton of monks rolling on the same dps stats (agility).

what i did on tuesday maintenance

i went to look for an old jpop song on the internet… and found it!

i first heard it a long time ago. so you can estimate my age. but then i forgot about it over time, and then i heard it again when i was watching a japanese drama last year – ninkyo helper. it was the song played by the mafia boss who was put into cold storage.

at first, i thought it might be on the OST (original sound track) of the drama. wrong.

then on tuesday i rewatched the part of the song – and caught the cd case on the film with the singer’s picture. it was deliberately shown, i think to acknowledge the singer who sang this popular enka song

so i went to search for the song, by the japanese hiragana on the cd case, on the internet. actually, that wasnt the name of the song on the cd case. it was the name of the singer! but well, since it was such a popular song back then, both the singer and the song has made its way into the internet.

song title: 喝采 (kassai)

singer: ちあきなおみ (chiaki naomi)

song synopsis: the curtain always rises

singer left her lover 3 years ago for her career.

today, she received a letter with a black border (ie death). her lover has passed away.

she went back to the old town’s church. although she is sad, she has no words, no tears for the past. she has become hardened.

now, she is back on stage, singing.

some links:


playing wow on 2 accounts is more fun than 1

since i have 2 accounts, out of necessity, i often play on both accounts simultaneously on 1 computer.

this allows me to put a dps toon in LFG queue, and play another toon on the 2nd wow window. this is how i am levelling my L80 toon to the new 85 cap. cos i am keeping the quests for gold once i hit 85, i am just doing instances.

now, i could do instances as a healer instead of a dps, but i dont need to rush it. so i keep Spiritcat (Firetree L84) as shadow, queue as dps, and then go play my lowbie worgen on the 2nd account.

then i switch around, and play Magel (Firetree L83), queue as dps, and play my lowbie gnomie priest Greeni.

i only play with rested xp. cos i dont like to waste effort on levelling when i can do it faster. with the guild options it gets even better.

Spiritcat the Explorer

yup. been there, done it, got the title.

then i went back to finishing up my quests in eastern kingdoms. BRD and BRS – both lower and upper. ended up with 2 pets. not bad. but i picked up some more BRS quests so i went back in again. this time to kill Gen Drak. couldnt solo him with a L80 5k GS SP. died twice from non-stop stuns.

had to call in reinforcements – Davina on the 2nd ac – ret pally to tank him and his adds. SC healing when she wasnt being stunned. at least, 2 toons means the stuns are now 50-50 so half the time i was tanking on davina and when she gets stunned, i switch to SC to heal both and dot the boss. he died and both got the achievement for UBRS.

next stop – strat. i will go pick up the quests from EPL. currently 673/700. starting to wonder if a L80 SP can solo these L60 dungeons with impunity, or will i need a backup toon to tank?

op gnomer

busy with op gnomer recently. i started on it 1 day after it was officially opened, cos i was too tired that night. so by the time i went into it, most of the bugs had been ironed out. 1st day is always bug reporting time. ROFL.

bug – working as intended (to frustrate players)

the 1 glitch was that if u moved ahead of the timed event, instead of having the boss initiate the fights, it will hang during the tunnel phase. the giant troll will not appear, which means you will have to redo the event.

to be able to get to the event, you need to do a series of quests around steelgril depot. any level toon can. but for the final event, you need to be L75 onwards. otherwise 1 hit from the random blasts from the enemies will finish u off, even though you are getting heals all the time.

dmg > health b4 heal reaches u = dead.


completion of quests up to b4 event – an item to turn u into a blue gnome for 30 min (4 hr CD)

completion of event – a cool purple cloak (not epic, just town gear. no stats)

what i did

ran it for all 23 L80s, as well as the 2 BoA alts Stormfrost and Incorrigible. however, no cloak for the lowbies.

ran the horde version, Echo Isles: Zalazane’s Fall, on my 2 BoA alts Zealadin and Swiftmender. up to the trinket to turn troll, but no event for my horde alts. too low!

a short and fun trip to SSC

Serpentshrine Cavern. i had once popped in there with my Firetree guild just for a look-see and kill some adds (cant kill boss cos u need a full raid group – guild too small for that)

Last night, i took Moodykat there to tank a mob group for Vertu and Samin, so they can go fish for “The Lurker Above” achievement. Cleared one mob, then escaped the hungry fish in the waters and hopped from pipe to pipe to the strange pool. only 1 person can fish for the boss at a time. whoever fishes it will then get the achievement so we did it twice. Moodykat cant fish so that was that. so long as u do not kill the boss, you can do it again and again.

ellonis the lone L79

darksunder and shortnacity are at level cap.

so there are no more alts to level in firetree. that means i will probably focus on a few of them to get some rep or prof up. and if there is any i want to take to cat earlier, to get some more gear. i probably have to decide who i wanna make my main for cat on firetree and then gear that one up some more.

shortnacity is my tanking toon on one account. gorlog is on the other account, together with ellonis. so when he dinged 80, i went to get him emblem tanking gear…. damn. they give set bonus to BLOOD! so i had to respec him from frost to blood. anyway, that will come in useful in cat, cos blood is the cat spec for DK tanking.

so now its just 1 lonely L79 still having a few more dungeon runs to cross the finish line. wow. that means i’m gonna have a ball of time playing with all my L80 alts! /cheer

i say goodbye to horde – toons, that is.

i tried to play them, i truely really did. for a while. but ultimately, i just couldnt. so the other day, to create a new toon on my account, i had to delete an existing toon. pigscanfly was the sacrificial victim. RIP, my lowbie tauren druid, that never took off into the skies.

but your replacement toon, Nighthaven, a nelf druid, will most likely make it to the level cap one day…. so be satisfied that your deletion will not be in vain.

Tuesday night maintenance

a whole night of nothing to do on wow. so what do you do?

how i spent my tuesday night

zzzz… best sleep i had all week!

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