magel at new level cap

xense was first to hit 90 but that was my buddy’s effort (100%)

i took my time with magel, cos i wasn’t in a hurry. didnt want to run crowded zones. i was levelling snappel at the same time. snappel has since just hit L87

snappel is L80 – my 1st pandaren

my 1st pandaren is now L80, thanks to lots of BoA gear giving him xp and less pain during levelling of having to find and change gear. esp when there is a whole ton of monks rolling on the same dps stats (agility).

ready for mop

yup. even sparetire is now tanking heroic twilight dungeons.

i have most of the boa/heirloom items for my future panda(ren)s on firetree and barthilas.

most of the toons profs are maxed or past 500/525

so what am i doing from now until mop is live?

  1. been playing around with the new set of talents for various classes. but havent finished speccing all my toons. i guess i will only spec when i play them.
  2. running inscription northrend daily to get the latest glyphs discovered on firetree, khazgoroth and barthilas scribes.
  3. playing less wow. even less diablo 3 and watching more korean dramas.



vampi turned 85 so that’s it for khaz toons

i finally levelled vampi up. now it’s only bart toons, all 80+.

i might level a pandaran hunter if the race is available next week…. hope so!

all the instancing i have been doing, most have been vomit blood type.

either ppl pulling when i am tank, which i am fine, but when i am still having to kill mobs b4 the boss and they pull the boss, that is a bit too much to take.

or ppl who dont know their duty as dps – to cc, or keep adds off healer. or just plain dont know the instance and definitely cant do a corpse run.

but when i get a real good group, it’s a breeze and it’s what makes it worth it, doing random LFGs.

bart toons update

my DK sparetire is now 79 and the other 2 are L82 and doing vashjr quests. dunno if i should keep at it or go deepholm already.

other than DMF, my other toons are inactive, except for Xense, played by my buddy. i levelled arch on this toon from 100 to 200+ during the maintenance last tues, when firetree was one of the few realms not under maintenance. cos the prof actually rewards companions and mounts, my buddy took over and levelled to 300+ and will probably hit Associate Prof. one of these days, besides playing Zefhyr with my Spiritcat mage.


more toons

i thought 1 toon on bart would be the all in. wrong again

now i have 3 more

sparetire is a 67 dk

spiritcat is a 53 mage

zefhyr is a 53 priest which was started by my pal (we play together, hence spiritcat is same level) but i levelled her up from 20+ to 40+ over 2 weeks

all in leftindadark’s guild, peanut butter jelly. so they got the guild stuff (but zefhyr cant get guild boa cos she is on my 2nd account and only toon on bart and guild)


gone barthilas!

made a new friend with a L25 guild on Bart. so i create a brand new toon, no BoA gear, no bags, no gold, zilch. just the usual L25 guild buffs. and mass rez for dungeon runs.

as a result, it’s a farming toon, and with the help of AH, accumulated enuf gold to get glyphs and mounts and flying training. currently saving for the 4k fast flying. have 3k gold now. shouldnt be too long now.

toon just made it into Northrend and after a few LFD, just hit L70. been delayed cos of Diablo 3. hence, no more MoP gaming for me, cos D3 and this toon is keeping me busy.

so busy, i’ve neglected my last non-capped toon, my rogue on Khaz, Vampi. still stuck on L84. i guess i will go back and get her to cap at least, before MoP


horde toons level capped!

finally, left khaz toons still levelling.

horde toons have the benefit of their alliance alts. who provided them the boe jp 378 wrists and vp 397 feet gear. also, from dungeon runs, they accumulated enuf jps to buy the chest 378 gear.

not only that, the xense made the gun and wpn for badday, and the healer mace for tyreal. after gearing up, both ran a H to check it out.  badday ran HoO and came in tops dps.  tyreal ran LC and it was a good check on his mana pool at the last fight.

it’s icc all over again

no imagination, that’s wow for you

so once again, at the end of the xpac, we have 3 new dungeons, which if you are geared enuf for it (350+), you can get better gear (378) which then gives u a shot at the raid finder and get even better gear (390+). which will put you in good stead for the level grind come next xpac

well, ok. at least now there’s something new – the random raid finder

but in terms of the grind process, nothing much different from wrath

right now, i only have 2 toons geared for raid finder. xense and magel. kinda obvious, since they are the mains on firetree. xense, played by my pal, has already done the weekly raid on raid finder. magel just got to 372 and became eligible for raid.

so gonna try out raid when valor points reset

i am beginning to realise that i will have to keep the majority of my alts in a state of being poorly geared. cos i just dont have the time to make them run tons of H dungeons and then raids to get gear. i dont need to do that anyway

nevertheless, some of them are already 360+ from running the new H dungeons – cavelion, spiritcat, pickwick, dethnyte.

the surprises are cave and deth. both have been slow starters, ignored for a long long time. and then pow! they are in the game.




Firetree toons all L85

werewolfe turned 85 last night. so that completed the toons in Firetree

death knights – moodykat and dethnyte

druids – fruit

hunters – werewolfe and xense

mages – wormage and magel

paladins – davina and disowned

priests – cavelion and spiritcat

rogues – blackstealth

shamans – darksunder

warlocks – pickwick

warriors – opheilia and everstone


Jubei’thos – L85s

druids – naturespower

hunters – xbowstrike

mages – zappel and rhoanin

paladins – incorrigible

priests – greeni

rogues – gsauce

warlocks – persi

warriors – stormfrost


Khaz’goroth lowbies status

death knights – darkruby 75, sealism 68

druids – faultless 72

mages – seatle 76, wagyuburglar 68

warlocks – missmisty 80