food festival

time to get my cooking noob alts to level up! that means khaz and the 2 worgen toons on firetree.

in the meanwhile, other than wagyu, the rest are heading for northrend, and only staying in outlands to finish up profs.

wagyu will be ready to head into outlands in a couple of levels.


hmm, wrong. in fact, firetree worgens have levelled cooking apart from pilgrim festival. so i only had to do the festival cooking for just 3 alts from khaz:

  • the 2 dks – sealism and darkruby
  • the new mage – wagyuburglar


i was actually hoping the festival would have upgraded to 450 (in line with 2nd last xpac – ie wrath) but since it is still stuck at 280 – cooking turkey which can level u up to 350 max, the rest will still have to be northrend cooking onwards.

khaz alts progressing well

faultless, darkruby, sealism, sealtle are all 65+ now

wagyuburglar is 45+

and their professions are moving along too.

hopefully, all can benefit from the pilgrim festival cooking quests in a week’s time.

i only have 2 other non capped toons on firetree: both werewolfe and wormage are now L83. soon i will have 2 L85 worgens!

mission accomplished. all L84s are now capped

now, i have 23 L85s. and they all have welfare epics from brewfest and now hallow’s end. only xense has better gear cos she is played by my buddy

remaining are the khaz alts which will take a slower path to max since that is my nephew’s gaming toons.

as well as the firetree worgens, currently at L78.

hallow’s end – one week later

i like the new changes to the festival. saves the crazy things people used to do, like logging on to toons every hour to try trick and treat.

anyway, not like the food buffs were that great. now that they are just decorative, it’s less stress.

however, it’s still not easy trying to get daily boss fight loot – ie. the helm and sword. i got the helm twice on one plate wearer (better than zero) but the sword has gone to castors so far.

rings-wise, progress is ok but not fantastic. locks are still gonna need on the spirit ring. actually, my lock is doing that too! L365 is just too good to resist. even if one of the stats arent that useful for locks (spirit – for mana passive regen).

all who can get the creepy crate pet has it. and most have completed the sinister calling achievement.

out of my L84 toons, i left with just 4. the rest have hit level cap, in time, i guess, for the next xpac. after this festival, i will be mostly getting the rest of their secondary skills up – FA and cooking. i am still hoping the cooking festival will be upgraded too, so FA is more problematic. i need to use my tailoring alts to go kill cata humanoids for a higher cloth drop rate. so far, rhoanin@jubeithos is doing a good job in deepholm. cos frost mage can aoe mobs down fast.

the last 4 L84s are:

firetree: moodykat and darksunder

jubeithos: incorrigible and gsauce

but i have already started work on them (after the daily hallow runs) – firetree toons are already in TH and jubei ones are just about to pop in.


Twilight Highlands 2: Opening the SW portal

in part 1, the quests were in SW, leading up to departure for TH

part 2, the quests are now in TH, and lead up to the opening of the SW portal in highbank

arrival in TH

Q: fawkes / welcome to highbank

kill 10 mob

Q: fargo / burnin at both ends

ind: collect 10 bags of cannon powder

turn in quest at large cannon

Q: fargo / aiming high

fargo will set off the cannon and u fly into airship. run into belly and drop bomb then jump off into ocean. return to fargo

Q: kurdran’s waiting

G: kurdran in castle

Q: kurdran / our boys on the shore

Q: simon / salvage operation

Q: simon / naga reinforcements

the simon quests are optional so i will do them after opening SW portal

fly to lt emry on the shore

Q: emry / scouting the shore

Q: emry /landgrab

kill 10 mob and fly to the flag for the scouting quest

Q: emry / bird down! bird down!

Q: fargo / shore cleansing standard

do bird down first, cos you will aggro shredders anyway in the subsequent quest

then finish off with whatever shredders you still need before you turn in the 2nd quest of the bird down series, cos after that you will have an auto flight back to highbank

so find thordun hammerblow

Q: thordun / roots’ll do ‘er

ind: gather roots, kill shredders in the way and loot them for the cleansing quest

once all roots gathered, kill more shredders until you have enough parts. then turn in roots quest

Q: thordun / wings over highbank

T: thordun

Q: kurdran / any portal in a storm

Q: thordun / the perfect poultice

ind: go verrall river and
collect 10 x muck, and kill water elementals for 5 x cores (each mob if it drops a core, will have one each for every member of the party)

on the way to river, turn in shredder part quest

Q: fargo / siege tank rescue

on the way back from river, drop by a siege tank and do the quest

turn in the 2 river quests to talaa. the portal quest will open a portal back to SW

Q: talaa / the way is open

Twilight Highlands starting quests

i originally intended this to be used for my dualboxing alts but i guess it works just as well if you solo these quests

Assumes your toon is L84 or higher. if lower, you cant get the starting quest which means even if you fly over TH you wont be able to do any quests or see any of the TH vendors.

Format used here

G – go to

Q – quest giver / quest

T – talk to

Start questing here

G: hero board in major city

Q: hero board / hero’s call: twilight highlands!

G: stormwind keep / king

Q: king / my son the prince

T: prince

Q: king / rallying the fleet
Q: king / twilight investigation

Q: major samuelson / the usual suspects

G: stormwind harbor / supply sergeant graves

Q: graves / missing parts
Q: prince / peasant problems

ind: 5 x parts
grp: 6 x stormwind dock workers

G: fargo flintlocke to turn in parts

Q: prince / he’s holding out on us

G: wollerton stead / farmer wollerton

Q: farmer / unholy cow

follow trail to smoke zone, but double the adds in fight. if cant fight 2 at the same time, take it one at a time by keeping other alt out of the zone first.

G: SI:7 (rogue trainer)

Q: prince / expert opinion

Q: mathias shaw / the old barracks

G: old barracks

kill 6 cultists b4 talking to npc (otherwise he wont respond)

Q: npc / cataclysm in the catacombs

G: stormwind cathedral catacombs

kill bishop

Q: npc / a villian unmasked

G: stormwind keep / major samuelson

kill major

Q: king / twilight shores

G: stormwind harbor / fargo flintlocke

Q: fargo / twilight shores

dismount and jump in seaplane

dual boxing continued

in the past, i have dual boxed occasionally, since i have 2 accounts.

however, faced with the prospect of a ton of alts now at L84 (after that rush for brewfest trinkets) and all having to take a trip to Twilight Highlands (TH), it makes sense to dual box to reduce the boredom of doing the same set of quests over and over again.

so i have gone over the list of 84s on firetree (6, so 3 pairs) and jubei’thos (4, so 2 pairs) and matched them up, usually a dps (warriors, rogues, dks) with a healing class (priests, pallys)

that way, the dps can basically kill non stop. and kill very fast too, since they dont need to stop to bandage/eat.

the next is to ensure that both toons are on the same set of TH quests. while most have just hit L84 and hence are at the Hero’s Call starting quest for TH, those that arent will need to match up with their paired alt.

fortunately, i have not got to the stage where they are already questing in TH. so that makes it easier. the last time i did dual box questing for TH, it was with Rhoanin and Persi, and that was messy cos Persi hit 84 earlier than Rhoanin, and was already in TH for farming ores. so i had to stop working on Persi’s quests and get Rhoanin up to speed.

i’m gonna document how to dual box the TH quests (at least until the SW portal in TH opens) in a following post, since i have to follow the same procedure 5 times! this means knowing which quests are kill and which quests are loot as well as the optimal sequence of doing quests.

one disadvantage of dual boxing is that i usually cant queue for LFG, which i like to do so as a distraction from the boredom of questing/farming non st0p, cos it wont be fair to the rest of the dungeon group when the 2 toons are not performing at the same rate.


brewfest mounts

Earned the achievement Have Keg, Will Travel for 10 points.
Earned the feat of strength A Brew-FAST Mount.

the above 2 achievements are in the bag for the following toons:

xbowstrike@jubei’thos got the kodo, and so did cavelion@firetree

pickwick@firetree got the ram

Another toon hits level cap (thanks to brewfest daily bag LFG)

persi@jubei’thos dinged L85!

more adventures with the guild

firetree being a bit more active than jubeithos recently, although i just got kingslayer on xbow and zappel with the jubei guild.

classic dungeons with Vertu

sunken temple

first, me and vertu went to do classic dungeons. i dragged along fruit to make it a guild achievement run. ported to blasted lands, then flew into ST. headed straight for the end boss, only to find the dragon sleeping and refused to wake up. so we had to go kill jam the prophet first. he didnt have time to MC. fruit didnt need to go bear form either to tank the end dragon. he dropped superfast.

then vertu used his brewfest remote and ported us to BRD bar.

blackrock depths

we didnt have to kill phalanx cos vertu once upon a time did the quest for love potion so she would just open the door for us. nevertheless, cant just pop into end boss (emp room) so we had to clear some mobs and bosses along the way. the 7-dwarf room, then the hunt for 2 flame keepers. that was fun cos we didnt aggro any of the mobs, just kill and light altar and continue. then just aggro boss and kill him, and it’s over. then we had to run back the same way we came – to the portal, just outside the bar, then port to entrance and run out of the instance.

then it is a run up the chains and drop into BRS

blackrock spire (lower and upper)

we did lower first, and basically cleared mobs that were in our way. it was a pretty long run to the end boss cos there was a shortcut to drop onto the boss but i didnt know how. anyway, along the way i picked up the spider pet for everstone

then we dropped from the end boss to near the starting point, and ran upper. didnt do the “leeroy” achievement cos no mage. anyway vertu already got it and i dont care for it. again, killed stuff we needed to cos they were in the way, but i specifically went to kill for the worg pet. then end boss and we hearthed.

done for the day.

the next day, we did H Wrath dungeons with Samin

we decided to clear L to R, but i forgot ICC.

so i ported everstone to dalaran and then flew to coldarra to summon samin and spiritcat. vertu used his engr portal device to meet me at the nexus summoning stone.

H nexus

have to kill all bosses for end boss to activate. so we did that

samin was half tanking cos he had his RF on. who cares? whatever it takes to make it faster.

run out and fly up to H Occulus

H Occulus

vertu was skeptical if the end boss fight was possible, since we would have to 3-drake it out, but i said let’s try it since the dungeon has been nerfed so many times.

the first part, i thot can just run thru the mobs and then port into next zone. cant. so we killed them all at the end of the path.

cant avoid any of the bosses, so just tank and spanked them all.

drake boss fight was simple. and no one died. but no mount looted either. oh well, that was always a rare chance anyway, like the rivendare mount.

after that, run out and fly everstone to dragonblight for AN and OK.


again, kill all bosses. but we used vertu to FD to glitch boss so we can kill the spider boss faster. everstone got achievement for that. lol.

after kill end boss, path opens for us to run out and then into OK


skip bosses 1 and 3, and optional boss. then we went on to VH.


i hearthed both everstone and spiritcat, then use mage to port them to dalaran

VH is just kill kill kill and then achievement done.


time’s up. leaving the rest for another day.

The guild earned the achievement Heroic: The Violet Hold Guild Run for 10 points.

16 hours ago

The guild earned the achievement Heroic: Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom Guild Run for 10 points.

17 hours ago

The guild earned the achievement Heroic: Azjol-Nerub Guild Run for 10 points.

17 hours ago

The guild earned the achievement Heroic: The Oculus Guild Run for 10 points.

17 hours ago

The guild earned the achievement Heroic: The Nexus Guild Run for 10 points.

18 hours ago

the joys of brewfest

week 1 roundup:

finally the tankards, they are a dropping! plus remotes. but zero mounts so far.

over the weekend, took the toons without a wolpertinger to Ironforge to get it.

levelled more toons on firetree and jubei’thos to L84 so that they can run coren for welfare epics (and more tankards!)

currently, i still have the following to go (ignoring those alts that are below L80 cos those will take too long:


  • disowned
  • dethnyte
  • opheilia


  • stormfrost
  • incorrigible


a trip to the lich king

Zappel and Xbowstrike (Naturespower helped in a couple of fights) got the title Kingslayer with the guild + some external help.