northrend loremaster WIP with zappel

have been neglecting zappel for spiritcat for a while, but now that cat’s done until cat (bad ham, i know) i decided to go do up the rest of zappel’s questing.

at the same time, i checked out his gear. bought all the fire glyphs, swapped out 2 pieces of his gear for the L264 mage set. oso bought Wrathful Gladiator’s Spellblade, the PVP wpn, with his honor points. initially, not enough pts. so i ran a couple of random BGs. lost 2, then won the last one and got achievement too! Warsong Gulch Perfection. which is a 3-0 scoreline.

so now his GS is 5.4k, 2 x L245 set and 2 x L264 set and the L264 PVP wpn. only thing crappy is his wrist item. L200 only. to upgrade, i will have to run him on ToC at the minimum, up to ruby sanctum. or buy the BoE L245 item from AH.

so i took him questing in Zuldrak (75 of 100 quests completed) and LFGing, but not running Headless Horseman. cos i not that interested in pets or the L200 gear it drops.

in LFG, we had a first timer warrior in FoS and tanking it. the healer popped out at the sight of the 1st mob. cos he wasnt grabbing the aggro of all the mobs. party wipe but mage went invis FTW. got a kingslayer healer next and he hung on. and we didnt wipe no more until end boss. cos first, 1 dps got killed during mirrored soul (he killed himself, he didnt have a boss mod like DBM to tell him to stop when he got the mirror). and then the tank forgot about the purple stuff on the ground despite me already given the instruction to get out of it. party wipe minus mage cos invis is DA BOMB! but healer pro. hung on and came back and rezzed tank (cos tank lost – dunno where the instance is). 2nd time on boss was a clean and easy fight. another reason why ppl need DBM is – during 1st boss fight. the melee dps who got soul split didnt move away from the boss so the soul got absorbed real quick. tank couldnt kite fast enough – not his fault. if DBM was active on the dps account then he would know he had to get out of the way to give the tank space to kite boss.

btw. Pwnstars guild leader has just become a daddy. gratz!

patch 4.0.1 and hallow’s end

PATCH 4.0.1

after nights of downloading the humongous almost 5GB patch, i finally patched it on friday night. and then did the usual – update mods. even so, some mods are dead in the water (auctioneer, questhelper, ratingsbuster), and those that were patched were pretty patchy themselves. i had to download new versions every day or so.

next task. 24 x L80s to respec talent and glyphs, and then gem if needed and oso reforge armor/wpns. lucky my pal was free this week, so we did it together. he specced the toons he likes and i did the rest. glyph-wise, still need to do a lot more, but learning to play with a different set of spells is an eye-opener. for example, hunters now use focus, and i had to switch to steady shot a lot more to regen focus.

before i know it, halloween festival is on!

Hallow’s End

for me, it’s just 2 things. every hour, talk to the innkeep for the trick or treat. then run the Headless Horseman instance once a day, and hope for loot. sometimes, your bag is empty. that’s life.

for the L80s without epic rings, this is a good time to get the L200 rings which can be looted from the boss. i got the spellcaster ring for darksunder. so that’s a very good upgrade!

only problem is there is a known bug – mouseover the pumpkin shrine and u can become disconnected. if its the tank then its pretty much game over. so always get a dps to be the guinea pig. XD

closing in on explorer title

alcaz island. it rose out of  the sea one xpac ago.

spiritcat cleared dustwallow marsh and feralas. had a long levitate trip to cross the waters to the alcaz island which is pretty cool. a WoW friend told me it didnt exist in classic and only popped up in BC for some quest chain stuff (he told me the details, it just didnt stay in my brain).

no wonder i didnt seem to recall dustwallow marsh having any significantly large islands in the past! (spiritcat used to pop over to theramore to learn fishing from the trainer who will give u a really dumb quest to do to earn your stripes)

onyxia ignored. again

nowadays, the only reason to pop into theramore is because of onyxia. but even then, raids on her seemed to have stopped – everyone is so ICC and RS. so it is pretty sad. they took all the fun out of the original onyxia, only to have her now stuck in the marshes and no one cares about killing her anymore here too. maybe they will resurrect her in the xpac after cat. haha. this dragon has more lives than a cat!

LFG roll of the dice

very very strange. there are 12 normal dungeons, excluding the one in TOC and 3 in ICC. but it seems i get a lot of ICC runs these days. every day i queue with spiritcat i will get at least 1 ICC run, if not more. so the dice is loaded based on gear.

but i am getting used to it. getting used to not having a speed run but actually having to work for my badges. i am oso used to being last in terms of total dmg in groups. even if my dps is always 2k+

but surprisingly, i prefer ICC (even HOR if the tank and heals are good) to TOC. TOC is easier, but i hate the 1st part which requires you to mount and charge. i just dont see the point these days. cos the opponents are like mush – i just cut thru them.

i see dumb ppl

i think rankwatch will always have business. it’s still sending msg to party members that they are not using the highest ranked spells.

and dumb ppl who still stand in fire/green(poison)/white(ice) stuff and slowly die or actually die.

during a GD run 2nd boss fight, a few ppl were just standing in the purple squares and their health is dropping. but lucky for them the healer was pro.

in an oculus run, ppl were standing still in ice and dropping health, after downing the 3rd boss. must be too busy looking at who is gonna win the dream shard roll.

what is a weekend without raids? lots of altoholic fun!

ran my various alts thru various LFG stuff. i was a bit cool so i didnt up and leave any LFG just cos they were sucky. there was only 1 case when i had to leave. VH. tank left group after the 1st wave (i was dps)

there were some sucky groups, such as group wipes at UK 2nd and end bosses. during the runs, there was a boastful L74 mage, tops dps meters, but dies a lot too. the tank was a half-geared DK, so i used my bear to help off tank. the funny thing was, at the end boss fight, we all died, and then the boss died to dots. the mage left but the tank, heals and i ran back to loot the boss. the shammy heals got his quest done and also a nice shammy BoP loot.

i also managed to get my L80 rogue carried thru a few H LFGs and picked up a lot of epic iL200 gear from them. so now i am a bit confused. do i want to gear him up or not? cos i only meant for him to be the locksmith on Firetree. but it was pretty fun to play him. FoK (and glyphed, no less)! he is now about 1/3 in epics and has a bit of EoTs.

spent a bit of time on Kiseki and Pyroblast, running them thru multiple LFG HF dungeons to get HH rep. Kiseki is now honoured, but Pyro has a long way to go still. but since both rested xp is used up, i will put them on hold for a week. also worked on their ench and inscription profs. i took xbowstrike on a flying trip around outlands and picked up herbs for both of them. Kiseki uses nightmare vine to make superior spell potions to level ench. Pyro uses outland herbs to level inscription.

also working on Fruit’s LW reprof. he is now almost at the outlands LW level. so i will probably have to get a skinner there to do the work – could be using my L80 rogue, or send a low level 70 toon to skin the highest level mobs there. maybe can still get some xp from killing those mobs?

since i had been the grateful recipient of many LFG runs this past weekend on my multiple dps toons, i will be mostly tanking and healing this week – pay it forward!

PS: still advising ppl about rankwatch and dual spec. i think i should write a macro for it. haha. no. really.

rankwatch mod revisited

it seems ppl never learn their lessons. dual spec toons are always using downranked spells. there was a druid buffing with Mark of the Wild rank 6 instead of 8 because he only fixed his Gift of the Wild spell on his bar. so if someone in the party died and he buff just that person, it would be the wrong spell rank.

last night, healing with Darksunder, i ran 3 OK instances, 2 were incomplete cos of party mechanics.

  1. in the first one, the tank looked at the damage meter after the first boss, and called it quits cos he was top dps. the hunter who was 2 levels below the rest was farming (skinning spiders) and came in at half the dps of the next lowest dpser. as the tank quit in the midst of a mob, i left the party too and took a 5 min LFG penalty. pity the last one left in the party. he will be killed by the mob (unless it is the spider-skinning hunter)
  2. 2nd run was a bit better, but the tank was lost and the lead of the party was silent. if you are the lead you better give directions when the tank tells you he dont know where to go. he was just pulling all the mobs and killing them. a major waste of time for people who just want to kill for emblems (me). i gave up after the 3rd boss. they wanted to go kill the mobs where Amanitar is. however, this is regular so there is no boss drop. so i left the group there.
  3. final and best run. tank knew where to go, even inspected my gear (haha i still have some enhancement rings and trinkets – havent found an upgrade for them yet or else too lazy to make them) of course, i didnt let anyone die if they didnt do anything stupid. probably one of two of them pulled too much aggro at some point or other, but no wipes.

oh yeah. and Dark dinged 74


LFG – the importance of rankwatch mod


i never thought i’d have to use this mod, but then again, until i started using it, i never realised how many ppl (including myself) take for granted our spells and actions are the highest rank. even when they are 80s. you can have a shammy using ancestral spirit rank6 when they already learned rank7. why? the main problem lies in dual spec. it does not update the bar items on your non-active spec. dumb but true. working as intended, to save bliz dev additional work. but thanks, they will still take your 1000 gold.


dec 28 update: oh yeah, some ppl are grateful when you tell them they using downrank skills. others are just damn arrogant and get pissed off and are in serious denial. so handle with care. this mod is dangerous stuff.