it’s icc all over again

no imagination, that’s wow for you

so once again, at the end of the xpac, we have 3 new dungeons, which if you are geared enuf for it (350+), you can get better gear (378) which then gives u a shot at the raid finder and get even better gear (390+). which will put you in good stead for the level grind come next xpac

well, ok. at least now there’s something new – the random raid finder

but in terms of the grind process, nothing much different from wrath

right now, i only have 2 toons geared for raid finder. xense and magel. kinda obvious, since they are the mains on firetree. xense, played by my pal, has already done the weekly raid on raid finder. magel just got to 372 and became eligible for raid.

so gonna try out raid when valor points reset

i am beginning to realise that i will have to keep the majority of my alts in a state of being poorly geared. cos i just dont have the time to make them run tons of H dungeons and then raids to get gear. i dont need to do that anyway

nevertheless, some of them are already 360+ from running the new H dungeons – cavelion, spiritcat, pickwick, dethnyte.

the surprises are cave and deth. both have been slow starters, ignored for a long long time. and then pow! they are in the game.




cooking progress is slow. patch 4.3 is awesome!

cooking L350 onwards

it’s all about northrend cooking. however, on firetree and jubeithos, all my toons are already into cata cooking. which means doing cooking dailies to get the chef awards needed to buy recipes to go from 450 up to 500. so only toons on khaz are doing northrend cooking. and i havent really started on that yet. no rush since the toons are currently 70+

regarding cata cooking, the first part is to get toons who are past northrend cooking (approx 425) to hit 450. that means cooking toughened flesh. the easiest way i’ve found is to go mt hyjal, and kill stags for meat. i usually bring a skinner toon so i get skins for LW too! once they get to 450, it’s coffee time! that should level to 460. then either the monstrous claw recipe or blood shrimp recipe will get them to 475. from 475 to 500, the easiest is blood shrimp again. cos the rest of the cooking recipes require fishing (not exactly my fave form of time wasting)

so in order to collect a whole ton of blood shrimp, i have decided to complete vashjr quests on all my L85 alts. it has 2 benefits – faction and guild reps.

patch 4.3

patch 4.3 is like wrath’s icc phase. now ppl get get L378 loot from the new COT dungeons, bypassing the need to accumulate gear the hard way thru H LFG runs. of course, the catch 22 situation is, in order to be able to queue for these higher level dungeons, the gear level requirement is also upped. so long as your item level is at least 353, you can queue for it. so anyone just fresh capped from questing won’t be able to get in, cos that is just 346. you will need to buy some JP gear (assuming you ran some random LFGs while levelling and accumulated some JPs) or craft or buy off AH.

the other cool thing is the random raid finder. i havent used it myself, since i dont care to raid. and i am busy with the secondary profs of my alts. trying to get them prepped for the next xpac in 2012.

one benefit for me is that now is a lot easier to level fishing! yup, the effort has been halved. in one hour, i can get a toon from 50+ fishing, up to 175. of course, as it goes up the scale, the fishing will take longer, but still, shorter than before patch 4.3 came out. still, fishing to me is like the 2nd last thing on earth/wow to do. the last thing is arch. i’m still waiting for wow to shorten that pain first /rofl

 correction on arch

Archaeology leveling speed was also increased, now granting 5-9 fragments per dig. The number of fragments required to solve an artifact has also been decreased slightly. The Archy addon that we previously reviewed has been updated for 4.3 as well!

the joys of brewfest

week 1 roundup:

finally the tankards, they are a dropping! plus remotes. but zero mounts so far.

over the weekend, took the toons without a wolpertinger to Ironforge to get it.

levelled more toons on firetree and jubei’thos to L84 so that they can run coren for welfare epics (and more tankards!)

currently, i still have the following to go (ignoring those alts that are below L80 cos those will take too long:


  • disowned
  • dethnyte
  • opheilia


  • stormfrost
  • incorrigible


a trip to the lich king

Zappel and Xbowstrike (Naturespower helped in a couple of fights) got the title Kingslayer with the guild + some external help.

the joys of having 2 accounts

if you have more, well, more power to you.

but for me, 2 is just right. well, technically, if you have 5 you can run a dungeon by yourself, or if you have 10 you can raid by yourself. but that’s no fun.

two is enough

2 is just right cos for me:

  • i have a mage on every realm and account, so that i can port my own toons around. this means that i usually level a mage faster than the rest (unless it is a main). the exception is wagyuburgler whom i just started last week on khaz (now L5 only) cos i only decided to put a mage there recently, to keep company with sealtle (now L60).
  • if i start a lowbie toon and get stuck somewhere, i can always count on a higher level toon on my other account to help out. when i needed cloth for sealtle’s tailoring, such as wool and silk and later on mageweave, i basically used my L80 lock Missmisty to run deadmines, stockades, and uldaman dungeons for cloth. she would just run and hellfire everything in the path, then return to loot the bodies.
  • sometimes, i level 2 toons at the same time by putting the other toon on follow. of course, then i prefer to pick up kill-based quests rather than loot quests
  • for passing mats around between 2 accounts, it helps to have mages that can meet up to trade (if you mail to another account, unless both toons are in a high level guild for instant mail transfers, it takes a REAL-TIME hour to pass customs). i have been doing that recently when i levelled profs for khaz toons – darkruby mines ores, then smelt to bars and trades them to sealtle who then mails them to sealism for JC. since dark is based in IF, i parked sealtle (L60 mage) in IF too, since both seals are on the same ac but dark is on the other ac.
  • when i am running a guild dungeon, i can even bring along an inactive toon (when there are not enough guildies online). most heroics just need 4 man to clear these days, so the inactive toon is just tagging along for more guild points.


xense re-profs almost done

engineering at max, blacksmithing at 311. now comes the hard part. making truegold for engineering epic gun for xense, and getting blacksmithing up via purchase of recipes from the blacksmithing vendor. these require a ton of mats – elementium no less. obsidian is no longer required.

due to the daily cd of truegold transmutes, both opheilia and cavelion are now on daily transmute duty. need 15 bars. xense has the pyrium bars, but not enough of the volatiles. anyway, since a lot of mats still need to be mined, i think the gathering of volatiles will continue to replenish the small stack on xense even as some are taken out for the transmutes.

xense managed to get 2 raids done over the weekend.


meanwhile, on khaz’goroth

i decided to let my occasional gamer pal switch from playing a frost mage (L57) to a DK, cos he was constantly leaving the mage in melee range of mobs.

by the end of the day, he got his Blood DK out of the training zone, and went to tank (for the first time), LBRS. did quite an ok job. it helped that my xense-playing pal was on a Frost DK (started at the same time – so both ran the training zone together, and my experienced pal helped out the newbie) so they cleared to the end boss in very fast timing.


xense goes raiding

xense just completed ICC last weekend. and this weekend, picked up Throne of the 4 Winds and Bastion of Twilight (BoT). just too bad, it’s not with the guild. Firetree guild is missing enough ppl to form a guild raid.

i was not playing xense. but my gaming buddy. all i did was level xense to L85 and get enuf gear for H runs. he took over and got the rest of the gear and ran the raids.

i switched toons with him, so i levelled Magel instead and geared her for raiding. just didnt take her anywhere near a raid instance :) she is mostly epicced out too.

and just when i thought that’s all i have in terms of pro gear toons in Firetree, turned out Pickwick is already H run ready! thanks to the Ahune festival recently completed, he got the epic cloak and wpn (staff). plus an epic trinket from JPs, he has a lot of L346 gear too. his lowest gear is now L318. and just completed H SFK and H Vortex Pinnacle.


alts update

some of my toons got the new ambassador title, after the delay in getting Gilneas rep – Greeni for one.

i guess over time, more of my toons will hit level cap. Pickwick just hit L85 last week. working on Blackstealth@Firetree and various on Jubei’thos, esp Persi who is already L83 and running Cat dungeons

on the other hand, i have Rhoanin and Greeni hit L80 but put on hold for levelling them for the time being. i want to get more BoE green gear for them first.

for my lower ranking toons, the last of my Firetree lowbies are now into Outlands or soon to be. Werewolfe is L59 and will pop into Outlands next. Wormage already completed both dungeons in Hellfire Peninsula and is now L62. Gonna move him into Zangarmarsh

As for the Firetree raiding toons, Xense and Magel, both are iL346 blued out and raid ready. both have also been running H LFG for the valor points (VP) and Tol Barad (TB) for honor points (HP).

am gonna have to spend a lot of time farming to get the professions up for quite a few of my toons. that should keep me busy, but i dunno if i have the time come July. got some real life things to do then….


it helps to be in a guild. you get 50% guild rep tabard on getting Friendly, and 100% tabard on Honoured. so when you quest, you get rep for your guild. and your guild level benefits you too! after certain level you can get BoA gear which will help your alts level faster. you also get a better chance at getting into a raid and getting even better gear!

baradin hold – argaloth

naturespower got an achievement, thanks to the guild who brought him along for the argaloth boss fight in BH (Baradin Hold)

Tol Barad (TB) is like Wintergrasp in wrath – win the faction PVP battle (horde vs alliance) and then you get to run the BH raid instance for nice gear. but the boss is not so nice. cos the guild group is not made up of all the top players, but just a 10-man BH run with an non-guildie helping, we wiped twice. while i was in resto (ran out of mana too soon cos not enuf gear). so i switched to dps (can brez) and for the last fight we beat the boss. even so, i was last in dps (gear makes a lot of difference)

it was a simple boss fight actually. 2 5-man groups each with a tank and healer. and you gotta dps fast enuf so the boss dont enrage. he will usually enrage by the 3rd fel storm which leads to a wipe. you also cannot afford to let members of the group die. cos then the dps wont be enough for a makeshift group like ours.

so the fight is just stand with tank to share the damage, tanks alternate taunt off each other, and during fel storms, dont stand in fire. which means you can only do instant casts. even a 1.5 sec cast is too long. the fire will drop on you once you stay stationary. so every one has to spread out cos there is fire all round. and group up once the storm is over.

kill the boss, and get the achievement: Pit Lord Argaloth

loot for 10-man is 2 epics. for our run, there was a lock item and a DK item. DK item went to Tzenn, one of the tanks. no lock so item was DE.

what happens when you wipe?

you get back to full health at the graveyard (typical PVP timed rez), then you mount up (land mount, cant fly) and jump off the building (wont take damage, there is a slow fall buff on you) and run outside the walls towards the East, then turn right once outside and then after a few steps, there is a cellar opening to your right. run down the cellar as it leads to the TB instance.

zappel got epic

on a guild farming run in BoT, we 7-man the mobs up to the first boss and then reset the instance. as a mage, i learned 2 very important lessons. dont stand on the steps – the lightning zap is really hard. 1 shot me everytime.

the other thing is to do instant sheeping in arcane spec.

if you dont you can get silenced by the mobs. which also means if you gotta refresh the sheep, you should do it with at least a few more seconds in case you get silenced while doing it last minute. not good.

a purple wrist hit rating item dropped and the dps castors all rolled for it. zappel won! so he got his 1st epic! and it comes with the achievement. lol. well, he still needs to run a lot of stuff before he can get to run H dungeons. so it’s still some way before he can properly raid. but this is a huge encouragement to go for it!

200 quests to go b4 northrend loremaster

maybe zappel wont get that achievement b4 cat comes out.

still left with tons of quests in the last 2 zones of northrend – storm peaks and icecrown. ok. maybe 200 is an exaggeration, but easily 150. cos i need 51 for storm and 96 for ice.

last night i took him to run 25-man VoA and discovered that it now drops PVE gear! i won the roll for the sanctified bloodmage gloves. which can be counted as part of the bloodmage set. however, i wont be using it just yet. i need to keep 2 pieces of my L245 gear for 5% more dmg for now until i can switch to a 4 piece L264 gear (which means i need to buy 1 head or chest item – requiring 1100 JP) unfortunately, i had just spent a bit of JP for the quill trinket and night sky cloak.

so i will still be queuing a bit for H dungeons while questing and that should keep me busy until cat.