firetree not on maintenance

so its back to spiritcat emblem farming and loremaster questing and world exploring and LFGing.

started off with coren, since its a fast 2 EoF thingy. then queued in LFG for the next 2 frosties. then its off to eastern kingdoms to finish up some loremaster quests around the blackrock mountains. picked up the BRD and LBRS quests. which i will get everstone to tank for me while i run in and complete the quests this weekend. then i popped off to explore the draenei starter zones. and got a invite to the weekly raid – razorscale@ulduar. as usual, i wasnt anywhere near top dps but i did a good amount and never die. of course, to get to razor, you need to clear the vehicle boss first. i did my gunner job properly this time, picking up the refills. completed exploration of draenei islands, and then logged out for the night.

i haz spiritcat time

got bored doing 24 x L80 LFG coren, so i spent some quality and quantity time with spiritcat (shadow spec, not her holy spec).

as u know from my prev post, i suffered a lot from the phase out and i gave up doing stuff on her for a while, but now i am back at it.

took her:

  • raiding (weekly raid on patchwerk)
  • a bit of fishing
  • picked up a new mount from coren (the kodo) and got the stable keeper (10  mounts) achievement
  • did a fair bit of LFG, which meant that i now have 2 x L232 set for shadow spec
  • picked up a nice L219 boots in a dungeon and got the epic (min L213)  achievement
  • finished exploring northrend and got the tabard of the explorer.

i still got a bit more to go to get the eastern kingdom loremaster. so i will probably focus on that for the rest of this week. once i get it, i will probably rest her and play some other toon.

her GS has risen to almost 5k now. but her dps still sucks cos her gear is patchy. u need minimum L245 set gear to do well. but she is useful (heal and dps) and is a good party member even if bottom dpser :)

VoA – a world of weirdness

when forming a raid takes longer than the actual time to kill the 1 boss

it’s totally logical, and yet, really wasteful of effort. this raid has become a joke. it’s like onyxia but even easier. a 1-boss event, but the boss (toravon) is nothing compared to onyxia. just a tank and spank and range kill orbs thing. you dont even need to get out of the fire. what fire? even getting there is easy. portal from dal to WG fortress and back.

but it’s worth it

it’s sort of a reward for winning WG, that’s what it is. and 2 free EoFs for doing it. if the group wipes…. i dont know what to say. except maybe ROFL.

so simple, and 1 boss is all it takes

while it used to be a full raid event, now ppl just group for 1 boss, kill and disband. and then you are stuck with a 3-day raid blockout. so as the days go by, less and less groups can be formed cos the ppl all played out their 10 and 25 man versions already.

i guess this is like LFG weekly raid. however, that one can be quite challenging sometimes. if you get a simple one, then it is a one boss fight. otherwise, it can be several bosses to complete it. but each boss has their own fight characteristics and you need to get out of the fire, usually.

just form up, try and get at least 1 from each class so that the boss loot can go to someone instead of being wasted. but when it gets harder to get ppl, then u can have a 25-man raid with like 8 mages! just so that u can fill the raid and get it going. cos VoA has a 2-hr lifespan and after that you have to fight WG to get another chance at it.

taking it easy

met my goals before cat. ah…. feels great. now, i just have fun getting rep via LFG and quests.

last night, i took xbowstrike thru many dungeon runs for him to get his last rep up. alliance vanguard. now 1/3 thru revered.  by not wearing tabard during H runs, and doing vanguard faction-related quests in howling fjord. since vanguard is made up of 4 sub-factions, doing quests for any of these factions will oso give u vanguard rep.

so i combined questing with wpn skill levelling. let pet do the tanking, while i chop away with my polearm/sword/axe.

oso took xbow to do 25m VoA when it came up. BWR alliance usually wins WG, firetree alliance usually loses. haha. sad to say, xbow dps isnt great. only 3k dps. 4th from bottom in the raid.

in H runs, xbow usually performs better. 1st or 2nd. 3rd if the party is very pro. never last. went thru a tough PoS run cos diff wipes along the way. changed heals then tank, finally cleared to end.

by the end of the runs, xbow is empty on high level arrows. so tonight, i will need to bring on muzzle and farm some saronite to make arrows for xbow, since he will need to spend some more time running heroics and quests to get his rep up to exalted.

alts countdown to L80

i said earlier that by around this time, i wont have any more alts to level. well, seems i missed the mark by being a bit lazy… haha.


my ele/resto shammy, darksunder, is L79


my frost dk, shortnacity, is L79

my blood dk, ellonis, is L78

my SV hunter, muzzleshot, is L79

what i did over the weekend

so i probably have around 20 L80s right now. and instead of just levelling my alts to cap, i spent some of my love on my existing and newly minted 80s.

i spent a bit of time getting blacksteath lockpick skills up to cap. now, you dont need to go and find ppl to lockpick in icecrown for boxes. just port back to shattrah and fly to nagrand. those boxes in the killsorrow stronghold are green and will level u at the rate of approx 2 box to 1 level.

i oso got my JCers to trade JC badges for epic gem recipes. so that i can replace the lower gems for some of my 80s with EPIC! of course, both gorlog and disowned have a lot more to learn, so i will continue their daily JC quests until cat.

as a result of using those epic gems, i had to now make my alchemists work on transmuting epic gems in addition to their daily eternals. so its one or the other for timeforfun, opheilia and cavelion.

i had the most fun with getting pyroblast to L80. cos he switched from deep frost to arcane (shortcut to spell hit cap) and was already 3.6k GS (tier set head and shoulders, tailored spellweave chest and hands, ahune cloak, etc.) when he popped into his first H. and he did respectable damage (ie. not bottom).

as for the oldies but goodies, i took timeforfun into onyxia for the  first time last night. and he was the lowest GS but 2nd in dps! as a shadow priest! whoohoo!!!! too bad, no gear drops for him.

opheilia – fury warrior

i once levelled opheilia as fury but that was a long time ago i cant remember much of it. only that the health regen wasnt that fantastic. once in a while i still needed to stop and bandage.

at L80, fury looks a lot better. i guess it comes with better gears. although most of her gear is tanking, it can be used for dps too. just crappy dps XD. after i specced her properly after reading EJ (elitist jerks) on rotation and talents, i took her for a dps H run. she came in last, below the tank, at 1k dps.

in fact, when i first got her going, her dps was only 400-600. then as i got the hang of the spells (i call them all spells), it crept past the 1k mark. basically, without rage, the fury warrior is flat. limited to just white dmg. so i learned to use bloodrage and other rage gen spells whenever they are on CD so that i can spam WW more frequently. i think i need to read more about the spells so that i can put them together more effectively. i tend to use slam when the proc isnt up which makes it a slow cast spell.

on the other hand, i oso respec pickwick according to EJ and kept him demo for the raid buff and FG (for soloing). oso changed his rotation a bit and its amazing how the right rotation can bring his dps up by quite a bit. i took him to the 10man weekly raid – Anub-arak in Naax. his dmg was quite respectable. whereas last week when he ran 25man ToC, his dmg was near the bottom.

so im still learning tons of stuff and having great fun. hope u are too!

thanks for the breaks, blizzard maintenance

i look forward to idle tuesday nights. when i can fully indulge in my other fave hobby – watch dvds. could be old audrey hepburn b/w movies like Love in the Afternoon, new movies like Transformers 2, war movies like The Hurt Locker, old tv serials like M.A.S.H., dorama like Jin.

But mostly, its korean dramas of late. i had finished Terroir, a modern drama about wine and Jumong, an 80+ episode historical drama of an ancient king of korea. and i loved the storyline in Terroir so much, i started to watch it a 2nd time round.

actually, i usually watch dvd after playing wow, and then i sleep. if i dont get caught up in the serials, i can sleep pretty early. but any late nights is usually due to the powerful korean dramas, since i dont raid anymore (again).

i dont raid cos my guild dont follow good time management. if the ppl commit and then dont turn up on time, and the raid gets called off much later, or else it starts 1+ hours later, i lose interest. if ppl did this at work they wont have a job the next day. but a game is just a game, and i dont want to get stressed out over a game. its not worth it.

i wont bother to look for another guild, cos the end of this xpac is approaching, and i am just looking forward to the new one. so im busy as it is with gearing my new L80s (thru LFG, as well as Ahune runs for now) and levelling the rest of my alts to hit 80 b4 cat.

and watching tons of korean drama! i already got the next one lined up. starring my 1st fave korean artiste (Her House lead actress)…

midsummer madness

ok that was not me. but my buddy.

so after the usual LFG queue for Ahune, and a short stint to do the weekly raid (razorscale@ulduar) with the guild + pug tanks, Zappel and Naturespower went on a midsummer fire run thru both alliance and horde points.

zappel was basically the portal mage, but u still gotta run to some places that are pretty far off, esp if you didnt have the FP from long ago. we had to run from timbermaw to get to winterspring cos nature didnt have the FP. but once there, it was easy to get to both fires, since they are outside Everlook, near the FPs. luckily, both nature and zappel got enuf rep with timbermaw so its just a short run thru their tunnel.

we still got a lot of ground to cover. but its early days into the festival. and most ppl are so busy getting the fires, they dont even bother each other. so horde and ally and just running from point to point and dont even care about each other’s presence. or maybe that is just my realm, idk.

a week compressed in a day’s post

ive been lazy to update blog last week. however, i was pretty active on wow. although i still only have 15 L80s, i have levelled the following toons to close on 80:


  • Fruit L79 resto druid
  • Opheilia L79 prot warrior
  • Davina L78 ret pally
  • Cavelion L78 disc priest

Blackwater Raiders:

  • Kiseki L78 demon lock
  • Muzzleshot L78 surv hunter

in addition, i re-joined guild raids for 25-man ICC and had fun downing the first 6 bosses with the gang. will probably resume raiding until cat or guild raids stop.

SPAM that looks like the real deal – NOT!

in the meanwhile, please take care with spam mails that look like they come from Blizzard but aren’t. stuff like beta testing, or account verification, are too good to be true. dont fall for it!

raid of the week

i used to avoid doing the weekly raid even though the reward is nice: 5 eof and 5 eot – 1 raid a week keeps the raiding blues away

i dunno why i had that perception, esp when the weekly raid is usually of older raid instances like naax or ulduar, and easily done.

anyway, i gave it a try last night after server maintenance, and it was an interesting experience.

first, i took missmisty to patchwerk@naxx. she has finally passed the 4k GS bar, so i thought she would be able to do a bit of dmg in a raid. the other lock was almost 5k. my lock dmg was half the other lock. but the group was pro and it was a fast run. wow, i thought, this could be a sure thing for me in future.

so, next i took xbowstrike to ignis@ulduar. xbow is 3.9k GS so i thought he would be able to raid too. ulduar is a slightly different fish though. someone pressed the wrong buttons and we ended up having to first do the siege boss. as a result, some raid members copped out. luckily we had a lock in our group and we brought other ppl in. time for ignis. damn, i had forgotten how hard the cyclone hits. and the tank was in a rush and aggroed a few pat mobs. that wiped the group. lucky i could FD and survive. however, in the actual boss fight. i was the first to get trapped in the slag pot and without heals, i died. so i completed my weekly raid just watching it all happen without any more pain. then got the rez and ported back to dalaran to turn in the quest for mega rewards. i had accumulated enough EoTs and got my 5th tier gear.