yup, been ignoring my mains on both realms Firetree and Jubei’thos. they can run heroics but dont have the gear for raiding, nor am i bothering to even run heroics. somehow, after the latest xpac shock of seeing epics discarded like trash, it’s become meaningless to keep up with the purple chase.

instead, i am having a ton of fun with lowbies

i have 6 on Jubei, and they range from L67 to L58. yup. all are now in outlands. that’s 2 tanks, 1 healer and the rest dps. and at the same time, i am levelling their professions to the appropriate level. majority of them have some BoA so they progress very quickly, be it questing or instance tanking/healing/dps.

for the 2 on Firetree, it’s L41 mage (Wormage) and L35 hunter (Werewolfe). both worgens, both without BoA gear, just to try it out for the fun of it – and seriously, if you keep the gear appropriate to the level, and have some blues, its a piece of cake. i need to get my mage to L42 so as to help port ppl around.

i have 1 L31 druid (Faultless) on Khaz’goroth, as the other one (L34 mage) is being played by my nephew. i help my nephew to level his professions only – tailoring and herbing. i dont do questing or instances – that’s his fun. Faultless has some BoA gear to help him gain xp faster. and also as i play him as a cat dps while questing, and bear tanking in instances, the BoA helps a lot. now that he is L30 i dual specced him to feral/resto. but i need to get him some castor gear before he can go heal an instance.

i play them all in turn, so that they can get some rested xp. when they are all drained of rested xp, i turn to my L80 toons and bring them to vashjr or hyjal.

for Firetree, i am focusing on Blackstealth/rogue since he is my herbalist/scribe.  another that i play is Pickwick/lock cos he is my miner/engineer. the ores go to Everstone/warrior, who is still slowly levelling with Fruit/druid, for making his own plate gear.

for Jubei’thos, i dont have any L80 alts. All 3 are now L85 – Zappel, Xbowstrike (1st to get to level cap) and Naturespower. and all 3 can run heroics

All my Blackwater Raider toons are now inactive. and will probably never be active again. *sob* farewell, goodbye.

On Khaz’goroth, Missmisty (who was transferred from Firetree to provide BoA gear for Faultless), is slowly getting some xp from farming activities. also getting some city rep when killing mobs in instances for cloth for my nephew’s tailor toon. Uldaman is the main source of silk cloth.

So, WoW is still a lot of fun, but to be honest, i have recently been engaged in more IRL fun and WoW now comes a poor 2nd. and my korean & japanese drama watching has been relegated to a distant 3rd. hence, my updates to this blog will become fewer and fewer.

first L85 – xbowstrike

xbowstrike is the hunter i transferred from Firetree to BWR (pass on Firetree BoA gear to alts there for Wrath) to Jubei’thos (so that now my worgen alts can use the BoA gear)

i would like to take the credit, however, it was levelled entirely solo by my buddy. on jubei’thos, a pvp realm.

he took out some horde that tried to gank him along the way. a few took him out, at great loss to their own health. but in a fair fight, none of them would have beat him.

he joined up the guild on Jubei’thos, and is now working on rep and archaeology to get good enough gear to run L85 heroic dungeons.

gratz to my buddy!

Monday night Altoholic maintenance schedule

step 1: altoholic mail maintenance

about every 2 weeks, i tend to just login to every toon on every server just to refresh their mailbox. i wish items in mailboxes stay in them indefinitely. i would rather there be a limit to the no. of mails that can be kept, so that when you send items to a full mailbox, it would be rejected. that is a better way of informing ppl that the item will not be delivered, vs an item that is delivered, but if the mailbox is never checked, the said mail will disappear into thin air in 1 month’s time. or returned to sender, and disappear from sender’s mailbox in 1 month’s time. so either way, mail can never remain in a mailbox beyond a month.

checking mail issue is especially important for my alt banker toons. since i run AH on various servers, i tend to auction stuff at one go, then forget about it until some time later. depends on whether i am playing alts on a particular server more often. the less often accessed servers auction wins and returns could be left in mail for longer than 1 month if i am careless and forgot i ever put up stuff in the AH. by forcing myself to login to every toon and check mail, i ensure that i keep the mailboxes refreshed every so often.

step 2: mats maintenance

of course, once i check mail, it means that stuff i sent from 1 alt to another will also be received. and that will mean a 2-way traffic: farm mats to prof alts and prof gear to alts that will be able to use them.

non prof mats such as food or mats for food, etc, will be extracted from mail and put into inventory or bank of the alt.

step 3: gear maintenance

this is not so important, since when i do play an alt i will oso check mail, so any latest gear received from alt profs will getting added to the alts bank or inventory depending on whether it can be used now or to be kept for future level.

for gear i can use on the alt now, i will do a gear check. if his current gear is better, then the crafted item either gets sent according to priority as follows to

  1. next in line alt that can use the gear
  2. bank alt for AH purpose
  3. if price point too low for AH – DE or vendor off food mats.

what is a weekend without raids? lots of altoholic fun!

ran my various alts thru various LFG stuff. i was a bit cool so i didnt up and leave any LFG just cos they were sucky. there was only 1 case when i had to leave. VH. tank left group after the 1st wave (i was dps)

there were some sucky groups, such as group wipes at UK 2nd and end bosses. during the runs, there was a boastful L74 mage, tops dps meters, but dies a lot too. the tank was a half-geared DK, so i used my bear to help off tank. the funny thing was, at the end boss fight, we all died, and then the boss died to dots. the mage left but the tank, heals and i ran back to loot the boss. the shammy heals got his quest done and also a nice shammy BoP loot.

i also managed to get my L80 rogue carried thru a few H LFGs and picked up a lot of epic iL200 gear from them. so now i am a bit confused. do i want to gear him up or not? cos i only meant for him to be the locksmith on Firetree. but it was pretty fun to play him. FoK (and glyphed, no less)! he is now about 1/3 in epics and has a bit of EoTs.

spent a bit of time on Kiseki and Pyroblast, running them thru multiple LFG HF dungeons to get HH rep. Kiseki is now honoured, but Pyro has a long way to go still. but since both rested xp is used up, i will put them on hold for a week. also worked on their ench and inscription profs. i took xbowstrike on a flying trip around outlands and picked up herbs for both of them. Kiseki uses nightmare vine to make superior spell potions to level ench. Pyro uses outland herbs to level inscription.

also working on Fruit’s LW reprof. he is now almost at the outlands LW level. so i will probably have to get a skinner there to do the work – could be using my L80 rogue, or send a low level 70 toon to skin the highest level mobs there. maybe can still get some xp from killing those mobs?

since i had been the grateful recipient of many LFG runs this past weekend on my multiple dps toons, i will be mostly tanking and healing this week – pay it forward!

PS: still advising ppl about rankwatch and dual spec. i think i should write a macro for it. haha. no. really.