brewfest: mission accomplised

i have completed my brewfest mission ahead of schedule, so for the remainder of brewfest, im gonna take it easy

mission objective #1: level for trinkets

level active alts to at least 84 in order to run coren.

to that effect, i had to properly spec some of the toons, change their gear around, as well as make them do quests instead of just queuing LFG (cos while that is fast as i have a lot of tanking/healing alts, it will make them run out of rested XP and not enuf gear for their level)

so now both warriors, Opheilia and Stormfrost, can dps as fury pretty good. doing 5k in random LFG when it happens, questing otherwise in level appropriate zones:

  • Level 82 – Deepholm
  • Level 83 – Uldum
  • Hit Level 84, stop levelling and queue forĀ  coren as DPS/heal (cos cant tank)

Stormfrost@Jubei’thos was the last one to level (well, he started from Level 82) to 84 but he got lucky in his coren runs and quickly got his tanking and melee trinkets in addition to a stam trinket.

then again, it helps that this is towards the end of the festival, and everyone has all the needed trinkets

mission objective #2: get needed trinkets

4 trinkets for the getting: tank (dodge), heal, melee (AP) and castor dps

for multi-role toons like pallys and druids, i needed to get quite a few trinkets.

but the last toon to complete was Darksunder@Firetree. first, he needed to level to 84 (from L82) then he lost on the melee trinket roll at least 3 times while the rest of the time it didnt drop. so he killed coren the most. lol. lucky he queued as healer so that went pretty fast. but it was depressing to lose rolls or when its a trinket he already got.

mission objective #3: get tankard and/or dagger

the dagger is BoP so it’s pretty random, but i hoped it would drop for both rogues – Blackstealth@Firetree got it early in his runs (well, he is already L85 b4 brewfest) but Gsauce@Jubei’thos no luck cos he only levelled to 84 recently. is not an important issue hence not critical (since it depends on the luck of the daily bag) and besides, rogue can equip tankard!

tankard i got tons since i got so many toons running coren on a daily basis. i think i have at least 10? i stopped counting after the first few drops.