recent LFG horror stories

1. the player that couldnt make the jump across the stepping stones at the start of BFD. he left the instance after trying a few times.

2. the L84 MM hunter who does 2.6k dps in stonecore. then blames the tank for wiping at the 3rd boss. cos he stood and tanked in place instead of avoiding the stuns. since it wasnt a H run, that is the normal strat – there is no need to avoid, just heal thru. heals just couldnt keep the tank up. so the tank left. i guess a better tank came in, or the healer did a better job. so we finally cleared that boss.

3. the healer who levelled after the 2nd boss fight, and then left the Vortex instance. there is no commitment, nothing. no sense of responsibility and accountability. players gone bad.

4. the tanks who think they can just charge and aoe down mobs without cc. well, it dont work so well for mobs with healers. or those that mark, but dont follow thru, and end up breaking the cc.

5. players who ask the party to kill extra mobs for their personal skinning needs. WTF????

since i am used to LFG (having done an incredible no. of H runs on Zappel), this sort of behaviour i just laugh off. but really, ppl should have more integrity.

depressed about vash

ok i havent even see the new lands yet, but already, reading up about vash has turned me so off.

yup. you guessed it. 3d swimming is about the worst ever concept. i think wow has finally got rocks in their head and is trying to be everything to everybody. and end up being just second rate. next we will have flying battles – because everything is now in 3d. oh wait. we already got that in wrath.

actually, swim battles have always existed in wow, but just in very very small dosages. BFD is the famous one. and is still very much alive, and much more accessible now with dungeon map and instant port via LFG. and most importantly, a graveyard just outside the instance. if you still get lost, you are capital fail.

flying battles came a little later. they didnt have the technology back then. we havent tamed the dragons yet. the first flying battle came out in wrath. so we fight by controlling dragons. still, most of it was avoidable. in fact, so avoidable that in LFG, if ppl found out it was oculus, they would drop group so fast you couldnt even say hi.

and if it was malygos, eye of eternity raid, that was an even rarer event. if u werent in a guild your chances of seeing this raid was close to zero. nobody wanted to group up and fail at the flying stage which was also the hardest stage cos ppl just didnt know how to fly AND fight.


you can see why i am so depressed about having to go level 24 L80 toons in vash. i’d literally be swimming the entire zone for eons to come. and if it wasnt bad enuf, it is phased. which means if u wanna find a party, ferget it. if ppl have gone past your phase, tough luck.

anyway, im sure both horde and alliance will wanna visit vash just for the experience of seeing an underwater world. but not 24 times.

just when i thought i was on easy street…

…. i found myself back on the road again. but a whole different route altogether!

a whole new world

last night, i had to play a toon with a lot of spare EoTs, and then i thought a bit. (a little bit of thinking is bad for your health!) xbow was on his quest to get exalted with the kaluak, and since he queues for LFG while flying around northrend, he has accumulated a ton of EoTs and not really needing to upgrade his gear (cos it is blocked by the high requirement level for ICC and since no one runs ToC these days, you are not going to get the gear for ICC unless you buy from AH which i cant afford.)

i thought a bit, and decided to gear my horde hunter up. swiftmender is level 24. so he could use the BoA items for a long long time. so i transferred the BoA shoulders and bow which muzzleshot had used, and with xbow’s spare EoTs, bought him the BoA mail chest and health trinket.

after completing the kaluak dailies for xbow, i logged into swiftmender and equipped him with his BoA stuff. then realised, he hasnt trained for riding and he has a free magic pony (celestial steed). but damn, riding requires 4g and my horde toons are bare bones! swift only has like 1g on him!

fastest way to make money – queue for LFG XD. so in short sequence, he cleared BFD, Gnomeregan, RFK and came up with enough dough for class training and riding. and now he can prance around on his magic pony!

i am going to ignore profs while levelling this toon. cos i dont think i will do a full set of toons to support him. at least, not now.

back to school again

i have been so used to seeing my hunters never miss their shots, so it was quite an opener to see miss after miss especially hitting mobs higher level than me. cos most mobs in RFK and Gnomeregan are like a couple of levels higher than me. fortunately, BoA gear means i was 1st or 2nd on dps.

the dumbest thing was, i forgot what the viper spell icon looked like, and i thought, hmmm, why didnt i stock up water on this toon? for a while, in BFD, when i ran out of mana i just autoshot! fail – noob – huntard. then i looked at my spells a bit more, then found the viper spell. haha. after that, never looked back!

doing quests was a pain. half the time i didnt know who or where or what to do. even with questhelper. that was why i chose to queue LFG. at least i have done all the classic dungeons up to BRD. now with a mount, i will be able to get them done faster. running on foot just isnt cool anymore.

now that he has no more rested xp, i will put him in cold storage until next week.

Taking care of my new toons

feral druid, nighthaven@blackwater raiders just turned 13

holy pally, incorrigible@jubei’thos just turned 22

night had a harder time levelling since he is mostly solo without any BoA gear. however, his efforts at skinning have enabled my LW toon Mib to make him some L8-13 leather gear so he is now slightly better off in mostly greens.

incorrigible has been levelling together with my buddys toon, stormfrost (prot war) since inception, and with a slew of BoA gear and wpn, so they basically blazed thru Dun Morogh and Loch Modan (a bit, then switched over to Westfall). since hitting L15, they have toured a few dungeons via LFG: Ragefire Chasm (RFC), Deadmines (VC), Shadowfang Keep (SFK) and Blackfathom Deeps (BFD). and got their mount at L20. i forgot that when pally visit their class trainer and get their mount, it comes with the riding skill! so i ran all the way to amberstill ranch on foot! for the non-BoA gear, incorrigible has the benefit of miner/BS stormfrost to make for both of them. of course, the gear drops from the instances are pretty good too!

of course, the good times are just about over. the next phase will get tougher and the levels get longer and longer to achieve. the next target is L40 (dual spec) but no rush to get there.

of course, running LFG even at the starting level, you get all kinds of bad behaviour. from melee hunters that tank (until tank and healer stop and let him die – and he couldnt even find his way back to the instance in ghost form) to full-BoA rogues that want to non-stop pull ahead of the tank. but when the tank and heals are buddies like stormfrost and  incorrigible, who cares if you are full-BoA top dps or not? if you dont play it right, you dont play in my party. the rogue left group and we found other dps who know how to play their part and finished the instance. although we could probably just clear every instance just between the 2 of us, we know the pain of dps queuing for a slot in LFG and so gave the chance to more deserving others.