BoA items – item level of 1

this is working as intended. so when you have been using BoA gear on your toon until you hit L80, you never had any problems queuing for LFG.

all of a sudden, you hit L80, and you cannot queue for nothing. a big fat zero LFG fail. cos your gear now is too low for H wrath and normal cata dungeons.

the official WoW workaround is: take off the BoA gear, equip normal gear then queue LFG.

update 13 June 2011:

as long as u carry the normal gear in your inventory, you can still wear BoA gear and queue LFG. it will take the best item level gear from your equipment and inventory.

i finally managed to queue LFG for Persi when she turned 82 and got enuf Cata gear…

howling fjord ka’luak quests

there is a bunch of ka’luak quests that start from outside westguard keep and end with 2 nice blue trinkets that’s very level appropriate. hence if you dont have BoA trinkets, this is a good chain to get into.

since this is at westguard, the game play assumes you would already have levelled once or twice before getting here, and should be at least L70.

pick up the first quest from the npc, lunk-tusk, who is just outside westguard keep. it will lead you to kamagua, the ka’luak island just off the coast and a hop away from westguard keep. after that, it will lead you to a series of quests for scalawag point, the next island.

by the end of the quests, you should be richer by 2 blue trinkets:

  1. The Jig is Up (group of 2 but can solo)
  2. Return to Atuik (the end of the the end of the quests for Ka’luak in HF)

after this, you should move on to Dragonblight, since you should have picked up a quest to go to Moa’ki Harbor. and you should go there, since the quest will reward you with a nice green item just for getting there.

as you already have cold weather flying, you can either fly there or wait for turtle boat.

rez sickness

resurrection sickness

i want to talk about this, because i think some ppl may have too much fear of using it, or at the other extreme, use it frequently and indiscrimately.

basically, what i want to say is, dont be afraid to use it. the 10 min debuff is not that great a penalty in most cases. you can always sit in a town or city, and do your professions or check out the AH (major city) or just participate in guild/trade chat. or just explore (however, beware that your debuff puts you at risk if you aggro. so it’s better if you do your exploration from air – after L60). or hey, just leave the game on and do something IRL for 10 minutes!

as a general guideline

  • when in a group, rez sickness should be used only when you are not required to participate during the 10 minutes of debuff you get when you take it, or when your participation is not critical (ie dps). otherwise, run back to your corpse, or ask for a rez if there is a rezzer near your corpse.
  • you died from fatigue – even running back to your corpse wont save you from a 2nd fatigue death.
  • cant get back to your corpse because you are exploring a new zone and you’ve tried a couple of times to run back but have no idea how to get to your corpse.


  • ppl who enter LFG instance via instant port and have no idea how to run from gy back to instance when they die. so they leave group and take rez sickness. learn to play! go explore the world of warcraft (pun intended)!
  • ppl in party who just take rez sickness and then expect the rest to wait for them to clear the debuff. or worse, continue with the instance/raid and fail to carry their own weight, leading to unnecessary deaths or wipes.
  • ppl who just do it cos it is just so easy, and for the 10 min debuff, they just get to do something else. that is a bad habit. so learn to run back to your corpse, cos that is what ppl do when they are grouped in raid/party.

horror story – classic wow

one of the worst examples i came across in classic wow was when you got a party to maradon. it is a 5-man party instance in desolace, which is already a pretty god-forsaken place. in those days, no instant port via LFG. you gotta spam in LFG channel in a main city to be able to attract like-minded individuals from your server.

“LFG mara princess need tank and 1 dps. can summon” – that meant you already have a healer and 2 dps joined up in party and out of the 3, 2 are at the summoning stone outside the mara instance. the 3rd person is of course, in a main city doing the LFG channel spamming.

once the party formed up, and all got summoned, you’d run into the tunnels of mara, and clear the trash mobs leading up to the instance entrance. now, there are 3 of them actually. orange, purple, and princess were the commonly used terms then.

so when you die, cos those days it was easy to die (no BoA gear, very few blues. virtually no epics), you would need to run back from the gy if the rezzer had died too. at the very least, the rezzer would need to run back. as well as anyone who died out of range of rezzing.

ppl would run around, no idea where the entrance of the mara tunnels are, and even when they found it, have no idea where the instance entrance is. or else ran into the wrong instance and now need ppl to come and escort them over to the correct instance. cos the trash mobs cannot be soloed – you would have to be able to stealth through if you want to get back to the correct instance. after maybe 10 minutes of being lost, they give up, and leave party, and take rez sickness.

the rest of the party is now left with the requirement to all group up at the instance start, and clear out to the summoning stone, while someone hearths back to a main city to restart the LFG channel spamming again.

now, arent you glad those good old days are gone?

first L85 – xbowstrike

xbowstrike is the hunter i transferred from Firetree to BWR (pass on Firetree BoA gear to alts there for Wrath) to Jubei’thos (so that now my worgen alts can use the BoA gear)

i would like to take the credit, however, it was levelled entirely solo by my buddy. on jubei’thos, a pvp realm.

he took out some horde that tried to gank him along the way. a few took him out, at great loss to their own health. but in a fair fight, none of them would have beat him.

he joined up the guild on Jubei’thos, and is now working on rep and archaeology to get good enough gear to run L85 heroic dungeons.

gratz to my buddy!

oh. great. now i have 2 BoA horde alts

i guess once i started with one, i’d follow up with another. since i had a lot of stuff to run timeforfun for, i ended up with a lot of EoTs. so i bought BoA gear and passed it to Zealadin, my L32 belf pally. so now both accounts have a horde alt with BoA gear on BWR.

but i didnt run with her much. cos i just got the gear, and then ran 1 dungeon, then stopped. i guess im still not much of a hordie at heart, so it’s tough to get going. i havent touched my L30 hunter either.

so back to alliance, my weekend was basically adding everstone to the ka’luak exalted rep chase, and doing some gear upgrades and enchants and gemming.

i think i need to get back to completing the secondary profs completed for all my L80 toons. some ppl still fail their cooking. FA is easier. i have a lot of cloth.

just when i thought i was on easy street…

…. i found myself back on the road again. but a whole different route altogether!

a whole new world

last night, i had to play a toon with a lot of spare EoTs, and then i thought a bit. (a little bit of thinking is bad for your health!) xbow was on his quest to get exalted with the kaluak, and since he queues for LFG while flying around northrend, he has accumulated a ton of EoTs and not really needing to upgrade his gear (cos it is blocked by the high requirement level for ICC and since no one runs ToC these days, you are not going to get the gear for ICC unless you buy from AH which i cant afford.)

i thought a bit, and decided to gear my horde hunter up. swiftmender is level 24. so he could use the BoA items for a long long time. so i transferred the BoA shoulders and bow which muzzleshot had used, and with xbow’s spare EoTs, bought him the BoA mail chest and health trinket.

after completing the kaluak dailies for xbow, i logged into swiftmender and equipped him with his BoA stuff. then realised, he hasnt trained for riding and he has a free magic pony (celestial steed). but damn, riding requires 4g and my horde toons are bare bones! swift only has like 1g on him!

fastest way to make money – queue for LFG XD. so in short sequence, he cleared BFD, Gnomeregan, RFK and came up with enough dough for class training and riding. and now he can prance around on his magic pony!

i am going to ignore profs while levelling this toon. cos i dont think i will do a full set of toons to support him. at least, not now.

back to school again

i have been so used to seeing my hunters never miss their shots, so it was quite an opener to see miss after miss especially hitting mobs higher level than me. cos most mobs in RFK and Gnomeregan are like a couple of levels higher than me. fortunately, BoA gear means i was 1st or 2nd on dps.

the dumbest thing was, i forgot what the viper spell icon looked like, and i thought, hmmm, why didnt i stock up water on this toon? for a while, in BFD, when i ran out of mana i just autoshot! fail – noob – huntard. then i looked at my spells a bit more, then found the viper spell. haha. after that, never looked back!

doing quests was a pain. half the time i didnt know who or where or what to do. even with questhelper. that was why i chose to queue LFG. at least i have done all the classic dungeons up to BRD. now with a mount, i will be able to get them done faster. running on foot just isnt cool anymore.

now that he has no more rested xp, i will put him in cold storage until next week.

muzzleshot is L80

just dinged him last night. didnt run him thru heroics. cos i wanted to get the shoulder ench from Sons of Hodir, and i need 1 L80 on BWR on this account to be Exalted rep.

so i took Xbowstrike to finish up some SoH quests, and while he was at it, queued for LFGs. cos u can get rep via exchange of EoTs. i will probably make Xbow exalted rep with all the necessary factions so he can buy the top head or shoulder enchant as needed. they are BoA, unlike the lower level head or shoulder enchants which are BoP. by the end of the runs, Xbow is exalted, so i can throw away the rest of the SoH quests.

to help get the rest of the under 80s to cap, i have run them thru LFG once. and will continue to do so until all are capped on a daily basis.

as for professions, unless there is some key item that needs to be made, i will stop levelling prof once it reaches a respectable level, like 425 or higher. cos by the time cat comes, they should be able to learn the new stuff and level in cat rather than in wrath.

altoholic daily tasks

even if i dont run LFG instance (and the very rare raid these days), there are some things i will do a quick login for:


AH if i got a ton of stuff to sell but i dont want to sell it all at once – eg. ench mats. so i just sell 1 piece a day. to keep the demand up. and oso to check. some days the price goes down and i dont sell.

sad to say, inscription scrolls are practically no-sale items these days. every one’s got a ton of them to get rid of. the other crap item is the engineering swiss knife. the other day got ppl just giving it away. but haha, on blackwater, it’s not crap to me yet. cos i havent got my engineering toon up to that level yet, so my toons on the realm are still carrying all the other prof tools.


this is such a pain. only 1 transmute a day for either an eternal or a gem. and then random procs are really that – hardly ever. all my alchemists are transmutation masters but i think they are all noobs! XD.

but since i mine a lot of saronite, i need to transmute them to titanium bars and that is cool cos there is no CD for that. oso, as a result of my mining toons i get a lot of eternal earth so it makes sense to convert them to more useful eternals.

and now that i have got a few of my alchemists to max level, they can even transmute gems! and that is way cheaper than trading in my hard earned EoTs down to EoHs to buy them off the vendor. cos most of my L80 toons still need to use EoTs to get the L232 class set. only zappel and naturespower are beyond that requirement and hence all their spare EoTs were spent on BoA gear for Incorrigible and Stormfrost.


ok, so the scrolls are worthless. but i still need to farm herbs and learn the full inscription skills. so that is an on-going concern on both my scribes, blackstealth@firetree and pyroblast@blackwater

Less a few tasks, thanks to recent changes with Patch 3.3.3

Now without the CDs for ebonweave, spellweave, titansteel, i dont need to do them anymore, except when i need to. so the constraint now falls on how much cloth or eternals i manage to pickup or transmute. once i get missmisty max level for tailoring, i can even relax on the cloth stuff. and then i can get my toons trained up on FA! i had to sacrifice levelling FA for tailoring for the longest time. the end is in sight!

time flies when ur having fun

last night, i just logged into 1 toon and spent hours on him at the expense of all my other alts. zappel. my L80 fire mage. when u have L80s that are already geared to the max with EoT stuff, what else is left but a daily H run for the EoF badges and the weekly raid? sure, some ppl will work (BGs and arena) for PVP gear but that is too much work for me.

since i started to do Northrend Loremaster achievement on him, partly cos i need to farm cloth and partly to explore the xpac more in detail, i dont need to sit around Dalaran and twiddle my thumbs while waiting for a LFG run. not that LFG queues are long for L80s, even dps can get a run every 15 min or so.

well, 1 LFG run turned into another, and another, and before i know it, i had completed quite a few of my Zul’drak quests and collected quite a bit of EoTs too.

some ppl farm EoTs to get gems for selling. well, i keep them for myself. but now i actually have some use for EoTs. i have created a new toon on the server, dwarf pally, and i have got some BoA gear for him already. the XP shoulders and a nice 2h mace.

between the questing and LFGs, i managed to accumulate enough cloth to make 2 frostweave bags for my new alts. XD

which reminds me, i need to log on to my other L80 on this realm and run tons of H for the EoTs for my other new toon, dwarf warrior, who is only currently equipped with the BoA 2h sword