cavelion dinged L85

ok he was dinged a few days ago but i didnt blog then. too lazy

as usual, my later alts usually get the benefits of the mains so cave was already ready to heal heroic dungeons on hitting level cap.

er. of course, a lot of his starter L85 gear were PVP BoE stuff that was tailored by Davina. it also helped that he got a free BoE epic cloak picked up by one of the mains on Firetree, and that he is alchemist so he made his own ilvl 359 trinket.

so once i upgraded his gear, did the final bits of training and talents, off he queued as healer and ran H Tides. it was a power group so he had a super easy time healing (in fact, he did a bit of dps in his free time, the tank was that OP)

but i think im just gonna keep him doing transmutes and nothing else :) no time to get him geared up, except for maybe the usual welfare epics or the occasional H run.

i wont even use him for herbing (same as blackstealth, who is also a herbalist. he now just opens locked boxes) since he wont get any farming xp. i use dethnyte (82) and darksunder (83) for the job.


since i had picked up so much herbs in my efforts to get volatile life for alchemy transmutes, and i wasnt into making darkmoon decks, i got blackstealth to convert them into glyphs and made the full set of glyphs for all my firetree toons. except those which require to learn from books which i dont have.


spiritcat has finally got enuf gear to run ZAZG. the run was super long, due to lag issues with the tank, and some strange healing from the pally healer too. he has tons of mana but the tank still dies. so what gives? nevertheless, the group pretty much stuck together through the wipes.

the hardest fight was due to lag, at the 3rd or 4th boss. cos if tank lag when boss is on a green circle, the boss can actually heal back to full health! and did many times, until the enrage (beserk) timer was activated. fortunately, around that time, the tank lag was resolved, and we managed to down him before the 5 minutes were up. the fight took over 6 minutes!


originally, i thought the guild might still do some basic raiding, but now i dont think so. so it would be pointless to run tons of H for everstone or to mine and transmute for epic gear.

i will still be mining and transmuting, cos you never know when the mats will come in useful (at the AH!)

alts update

some of my toons got the new ambassador title, after the delay in getting Gilneas rep – Greeni for one.

i guess over time, more of my toons will hit level cap. Pickwick just hit L85 last week. working on Blackstealth@Firetree and various on Jubei’thos, esp Persi who is already L83 and running Cat dungeons

on the other hand, i have Rhoanin and Greeni hit L80 but put on hold for levelling them for the time being. i want to get more BoE green gear for them first.

for my lower ranking toons, the last of my Firetree lowbies are now into Outlands or soon to be. Werewolfe is L59 and will pop into Outlands next. Wormage already completed both dungeons in Hellfire Peninsula and is now L62. Gonna move him into Zangarmarsh

As for the Firetree raiding toons, Xense and Magel, both are iL346 blued out and raid ready. both have also been running H LFG for the valor points (VP) and Tol Barad (TB) for honor points (HP).

am gonna have to spend a lot of time farming to get the professions up for quite a few of my toons. that should keep me busy, but i dunno if i have the time come July. got some real life things to do then….


it helps to be in a guild. you get 50% guild rep tabard on getting Friendly, and 100% tabard on Honoured. so when you quest, you get rep for your guild. and your guild level benefits you too! after certain level you can get BoA gear which will help your alts level faster. you also get a better chance at getting into a raid and getting even better gear!

jubei’thos alts heading into cata soon

well, persi is already L76. so once she hits 78, i’m gonna try and see if she can already head into cata zones and do quests there. since you need a lot of cata rep, starting on quests ASAP helps.

(update 16 May 2011: nope. cant do cata at L78. so gonna try L79 next)

(update 19 May 2011: nope. cant do cata at L79. u gotta be L80)

as usual, L200 items for L80s are kinda pointless, since the cata items are already way past L200 (L277). in fact, if you got L78 BoE cata gear, can already use once your toon hit L78.

grouchy grouse of the day: ambassador title

ambassador title stripped off greeni. cos only 5 exalted city reps. thanks to latest patch 4.1, now need ALL 6 reps. grrr. persi just hit 5 exalted city reps. so still need ONE MORE

how to do very well in LFG (non-H)

anyone who uses LFG (these days it would be extremely rare to have someone who doesnt do this on a regular basis if they are still levelling their toon) would have noticed that ppl generally fall into the 4 quadrants of expertise and decency:

1. high expertise and decency – the ppl you love to run groups in

2. high expertise but low decency – if you just want to get your EoT daily fix, you can tolerate them as long as you are not their target of abuse

3. low expertise but decent – so long as their performance does not wipe the group, you probably dont care too much

4. low expertise and decency – kick! haha. sometimes, its the tank so what do you do? if the heals can carry the tank thru, you may still run it just cos as dps you waited 30+ min for the group.

so how do you do your part in LFG (non-H). i only mention non-H because some of the rules are different in H due to greater gear requirements and discrepancies between new L80 and epic raider. of course, all the following stuff still applies to H LFG runs.

A) improve your expertise

expertise is comprised of the following:

  • knowledge of the instance. if you dont know the instance, say so at the start. ppl are more than willing to advise, esp if you are the tank. as dps you can probably follow the others. but even then, it is not preferable as some of the boss fights may need you to decurse/focus kill or be in the correct position or move in a particular pattern.
  • gear/buffs. gear for tank if you are tanking, etc. put in the appropriate gems and enchants for your gear. buff up whatever cheap buffs you can (scrolls, potions, food). bring additional food/water/bandages to heal/mana up between mob fights.
  • how to play your class and spec. study the huge amount of stuff on the internet. learn from the pros. try it out on test dummies or when soloing mobs during questing. you dont need to have it down the the split second rotation of a raider but you should at least know when a proc occurs and how to best make use of it. you should also know how to sequence your trinket and other special skills CDs.
  • how to play your role in a party. if you are the tank, you should know the instance but there is always the first few times. and even then, if you took a long break, things change in instances over patches. dont charge into the next mob when your heals is sitting down and getting his mana up. as for dps, dont pull the mobs unless the tank is asking you to (ie. hunter MD). if you are heals and u are out of mana, a /oom or party msg to that effect helps remind the tank that you need to take a mana break. if a boss need to have spell interrupted and you are a rogue or dps warrior, you should know when you need to do it and not worry so much about your position on the dps meter. party objectives come first, not your dps epeen.

B) learn the rules of decency

  • fair play. there is a ore vein. before you mine it, ask if there are any other miners. if so, do a /roll to see who wins it. and if you won the roll, tell the other miners the rest of the veins in the instance are theirs in turn. of course, a boss corpse that can be mined should be separately rolled against. the rewards of a boss corpse are usually better than ore veins (which are standard – i dont think i have seen titanium yet XD)
  • politeness. spamming recount after every mob just cos you are top dps is not nice. if someone in the party has very low dps, and he is not even bothering to put up any sort of effort and is skinning his way thru the instance, that’s not a party player. and they should get kicked. if its someone already doing their best and its just their gear is not up to standard (just qualified for the instance but gear hasnt caught up yet) then it would be less than ideal but unless the party wipes at the boss, its not a mortal sin. being rude to the tank or heals or the party, in general, gets you vote-kicked. if you are the tank and u wanna be rude, you can still get kicked. ppl only stand so much nonsense.
  • not being a ninja. if you roll need on BoE items, chances are ppl will start to /ignore you and you will have less and less opportunities to play in party. you will probably be vote-kicked out of the party too. likewise if you roll need on a boss BoP item and you are not in the spec for the item. for example, you may be dualspec pally – prot and ret. but running the instance as ret. if you need on a def. BoP item, the tank who has been tanking the instance for the drop is gonna be real pissed off.