xense goes raiding

xense just completed ICC last weekend. and this weekend, picked up Throne of the 4 Winds and Bastion of Twilight (BoT). just too bad, it’s not with the guild. Firetree guild is missing enough ppl to form a guild raid.

i was not playing xense. but my gaming buddy. all i did was level xense to L85 and get enuf gear for H runs. he took over and got the rest of the gear and ran the raids.

i switched toons with him, so i levelled Magel instead and geared her for raiding. just didnt take her anywhere near a raid instance :) she is mostly epicced out too.

and just when i thought that’s all i have in terms of pro gear toons in Firetree, turned out Pickwick is already H run ready! thanks to the Ahune festival recently completed, he got the epic cloak and wpn (staff). plus an epic trinket from JPs, he has a lot of L346 gear too. his lowest gear is now L318. and just completed H SFK and H Vortex Pinnacle.


zappel got epic

on a guild farming run in BoT, we 7-man the mobs up to the first boss and then reset the instance. as a mage, i learned 2 very important lessons. dont stand on the steps – the lightning zap is really hard. 1 shot me everytime.

the other thing is to do instant sheeping in arcane spec.

if you dont you can get silenced by the mobs. which also means if you gotta refresh the sheep, you should do it with at least a few more seconds in case you get silenced while doing it last minute. not good.

a purple wrist hit rating item dropped and the dps castors all rolled for it. zappel won! so he got his 1st epic! and it comes with the achievement. lol. well, he still needs to run a lot of stuff before he can get to run H dungeons. so it’s still some way before he can properly raid. but this is a huge encouragement to go for it!