L85 – spiritcat and zappel

ok i finally got 1 L85 toon on firetree and jubei’thos. but now comes the long slog for gear to run H. zzz.

oso need to do quests to open up zones and get rep (for gear).

will oso need to run fruit and everstone into BRC. otherwise all they can queue for is TotT.

having more fun with my lowbies. farming herbs and mines in STV is fun. kill stuff along the way. but i am avoiding arch. just cannot find the motivation to do it. maybe if i avoid it long enuf, bliz will make it easier? haha. fat hopes, right?

the best thing about both the guilds is that repairs can now be funded by guild. cos as u kill stuff, some money goes into the gbank. some of my lowbies are still guildless. i guess i like it that way. can just do stuff i like without ppl looking over my shoulders. but too bad about the repair bill. must pay it out of own pocket. actually, the real pain is the once in a while random guild invites.

ran BRC and Throne dungeons

ok. been there and its been interesting. only zappel and naturespower, L82, went Throne. BRC was done by Spiritcat and Magel, both L81 now, as well as zappel and naturespower.

BRC has trash mobs and pats. Throne has gauntlets of mobs to run. BRC bosses are simple compared to Throne. so there you have it. BRC is just so much easier to run.

Throne needs at least 2 dps who can generate about 5-6k dps (carrying a 3rd dps at 1-3k dps). heals and tank have to be pro enough to take the damage and heal thru.

easier to get to BRC too. just fly. yes, fly, right up to the summoning stone for LBRS in the Blackrock mountains, then run in and its at the first right turn (the turn is confusing cos there is a pile of rubble at the junction, so ppl then to continue on and miss the turn)

Throne requires you to swim out to the middle of the ocean, to the whirlpool. so you can imagine. doing Vash is practically a MUST, since without doing it, you are minus that awesome seahorse mount that will bring you to the middle of the whirlpool in double quick time. you would have to fly and drop into the ocean instead. which isnt so accesible.

and the whirlpool has a funny property. if you drop in on it, you dont get to be sucked down to the Throne zone. you end up in a dead zone and die of fatigue rather quickly. you would need to press and hold the spacebar and rise up until the whirlpool catches you at the right spot and then it sucks u down to the correct zone.

at least, once you are there, there is a quick way out. talk to the npc next to the dungeon entrance and she will port u out instantly. dungeon is oso next to a raid entrance, so i guess there will be other visits to that nasty whirlpool.

LFG is currently bugged for normal cat dungeons. if u got a pre-formed party of 83 and 82, you cant get into random LFG, even though there are dungeons that are suitable for both levels, such as Throne. however, you can specifically select Throne, and then queue in LFG and you can get in. i have logged a ticket with Blizzard but i guess it is probably working as intended.


on a separate note, i have created toons on firetree and jubeithos – so now i have a worgen mage and hunter on firetree, and a worgen lock and mage on jubeithos. the mages are OP. the firetree ones have completed their quests in Gilneas and have left for Darnassus. the jubeithos ones are still in the midst of doing their Gilneas quests.


or the super waste time new 2nd prof. so far, i only tried it out on everstone. surveyed a few times and picked up some bits of artifacts. the levelling will be hell, since u start from scratch/level 1. it’s like fishing but way worse cos its not in one place. you have to survey, move, survey some more, until the bits are found. to get an epic, i guess, will take years of surveying. lol.