xense made her own polearm

witch-hunter’s harvester is a BS iLvl 365 item, and that about completes all crafting for xense. the rest of the gear upgrades will be via VPs.

so the 2 alchemist toons i have are now busy doing transmutes of volatile life to others, cos i need the other volatiles for crafting. also need to do a whole lot of elementium mining for Everstone, but i think i will just let him slowly hit 85 via mining, since i dont really have anything lined up once the toons hit 85.

on jubeithos, almost all the toons can queue LFG, except Greeni. so maybe have to wait until she hits 81 and can wear more cata gear.



xense made her own gun!

Extreme-Impact Hole Puncher

Engineering epic iL365 gun

Turns your target into Alterac Swiss!

Made it after getting the 2 alchemists to max level in order to transmute truegold for 3 days.

Now to level her blacksmithing to max so she can make her own epic polearm. which will need more truegold. so i gotta start the process now rather than later.

even so, it’s way harder to level BS. requires a whole ton of mats. ores and volatiles.


prof – the long hard grind

i think its very smart of wow to make ppl who like professions keep on working at it. there isnt one easy prof. the farming ones are easy but they are repetitious after a while. just who is first to the herb or ore vein.

but no matter how devious they get, it eventually comes to the point where ppl will either complete what they need, or give up.

of course, to be the perfect prof, your toon will need to raid at the top level – the best recipes drop from raids. your toon would also have put in the many hours needed to perfect your prof. esp JC, which requires you to do 4 dailies to get 1 epic recipe. or alternatively, farm tons of titanium ore so that you can prospect them for gems and exchange the leftover dust for the JC tokens. while you can only do 1 JC daily a day, you can mine a ton of titanium ore and prospect them for gems and dust. hence if you want to pick up the necessary recipes, you need to mine like hell. or spend a year on dailies. the choice is yours.

another example is leatherworking. you need to skin a lot of beasts. the LW vendor has a ton of recipes for you buy with Heavy Borean Leather. since LW can make 2 leather sets – melee and spellcaster and 2 mail sets. that is a lot of leather!

or blacksmithing. the worst of the lot at start up. cos there are ton of BS quests that you would have to do. sure you can dont do most of them, however, the quest chain to specialise as a armor or wpn smith, is long and require a ton of mats.

as an altoholic, i always go for the least effort prof levelling. having a lot of farming alts help to gather the mats. but once in a while, i will need to actually go out and deliberately farm for mats. eternal air and fire are some of those hard to get stuff. titanium ore is another. the rest of the stuff can be acquired 1 way or another. it used to be that frost lotus was one of the hardest things to farm. but bliz made it drop a lot more often now. whew. plus you can even buy it with leather. now if only they can fix the eternal air and fire and titanium ore requirements. haha.