yup, i’ve not got any of my toons to the new level cap yet, cos im having so much fun with my worgen pups! i have 4! 2 on firetree and 2 on jubeithos.

they are all around L20+ and every instance, there is usually a majority of wolves at the gate!

plus, i’ve been busy since christmas logging in to each toon and flying them to ironforge to get their presents. done it all except for the toons on BWR.

so will do that tonight. then i can go back to levelling spiritcat and zappel to level cap. let my pups get some rested xp!

oh, and i learned something about the SFK instance. end boss fight, always make sure tank face wall, so the rest of party dont get massive dmg from the pistol shot from the boss.

first L85 – xbowstrike

xbowstrike is the hunter i transferred from Firetree to BWR (pass on Firetree BoA gear to alts there for Wrath) to Jubei’thos (so that now my worgen alts can use the BoA gear)

i would like to take the credit, however, it was levelled entirely solo by my buddy. on jubei’thos, a pvp realm.

he took out some horde that tried to gank him along the way. a few took him out, at great loss to their own health. but in a fair fight, none of them would have beat him.

he joined up the guild on Jubei’thos, and is now working on rep and archaeology to get good enough gear to run L85 heroic dungeons.

gratz to my buddy!

cleaning up b4 cat

lately, been doing H runs with a good pal. he logs in with a dps alt and joins one of my tank (2) or healer (3) alts and we queue LFG. we do that for about 2 hrs per night, swapping alts. good for me, good for him. he skips the long dps queue time, and i get badges for my tanks and healers which otherwise i wouldnt (i prefer to play my dps and take the long queue time to do other stuff). then we go off and do our own stuff again. we include other pals if they are online at the same time.

so what do i mean by cleaning up b4 cat?

it’s for prepping my L80s for cat, and it means:

  1. getting the cooking and FA skills up to par. (425). this is completed for toons on BWR. on firetree, magel is now doing the farming of food mats (that is why i dualspec her to be deep frost the week before)
  2. getting everstone exalted with kaluak for the fab fishing pole by doing the 3 dailies for 14 days.
  3. levelling xbowstrike fishing skill to max (he’s already got the fab fish pole – and penguin pet to boot)
  4. using everstone to hatch an oracle egg every 7 days. if its a pet it goes to one of the many alts
  5. level davina tailoring to max by making glacial bags. however, i need to get her exalted with faction to get the pattern first! i think i better get started on it this week. time is running out!
  6. farming ores with pickwick and muzzleshot to make titansteel bars
  7. completing JC dailies and doing transmuting on daily basis to get as many recipes and mats as possible. as they are being used up by the alts that get emblem gear and need epic gems
  8. accumulating as much gold as possible but not doing it specifically.

but what happens when cat arrives?

then i put the majority of my alts in cold storage while i race to the new level cap on (in the order of importance):

  1. zappel and naturespower on jubei’thos for raiding purpose
  2. spiricat and everstone on firetree
  3. timeforfun and xbowstrike on BWR

oh. great. now i have 2 BoA horde alts

i guess once i started with one, i’d follow up with another. since i had a lot of stuff to run timeforfun for, i ended up with a lot of EoTs. so i bought BoA gear and passed it to Zealadin, my L32 belf pally. so now both accounts have a horde alt with BoA gear on BWR.

but i didnt run with her much. cos i just got the gear, and then ran 1 dungeon, then stopped. i guess im still not much of a hordie at heart, so it’s tough to get going. i havent touched my L30 hunter either.

so back to alliance, my weekend was basically adding everstone to the ka’luak exalted rep chase, and doing some gear upgrades and enchants and gemming.

i think i need to get back to completing the secondary profs completed for all my L80 toons. some ppl still fail their cooking. FA is easier. i have a lot of cloth.

show me the money

or, you cant have your dough and cake it.

for altoholics, having gold is always an issue. you want to gift epic flying to those alts that need to fly around regularly – miners and herbalists, and even JCs to do their daily JC quest fast.

having gold means you can buy stuff off AH instead of farming it yourself too.

some ppl play the AH, but i dont have the patience for that. i usually sell off stuff i dont want myself at near bottom prices cos i dont want to keep monitoring the AH. i have other things to do. if something doesnt sell and doesnt look like its going to be sold even after a couple of listings, i either keep it for a long time (like next xpac is out, and ppl need the item again but by then no one is farming them) or else vendor/DE it if i think the item is overstocked for posterity.

so i make a little money off AH, and it helps that i dont buy the expensive stuff from AH. and i vendor trash (i pick up everything unless i dont have bag space). plus the quests and LFG, it’s a slow but sure gathering of gold. i dont have a chicken that lays golden eggs.

so whenever i splash the cash for some expensive item, like epic flying, i have to consider it carefully.

currently, i think i will need epic flying for 2 toons on BWR. Muzzleshot will need it since he is miner and engineer, but i dont know who i should buy it for on the other account.

as for firetree, there are no more major expenses until cat, so every penny i earn is saved for that rainy day in cat.

2 is better than 1

playing wow over the weekend, i had some buddy time. my long lost buddy (to modern warfare 2) decided to take back his account for a couple of hours and we took a couple of our toons on BWR for H runs.

the realm LFG queue is strange. there are more tanks than healers. so i logged in timeforfun and my buddy queued as dps: xbowstrike, muzzleshot and pyroblast. his fave is xbow, since the GS is 4.7k and he hits really well in SV spec. i tried to persuade him to play xbow as BM (dual spec) but he didnt like it. however, as muzzleshot with 1k GS less, he didnt enjoy it so much, not topping dps meters. muzzle is SV only. finally, as pyro, he had fun with both specs – arcane and frost. diff spec for diff dungeon. he did something silly but works – frostbolt and cone of cold, like some melee toon cos cone has a short range. he still hit pretty hard. but nothing beats blizzarding.