altoholics – oh, the pain

why oh why must cat come? with 9 L80s and many L70+ i am now having to face with the dilemma that i must put some of my L70+ toons into cold storage, perhaps forever. i have already put my horde toons in the freezer, together with some alts on other realms. and just focus on firetree, blackwater raiders and jubei’thos toons. even then there are too many.

i guess b4 cat arrives, i will probably end up with around 11 or 12 L80s. cos im serious about getting Timeforfun@L78 to L80 as well as Gorlog@L79.  both are on blackwater raiders. i will probably get Pickwick@L76 to L80 as well on firetree.

i did originally want to get my shammy and a couple of DKs to L80 as well. so that may well happen. shammy is Darksunder@L74 (unlikely, right? but then again he is a resto shammy so… it’s always possible using LFG) DKs are moodykat@L77 and dethnyte@L77 – i can probably tank these 2 to L80 in a matter of days but i think i will take my time to gather EoTs.

i have been playing a lot of my blackwater raider toons, rogue Mib@74, hunter Muzzleshot@75, mage Pyroblast@74 and lock Kiseki@74 so who knows?

but come cat, i know it will be just a few key mains.


  • mage Zappel
  • druid Naturespower


  • priest Spiritcat
  • warrior Everstone
  • pally Disowned
  • hunter Xense
  • lock Pickwick
  • mage Magel
  • rogue Assasinatorx

Blackwater Raiders:

  • pally Gorlog
  • priest Timeforfun
  • hunter Xbowstrike

ok. not a few mains but a lot. however, i will focus on Jubei’thos cos those are my raiding toons. the rest shall only run on rested xp.

and in my free time, rolling a worgen or two and running them up from scratch. on which realm? i havent really decided yet.

monday blues

you know things are bad when you queue as healer and you dont get an instant LFG slot. i had to wait 15 min on Timeforfun (L77) to get a run. the good thing was, that allowed me to do 2 quests that got his rep to friendly with wyrmcrest and bought the tabard.

but i am thinking, all that rep is never going to grind out, cos come cat, i will put all my alts into cold storage while i run with one of 2 mains to the next level cap. gosh now i have to seriously think who i wanna run to max besides zappel@jubei’thos. probably one of my alts with epic flying, like xense or disowned or spiritcat. xense will make a great farmer (herbing and mining), as well as disowned, esp if i start him out on cat JC earlier.

zappel will be my main raider, since i have guild there. so he will definitely hit level cap first.

anyway, back to the blues. i logged pickwick L75 and managed to do a TON of quests cos the queue for dps was 40 minutes! but the good thing was, he dinged 76 during the LFG run XD. im gonna get him to L80 next (or it could be gorlog cos gorlog is already 79 halfway to 80) cos i want to fly him around SB to farm clouds and mine veins. if the queues continue to be this long, it will make him get to L80 faster only. cos i will then spend more time on this toon than the rest.