i haz spiritcat time

got bored doing 24 x L80 LFG coren, so i spent some quality and quantity time with spiritcat (shadow spec, not her holy spec).

as u know from my prev post, i suffered a lot from the phase out and i gave up doing stuff on her for a while, but now i am back at it.

took her:

  • raiding (weekly raid on patchwerk)
  • a bit of fishing
  • picked up a new mount from coren (the kodo) and got the stable keeper (10  mounts) achievement
  • did a fair bit of LFG, which meant that i now have 2 x L232 set for shadow spec
  • picked up a nice L219 boots in a dungeon and got the epic (min L213)  achievement
  • finished exploring northrend and got the tabard of the explorer.

i still got a bit more to go to get the eastern kingdom loremaster. so i will probably focus on that for the rest of this week. once i get it, i will probably rest her and play some other toon.

her GS has risen to almost 5k now. but her dps still sucks cos her gear is patchy. u need minimum L245 set gear to do well. but she is useful (heal and dps) and is a good party member even if bottom dpser :)