CoS – a short guide to the instance

culling of strat has been simplified and speeded up since a while ago, but ppl are still kinda lost. i ran a regular last night and wiped 3 times, of which only 1 was justified (heals dc). so here’s a short guide. it should work for heroic too.

tip: run this instance in reg at least once so u can complete the quest line from chromie (cute gnome npc, awesome dragon IRL) and never be bothered by it again when u start to chain heroics. well, if u never, you can still skip it. but why get the extra prompt?

1) questline: burn 5 tainted boxes of rice

so first thing on porting to the dungeon is to run up a few ramps to chromie the gnome npc and get the quest. she gives u a zapper and u zap the boxes (1st one just outside the house you exit from) placed outside houses along the road in alternate L-R positions.

once done, mount up and run to chromie to trade for 2nd part of chain quest. then talk to chromie again to summon arthas roleplay sequence. if someone in your party did the shortcut, then u only need to turn in quest and get the 2nd part of chain quest and proceed to join up with the rest of the party in strat.

the 2nd part of chain quest is to kill the end boss of the dungeon. so after the boss is killed, wait for chromie to turn up and then u can turn in the quest.

tip: ppl who already did the quest can just talk to chromie to get the shortcut into strat (skipping the long roleplay with arthas). if u need to do the quest, tell your party so they are understanding. sometimes, they may just leave party cos they are too impatient. hence i say, do it in regular. H run ppl are a lot more impatient.

2) inside strat: 10 waves of mobs. 5th and 10th are mini-boss fights

tank lead the way. follow the mob mark on the mini map. in the past, there was no mark, but because it was a sequenced battle, the tanks memorized the sequence and just ran from wave to wave.

aoe the zombies while running from wave to wave cos otherwise they hit u and slow u down. in H version, there is a timer for an extra boss b4 the end boss which will drop a flying mount – bronze drake. so they run as fast as possible after each wave.

3) house fights (includes a boss at the end of it)

once the 10 waves are cleared, all run to the house at the end of the road and talk to arthas to start the house fights. clear 1 mob on the ground floor, then 3 mobs on top, and then the boss.

talk to arthas again to get him to open door to secret passageway and follow him out of the house

4) street fights (2 parts, as arthas will take a break midway)

talk to arthas outside the house to start the street fights. remember, timer still running in H.

tank should keep up with arthas or be ahead depending on tanking skill and healer capability. else if arthas dies, the whole sequence will reset and u have to clear the whole street again.

H extra boss) kill for EoT and drake (if u havent got it yet)

dont talk to arthas yet. leave him alone on the street and continue to run straight (end boss is on the right) up and engage the extra boss. kill him under the time limit and u get the EoT and someone in your party can roll for the drake.

5) end boss

talk to arthas, then run and turn right to end boss. tank has to turn boss away from party cos he has a frontal cone of dmg. shadow bolts? i forget. but my healer got 1-shotted in reg from that…. so turn the boss away. tank and spank. from time to time, the boss likes to put one party member to sleep. usually the highest dps or the heals. haha. so when we finished the boss fight, someone was dead, lucky not my rogue (then again, his dps was 3rd).

loot the chest and that’s it for the dungeon run.

tip: for those with quest, they have to stay back and wait for chromie to turn in the quest.

what i did last weekend

playing with a friend sure helps. he would login a tank toon while i login a dps toon and we queue for LFG. shortens the queue for dps toon immensely. then i return the favour and login a tank toon while he gets on a dps toon. that way we complete the LFG of the day for our alts and then we can focus on other stuff.

stuff like running chain heroics for missmisty. i finally got her the lock 2-pc set. so her dps is now quite ok for H. can still improve on some of her gear (‘superior’ achievement)

the other fun thing was getting the fast flying mount from CoS for disowned. he had just bought the fast riding skill for 5k gold. cos i want him to be able to do his JC dailies just that much faster.

on our BoA lowbie toons, we ran SM graveyard for LFG. a piece of cake with Stormfrost tanking and Incorrigible healing-cum-dpsing. then logged into zappel to help Stormfrost gather mats for his warrior class quest. we ran into another duo (lock and warrior) doing the same quest. poor chaps. lock was only 40+ so he couldnt kill as fast as zappel L80 mage. so i backed out of it. will farm those quest items another time.

patch 3.3.3 pros and cons for me

time to go and download updates for my mods

LFG: i like that they now have a shortcut for CoS, and some of the penalties for deserting or being vote kicked have changed for the better, i think. most importantly, players can no longer roll Need on Frozen Orbs in dungeons under Need Before Greed loot rules. Pass and Greed options will still be available.

DKs: wow. a lot of good stuff for DKs. Icy Touch more threat, Chains of Ice auto add Frost Fever, Will of the Necropolis no CD, Nerves of Cold Steel (Frost talent for tanking using dual wield) offhand dmg increase, etc

Mages: oso rocks! frostbolt dmg inc 5%, combustion now 2min CD like trinkets, empowered fire and TotW now applies to pyros too, etc

Rogues: im not writing anymore. they are going to be seriously OP!

lots of PvP changes but idc.

Frozo the Renowned has moved into the Dalaran Magus Commerce Exchange and will be trading your Frozen Orbs for various other trade goods.

Titansteel Bar: Creating this item no longer results in a cooldown.

The cooldown and location requirements have been removed from creating Moonshroud, Spellweave and Ebonweave.

LFG – H Oculus is a walk in the park (with dragonkin)

even so, there was a O-virgin healer who on popping into the instance, immediately took himself off. so the group 4-manned the adds. tank was a pally so he could self heal up as we cleared the starting zone. fortunately, the 2nd healer that joined the group wasnt a chicken, and we went on to clear the dungeon. no drake dropped, but i love that Bag of Gems. if i could get LFG H Oculus every time, i would go!

strangely, on the LFG H runs i had today, the healers were inconsistent. there was a H CoS run that the healer DCed just in the middle of the run to the end boss. lucky the tank was again a pally. we had to clear the adds minus a healer and thus couldnt do the time run for drake, not that any of them would have needed the bronze drake. they all have GS scores of approx 5k. xense was the only 4ker, and on her first H CoS run already got the drake. the replacement healer had to do a very long run in to join up with the party. good thing i was on my hunter, so i could use Aspect of the Pack to help her run just that bit faster. and the sec the end boss was down, she didnt even bother to wait for loot and just took her emblems and left!