guild achievement – H dungeon run

Guild achievement – H run

last night, ran a super long H GB (Grim Batol) cos we didnt follow strat. ok, we forgot the strat. Due to the current blizzard development on trial, which allows you to invite cross realm friends to party up, we got a 4-man group (Samin, Vertu, Magel, Musterbaitor/Jubei’thos) and LFG 1 more dps.

We got GB run, and thought it would be a piece of cake. wrong. 1st boss we wiped 3 times before we called it quits and skipped it. turns out, we didnt do it right and as a result, got smashed.

Strat requires cc of the malignant trogg. Killing this trogg near the boss, he will gain a 100% damage bonus (according to wowhead.)Holding the malignant trogg instead of killing it prevents more adds from spawning.

2nd boss fight wasnt easy either. the boss went from 60 deg cone of fire to 360 deg and everyone took too much dmg and wiped. we managed to get the boss down only after vertu was left with the boss at like 1%. it didnt help that the top dps was also the guy who died the first – cat druid.

and just when you thought things will be easier with 3rd boss, no. we wiped. cos i think people got burned by the adds. 2nd time round, we did it ok. this run was like a revision exercise for all. lol.

magel hadnt done GB in a while, since she was queueing mostly ZAZG now, so i had forgotten some of the strat. i only recently restarted H runs with Pickwick, since i was using him to farm mats for Magel’s engineering.

before last boss, druid had to leave and we got a DK. DK stayed alive and we completed the instance without any more wipes. repair cost for magel? 90 Gold.

We did it more for the guild achievement than anything else. the loot was all DE.

Xense changed profs

Yup. Formerly, Xense was mining and herbing, useless for a main. so i told my pal who plays Xense exclusively now, to consider reprofing. As what i did for Zappel when i moved Noice over to Jubei’thos.

so over the weekend, i also changed Werewolfe skinning to mining, and he mined from scratch to now being able to mine in Northrend (cobalt). i also used Pickwick, Everstone, Moodykat and Wormage to help mine the mats needed for Xense’s new profs – Engineering and Blacksmithing.

As of Sunday night, Xense is already using cobalt for levelling profs, with saronite next to come. and before you know it, it will be cata mats. I have parked Everstone in SB for the mining.

Firetree lowbies are now in Northrend

As a result of the last few activities i have been working on the 2 lowbies, both Wormage and Werewolfe are now in HF and have cold weather flying (SW to BT to get trained, then fly across Northrend to start quests in HF together). Wormage is 69 while Werewolfe is 68. Gonna rest them this week else they will be running on empty.



baradin hold – argaloth

naturespower got an achievement, thanks to the guild who brought him along for the argaloth boss fight in BH (Baradin Hold)

Tol Barad (TB) is like Wintergrasp in wrath – win the faction PVP battle (horde vs alliance) and then you get to run the BH raid instance for nice gear. but the boss is not so nice. cos the guild group is not made up of all the top players, but just a 10-man BH run with an non-guildie helping, we wiped twice. while i was in resto (ran out of mana too soon cos not enuf gear). so i switched to dps (can brez) and for the last fight we beat the boss. even so, i was last in dps (gear makes a lot of difference)

it was a simple boss fight actually. 2 5-man groups each with a tank and healer. and you gotta dps fast enuf so the boss dont enrage. he will usually enrage by the 3rd fel storm which leads to a wipe. you also cannot afford to let members of the group die. cos then the dps wont be enough for a makeshift group like ours.

so the fight is just stand with tank to share the damage, tanks alternate taunt off each other, and during fel storms, dont stand in fire. which means you can only do instant casts. even a 1.5 sec cast is too long. the fire will drop on you once you stay stationary. so every one has to spread out cos there is fire all round. and group up once the storm is over.

kill the boss, and get the achievement: Pit Lord Argaloth

loot for 10-man is 2 epics. for our run, there was a lock item and a DK item. DK item went to Tzenn, one of the tanks. no lock so item was DE.

what happens when you wipe?

you get back to full health at the graveyard (typical PVP timed rez), then you mount up (land mount, cant fly) and jump off the building (wont take damage, there is a slow fall buff on you) and run outside the walls towards the East, then turn right once outside and then after a few steps, there is a cellar opening to your right. run down the cellar as it leads to the TB instance.

show me the money

or, you cant have your dough and cake it.

for altoholics, having gold is always an issue. you want to gift epic flying to those alts that need to fly around regularly – miners and herbalists, and even JCs to do their daily JC quest fast.

having gold means you can buy stuff off AH instead of farming it yourself too.

some ppl play the AH, but i dont have the patience for that. i usually sell off stuff i dont want myself at near bottom prices cos i dont want to keep monitoring the AH. i have other things to do. if something doesnt sell and doesnt look like its going to be sold even after a couple of listings, i either keep it for a long time (like next xpac is out, and ppl need the item again but by then no one is farming them) or else vendor/DE it if i think the item is overstocked for posterity.

so i make a little money off AH, and it helps that i dont buy the expensive stuff from AH. and i vendor trash (i pick up everything unless i dont have bag space). plus the quests and LFG, it’s a slow but sure gathering of gold. i dont have a chicken that lays golden eggs.

so whenever i splash the cash for some expensive item, like epic flying, i have to consider it carefully.

currently, i think i will need epic flying for 2 toons on BWR. Muzzleshot will need it since he is miner and engineer, but i dont know who i should buy it for on the other account.

as for firetree, there are no more major expenses until cat, so every penny i earn is saved for that rainy day in cat.