xense re-profs almost done

engineering at max, blacksmithing at 311. now comes the hard part. making truegold for engineering epic gun for xense, and getting blacksmithing up via purchase of recipes from the blacksmithing vendor. these require a ton of mats – elementium no less. obsidian is no longer required.

due to the daily cd of truegold transmutes, both opheilia and cavelion are now on daily transmute duty. need 15 bars. xense has the pyrium bars, but not enough of the volatiles. anyway, since a lot of mats still need to be mined, i think the gathering of volatiles will continue to replenish the small stack on xense even as some are taken out for the transmutes.

xense managed to get 2 raids done over the weekend.


meanwhile, on khaz’goroth

i decided to let my occasional gamer pal switch from playing a frost mage (L57) to a DK, cos he was constantly leaving the mage in melee range of mobs.

by the end of the day, he got his Blood DK out of the training zone, and went to tank (for the first time), LBRS. did quite an ok job. it helped that my xense-playing pal was on a Frost DK (started at the same time – so both ran the training zone together, and my experienced pal helped out the newbie) so they cleared to the end boss in very fast timing.


guild achievement – H dungeon run

Guild achievement – H run

last night, ran a super long H GB (Grim Batol) cos we didnt follow strat. ok, we forgot the strat. Due to the current blizzard development on trial, which allows you to invite cross realm friends to party up, we got a 4-man group (Samin, Vertu, Magel, Musterbaitor/Jubei’thos) and LFG 1 more dps.

We got GB run, and thought it would be a piece of cake. wrong. 1st boss we wiped 3 times before we called it quits and skipped it. turns out, we didnt do it right and as a result, got smashed.

Strat requires cc of the malignant trogg. Killing this trogg near the boss, he will gain a 100% damage bonus (according to wowhead.)Holding the malignant trogg instead of killing it prevents more adds from spawning.

2nd boss fight wasnt easy either. the boss went from 60 deg cone of fire to 360 deg and everyone took too much dmg and wiped. we managed to get the boss down only after vertu was left with the boss at like 1%. it didnt help that the top dps was also the guy who died the first – cat druid.

and just when you thought things will be easier with 3rd boss, no. we wiped. cos i think people got burned by the adds. 2nd time round, we did it ok. this run was like a revision exercise for all. lol.

magel hadnt done GB in a while, since she was queueing mostly ZAZG now, so i had forgotten some of the strat. i only recently restarted H runs with Pickwick, since i was using him to farm mats for Magel’s engineering.

before last boss, druid had to leave and we got a DK. DK stayed alive and we completed the instance without any more wipes. repair cost for magel? 90 Gold.

We did it more for the guild achievement than anything else. the loot was all DE.

Xense changed profs

Yup. Formerly, Xense was mining and herbing, useless for a main. so i told my pal who plays Xense exclusively now, to consider reprofing. As what i did for Zappel when i moved Noice over to Jubei’thos.

so over the weekend, i also changed Werewolfe skinning to mining, and he mined from scratch to now being able to mine in Northrend (cobalt). i also used Pickwick, Everstone, Moodykat and Wormage to help mine the mats needed for Xense’s new profs – Engineering and Blacksmithing.

As of Sunday night, Xense is already using cobalt for levelling profs, with saronite next to come. and before you know it, it will be cata mats. I have parked Everstone in SB for the mining.

Firetree lowbies are now in Northrend

As a result of the last few activities i have been working on the 2 lowbies, both Wormage and Werewolfe are now in HF and have cold weather flying (SW to BT to get trained, then fly across Northrend to start quests in HF together). Wormage is 69 while Werewolfe is 68. Gonna rest them this week else they will be running on empty.



midsummer – time to get a nice cloak!

free cloaks! (but only for L80s – ok that has been fixed. under 80 can run it too. further confirmation. only L78 and higher can use LFG for Ahune)

since i levelled many L80s, a lot of them are not wearing great cloaks. some are even blues that are not L200 gear. so this festival (which started yesterday or today depending on where u live) is just in time for me to get gear upgrades!

the reason is simple, EoTs cannot buy cloaks at L232. they are for rings or trinkets but first priority is set gear. which means head, shoulders, chest, hands and legs. to get a set of 4 will require a lot of EoTs, which means i would never get a chance on a cloak except via a instance drop or, in this case, a festival’s easy loot!

since the boss will drop 1 cloak and he has 4 options (tanking, melee dps, castor dps, healing), the chances are pretty good. of course, he drops a nice staff too, but that’s pretty rare. i havent seen it drop yet.

even if the healing cloak drops, a castor dps can still roll for it and use it.

Slave Pens – getting there

now, it isnt a form a group and run to SP in Zangarmarsh. instead, u need to be 70+ (not sure what is the admission level but i have seen L78. confirmed only L78 and above. i logged in with a L77 and couldnt use LFG for Ahune.)  and use the LFG tool. Select the Ahune option and wait in queue. it will port u right where u need to fight.

The fight mechanics

start the fight by killing the add defending the summoning stone. click stone to summon boss.

once boss appears, kill his adds. you can target boss too but his defenses make your efforts practically useless. once enough of his adds are down, he changes into a frozen core, and that’s when everyone (tank, heals too) will focus on it and burn it ASAP. if you didnt manage to kill core in 1 try, the boss reappears and the cycle starts all over again. if the boss is just a few % from death, and you got good dps, then you can try and dps down the boss (even if his dmg taken is a major drop off your usual dmg) in a minute or two.

if you got good group, 1 core is all it takes to finish the fight. some groups u gotta do the core 3 times. more than that, i think your group will wipe anyway. and now with the under 80s getting into the game, things get tricky. they are usually the first to die and if they are your heals, they run out of mana real quick. so if you dont manage to burn boss in 1 turn, it can get really messy.

frost immunity

this fight is hard on frost DK tanks and frost mages, since the boss and adds are frost immune.

loot loot and more loot

loot chest for your cloak and shard of ahune (quest item). sometimes, other stuff drop. there was an enchant i looted before for Spiritcat. havent seen the staff yet. latest update: spiritcat got the staff in her bag (that usually contains 2 EoFs and nothing else)! but to bad, she already got a L232 staff of approx the same stats from long ago.

dont forget to check your inventory for the bag containing your 2 EoFs, which they give for your 1st Ahune run of the day.

updated to include info about under 80s doing the quest (L80-only bug has been fixed)

further updated to confirm that only L78 and above can use LFG for Ahune.