dual boxing continued

in the past, i have dual boxed occasionally, since i have 2 accounts.

however, faced with the prospect of a ton of alts now at L84 (after that rush for brewfest trinkets) and all having to take a trip to Twilight Highlands (TH), it makes sense to dual box to reduce the boredom of doing the same set of quests over and over again.

so i have gone over the list of 84s on firetree (6, so 3 pairs) and jubei’thos (4, so 2 pairs) and matched them up, usually a dps (warriors, rogues, dks) with a healing class (priests, pallys)

that way, the dps can basically kill non stop. and kill very fast too, since they dont need to stop to bandage/eat.

the next is to ensure that both toons are on the same set of TH quests. while most have just hit L84 and hence are at the Hero’s Call starting quest for TH, those that arent will need to match up with their paired alt.

fortunately, i have not got to the stage where they are already questing in TH. so that makes it easier. the last time i did dual box questing for TH, it was with Rhoanin and Persi, and that was messy cos Persi hit 84 earlier than Rhoanin, and was already in TH for farming ores. so i had to stop working on Persi’s quests and get Rhoanin up to speed.

i’m gonna document how to dual box the TH quests (at least until the SW portal in TH opens) in a following post, since i have to follow the same procedure 5 times! this means knowing which quests are kill and which quests are loot as well as the optimal sequence of doing quests.

one disadvantage of dual boxing is that i usually cant queue for LFG, which i like to do so as a distraction from the boredom of questing/farming non st0p, cos it wont be fair to the rest of the dungeon group when the 2 toons are not performing at the same rate.


brewfest: mission accomplised

i have completed my brewfest mission ahead of schedule, so for the remainder of brewfest, im gonna take it easy

mission objective #1: level for trinkets

level active alts to at least 84 in order to run coren.

to that effect, i had to properly spec some of the toons, change their gear around, as well as make them do quests instead of just queuing LFG (cos while that is fast as i have a lot of tanking/healing alts, it will make them run out of rested XP and not enuf gear for their level)

so now both warriors, Opheilia and Stormfrost, can dps as fury pretty good. doing 5k in random LFG when it happens, questing otherwise in level appropriate zones:

  • Level 82 – Deepholm
  • Level 83 – Uldum
  • Hit Level 84, stop levelling and queue forĀ  coren as DPS/heal (cos cant tank)

Stormfrost@Jubei’thos was the last one to level (well, he started from Level 82) to 84 but he got lucky in his coren runs and quickly got his tanking and melee trinkets in addition to a stam trinket.

then again, it helps that this is towards the end of the festival, and everyone has all the needed trinkets

mission objective #2: get needed trinkets

4 trinkets for the getting: tank (dodge), heal, melee (AP) and castor dps

for multi-role toons like pallys and druids, i needed to get quite a few trinkets.

but the last toon to complete was Darksunder@Firetree. first, he needed to level to 84 (from L82) then he lost on the melee trinket roll at least 3 times while the rest of the time it didnt drop. so he killed coren the most. lol. lucky he queued as healer so that went pretty fast. but it was depressing to lose rolls or when its a trinket he already got.

mission objective #3: get tankard and/or dagger

the dagger is BoP so it’s pretty random, but i hoped it would drop for both rogues – Blackstealth@Firetree got it early in his runs (well, he is already L85 b4 brewfest) but Gsauce@Jubei’thos no luck cos he only levelled to 84 recently. is not an important issue hence not critical (since it depends on the luck of the daily bag) and besides, rogue can equip tankard!

tankard i got tons since i got so many toons running coren on a daily basis. i think i have at least 10? i stopped counting after the first few drops.

cavelion dinged L85

ok he was dinged a few days ago but i didnt blog then. too lazy

as usual, my later alts usually get the benefits of the mains so cave was already ready to heal heroic dungeons on hitting level cap.

er. of course, a lot of his starter L85 gear were PVP BoE stuff that was tailored by Davina. it also helped that he got a free BoE epic cloak picked up by one of the mains on Firetree, and that he is alchemist so he made his own ilvl 359 trinket.

so once i upgraded his gear, did the final bits of training and talents, off he queued as healer and ran H Tides. it was a power group so he had a super easy time healing (in fact, he did a bit of dps in his free time, the tank was that OP)

but i think im just gonna keep him doing transmutes and nothing else :) no time to get him geared up, except for maybe the usual welfare epics or the occasional H run.

i wont even use him for herbing (same as blackstealth, who is also a herbalist. he now just opens locked boxes) since he wont get any farming xp. i use dethnyte (82) and darksunder (83) for the job.


since i had picked up so much herbs in my efforts to get volatile life for alchemy transmutes, and i wasnt into making darkmoon decks, i got blackstealth to convert them into glyphs and made the full set of glyphs for all my firetree toons. except those which require to learn from books which i dont have.


spiritcat has finally got enuf gear to run ZAZG. the run was super long, due to lag issues with the tank, and some strange healing from the pally healer too. he has tons of mana but the tank still dies. so what gives? nevertheless, the group pretty much stuck together through the wipes.

the hardest fight was due to lag, at the 3rd or 4th boss. cos if tank lag when boss is on a green circle, the boss can actually heal back to full health! and did many times, until the enrage (beserk) timer was activated. fortunately, around that time, the tank lag was resolved, and we managed to down him before the 5 minutes were up. the fight took over 6 minutes!


originally, i thought the guild might still do some basic raiding, but now i dont think so. so it would be pointless to run tons of H for everstone or to mine and transmute for epic gear.

i will still be mining and transmuting, cos you never know when the mats will come in useful (at the AH!)

rez sickness

resurrection sickness

i want to talk about this, because i think some ppl may have too much fear of using it, or at the other extreme, use it frequently and indiscrimately.

basically, what i want to say is, dont be afraid to use it. the 10 min debuff is not that great a penalty in most cases. you can always sit in a town or city, and do your professions or check out the AH (major city) or just participate in guild/trade chat. or just explore (however, beware that your debuff puts you at risk if you aggro. so it’s better if you do your exploration from air – after L60). or hey, just leave the game on and do something IRL for 10 minutes!

as a general guideline

  • when in a group, rez sickness should be used only when you are not required to participate during the 10 minutes of debuff you get when you take it, or when your participation is not critical (ie dps). otherwise, run back to your corpse, or ask for a rez if there is a rezzer near your corpse.
  • you died from fatigue – even running back to your corpse wont save you from a 2nd fatigue death.
  • cant get back to your corpse because you are exploring a new zone and you’ve tried a couple of times to run back but have no idea how to get to your corpse.


  • ppl who enter LFG instance via instant port and have no idea how to run from gy back to instance when they die. so they leave group and take rez sickness. learn to play! go explore the world of warcraft (pun intended)!
  • ppl in party who just take rez sickness and then expect the rest to wait for them to clear the debuff. or worse, continue with the instance/raid and fail to carry their own weight, leading to unnecessary deaths or wipes.
  • ppl who just do it cos it is just so easy, and for the 10 min debuff, they just get to do something else. that is a bad habit. so learn to run back to your corpse, cos that is what ppl do when they are grouped in raid/party.

horror story – classic wow

one of the worst examples i came across in classic wow was when you got a party to maradon. it is a 5-man party instance in desolace, which is already a pretty god-forsaken place. in those days, no instant port via LFG. you gotta spam in LFG channel in a main city to be able to attract like-minded individuals from your server.

“LFG mara princess need tank and 1 dps. can summon” – that meant you already have a healer and 2 dps joined up in party and out of the 3, 2 are at the summoning stone outside the mara instance. the 3rd person is of course, in a main city doing the LFG channel spamming.

once the party formed up, and all got summoned, you’d run into the tunnels of mara, and clear the trash mobs leading up to the instance entrance. now, there are 3 of them actually. orange, purple, and princess were the commonly used terms then.

so when you die, cos those days it was easy to die (no BoA gear, very few blues. virtually no epics), you would need to run back from the gy if the rezzer had died too. at the very least, the rezzer would need to run back. as well as anyone who died out of range of rezzing.

ppl would run around, no idea where the entrance of the mara tunnels are, and even when they found it, have no idea where the instance entrance is. or else ran into the wrong instance and now need ppl to come and escort them over to the correct instance. cos the trash mobs cannot be soloed – you would have to be able to stealth through if you want to get back to the correct instance. after maybe 10 minutes of being lost, they give up, and leave party, and take rez sickness.

the rest of the party is now left with the requirement to all group up at the instance start, and clear out to the summoning stone, while someone hearths back to a main city to restart the LFG channel spamming again.

now, arent you glad those good old days are gone?

auchenai crypts – chain quest

before you start to queue for crypts, you should do the chain quest that leads to a final quest to kill the end boss in crypts.

warning: this is not a easy chain. but nowadays, should be able to be soloed, if you use your cds carefully. if not, wait a level or two. if still cant give it up, its not worth the hassle. but so far, i have done it successfully on both plate and cloth toons at the appropriate level.

  1. I See Dead Draenei – just fly down to auchindon, take the quest from npc just outside the crypts instance.
  2. Ezekiel – this guy is in Shattrah City. talk and done.
  3. What Book? I Don’t See Any Book. – this might be a bit of a messy fight. since it is 3 vs 1. and they are melee intensive. use your cds if you are clothie. plate wearers have no problems with these guys. on my L64 shadow priest, i had to use fear and psychic horror, shield and renew while dotting and dpsing them down. on my L64 pally, i just put on tank gear and aoe dmg them, and use the holy word to self heal every so often.
  4. The Master’s Grand Design? – fly to nagrand to find npc in the abandoned armory.
  5. Vision of the Dead – pain in the ass quest, fly all over nagrand and kill stuff for the 3 drops you gotta get. i did this around L66. after finishing most of the nesingwary quests (left the 3 bosses and the end boss quests)
  6. Levixus the Soul Caller – boss on top part of the auch ring. if you can do 5, you can do 6.
  7. Everything Will Be Alright. since you are in a party for the crypts instance, killing end boss is a piece of cake.

lots of xp, and nice loot. worth the effort.

5th April 2011 update:

correction. not all the group quests can be soloed by every class.

i tried the book quest on my L64 rogue – he had to vanish. evasion just not long enough to keep the damage off.

as for levixus, that is even tougher. L67 mage and shadow priest cannot kill him individually. but together, yes. hence, group for this boss fight.