no cat for me yet

cat may be out today, but im gonna wait for my CE version to be delivered first. ETA 9 Dec. besides, i gotta go to a shop tomorrow to buy one normal version. since i have 2 a/c.

so business as usual tonight, levelling my gnomie priest who just hit 30 and dual specced for 30g. cheap cheap!

dual specced xbowstrike and pyroblast

dual spec is twice the fun!

i spent the gold on pyro so he could go deep frost for farming critters (i need food to level cooking on some alts) but i oso use this spec for running the H dungeons he queued for while farming. works both ways, since wrath dungeons are mostly group mob and aoe them to death.

as for xbow, i spent the gold so he could spec BM and recover his fancy pets. they have been in cold storage since L60s. a rhino and a dino. so both are now L75 and i will take them farming to level them up to 80.

reputation farming is almost completed

only missmisty is still working on her reps. the other 3 have exalted on the wrath reps. so getting head and shoulders enchants are a piece of cake now.

  • friendly ebon
  • hon  wym
  • rev vanguard

once rep farming is completed, then the next step is prof rep farming. ie. farming specific rep for specific alts for their prof recipes.

its not all farming. im having fun too

i am doing fury dps with opheilia who wears mostly tanking gear XD so her dps in LFG is sometimes below the tank. actually, most of the time!

i am oso tanking with a new L80 DK – shortnacity. blood spec with a bit of epic tanking gear. loses aggro to the ICC dps all the time in LFG. rofl. but finally got a blue L200 2h wpn last night so maybe better threat gen next LFG!

will probably bring mib to the LFGs soon just for the fun of running dungeons with combat rogue. i had a lot of fun with assasinatorx, so now that i have retired him, it’s down to blacksteath and mib to carry on the fun. less blackstealth since inscription dont need rep. mib is LW so need rep for some recipes.

timeforfun just got dual spec

i dual spec timeforfun to shadow last night

since he will probably be my main on blackwater raiders, cant just depend on healing to run him to L85. anyway, i need 1 toon on this a/c on this realm to get exalted rep with Sons of Hodir (shoulder enchants) plus he is the tailor so he can make glacial bags at L445.  it’s faster to do rep quests as dps. his healing gear will do for starters. (2k healing or dps, its all the same. just that the set gear buffs are for healing, not dps).

and wow! shadow is cool. u never run out of mana killing stuff. and u take very little dmg. of course, i knew all that already, since i have spiritcat in same config on firetree, haha.

damn, this is gonna slow me down on levelling all my alts to L80.

memories of 2009

1. dual spec
2. got my 2nd toon to L80 (xense)
3. got my 3rd toon to L80 (noice)
4. GL quit and formed his own guild, then transferred off to Jubei’thos.
5. transferred noice over to Jubei’thos as zappel. rest of my toons still in Firetree.

new raids
1. naxx (completed with spiritcat, 2 wings with noice)
2. ulduar (halfway with spiritcat)
3. onyxia (completed with spiritcat)
4. toc (1st boss with noice)
5. icc (saw the 1st boss with zappel)