oh. great. now i have 2 BoA horde alts

i guess once i started with one, i’d follow up with another. since i had a lot of stuff to run timeforfun for, i ended up with a lot of EoTs. so i bought BoA gear and passed it to Zealadin, my L32 belf pally. so now both accounts have a horde alt with BoA gear on BWR.

but i didnt run with her much. cos i just got the gear, and then ran 1 dungeon, then stopped. i guess im still not much of a hordie at heart, so it’s tough to get going. i havent touched my L30 hunter either.

so back to alliance, my weekend was basically adding everstone to the ka’luak exalted rep chase, and doing some gear upgrades and enchants and gemming.

i think i need to get back to completing the secondary profs completed for all my L80 toons. some ppl still fail their cooking. FA is easier. i have a lot of cloth.

just when i thought i was on easy street…

…. i found myself back on the road again. but a whole different route altogether!

a whole new world

last night, i had to play a toon with a lot of spare EoTs, and then i thought a bit. (a little bit of thinking is bad for your health!) xbow was on his quest to get exalted with the kaluak, and since he queues for LFG while flying around northrend, he has accumulated a ton of EoTs and not really needing to upgrade his gear (cos it is blocked by the high requirement level for ICC and since no one runs ToC these days, you are not going to get the gear for ICC unless you buy from AH which i cant afford.)

i thought a bit, and decided to gear my horde hunter up. swiftmender is level 24. so he could use the BoA items for a long long time. so i transferred the BoA shoulders and bow which muzzleshot had used, and with xbow’s spare EoTs, bought him the BoA mail chest and health trinket.

after completing the kaluak dailies for xbow, i logged into swiftmender and equipped him with his BoA stuff. then realised, he hasnt trained for riding and he has a free magic pony (celestial steed). but damn, riding requires 4g and my horde toons are bare bones! swift only has like 1g on him!

fastest way to make money – queue for LFG XD. so in short sequence, he cleared BFD, Gnomeregan, RFK and came up with enough dough for class training and riding. and now he can prance around on his magic pony!

i am going to ignore profs while levelling this toon. cos i dont think i will do a full set of toons to support him. at least, not now.

back to school again

i have been so used to seeing my hunters never miss their shots, so it was quite an opener to see miss after miss especially hitting mobs higher level than me. cos most mobs in RFK and Gnomeregan are like a couple of levels higher than me. fortunately, BoA gear means i was 1st or 2nd on dps.

the dumbest thing was, i forgot what the viper spell icon looked like, and i thought, hmmm, why didnt i stock up water on this toon? for a while, in BFD, when i ran out of mana i just autoshot! fail – noob – huntard. then i looked at my spells a bit more, then found the viper spell. haha. after that, never looked back!

doing quests was a pain. half the time i didnt know who or where or what to do. even with questhelper. that was why i chose to queue LFG. at least i have done all the classic dungeons up to BRD. now with a mount, i will be able to get them done faster. running on foot just isnt cool anymore.

now that he has no more rested xp, i will put him in cold storage until next week.

raid of the week

i used to avoid doing the weekly raid even though the reward is nice: 5 eof and 5 eot – 1 raid a week keeps the raiding blues away

i dunno why i had that perception, esp when the weekly raid is usually of older raid instances like naax or ulduar, and easily done.

anyway, i gave it a try last night after server maintenance, and it was an interesting experience.

first, i took missmisty to patchwerk@naxx. she has finally passed the 4k GS bar, so i thought she would be able to do a bit of dmg in a raid. the other lock was almost 5k. my lock dmg was half the other lock. but the group was pro and it was a fast run. wow, i thought, this could be a sure thing for me in future.

so, next i took xbowstrike to ignis@ulduar. xbow is 3.9k GS so i thought he would be able to raid too. ulduar is a slightly different fish though. someone pressed the wrong buttons and we ended up having to first do the siege boss. as a result, some raid members copped out. luckily we had a lock in our group and we brought other ppl in. time for ignis. damn, i had forgotten how hard the cyclone hits. and the tank was in a rush and aggroed a few pat mobs. that wiped the group. lucky i could FD and survive. however, in the actual boss fight. i was the first to get trapped in the slag pot and without heals, i died. so i completed my weekly raid just watching it all happen without any more pain. then got the rez and ported back to dalaran to turn in the quest for mega rewards. i had accumulated enough EoTs and got my 5th tier gear.


i used to dread running H HoR. but last night i had a great run. i had just popped out of a guild 10-man ToC raid (left after 1st wipe on Faction bosses so other guildies can have a run thru the rest of ToC) so i was looking to do my H daily.

H HoR is all about pro heals. tank GS wasnt that hot. 4.5k. but heals was 5.5k. that made all the diff in staying alive during the 10 waves. even so, the ending was a bit funny. the 3 dps died at the last hurdle. then instead of running forward to end the Lich King chase, the tank ran back towards us. and he got killed. so the healer on completion of the instance, came back and rezzed us all.

now i am saving up my EoTs to get T9 gear for Zappel. probably Leg gear, since the rest can be bought by saving up EoFs. my current focus is to get the chest piece at 95 EoFs.