hallow’s end – one week later

i like the new changes to the festival. saves the crazy things people used to do, like logging on to toons every hour to try trick and treat.

anyway, not like the food buffs were that great. now that they are just decorative, it’s less stress.

however, it’s still not easy trying to get daily boss fight loot – ie. the helm and sword. i got the helm twice on one plate wearer (better than zero) but the sword has gone to castors so far.

rings-wise, progress is ok but not fantastic. locks are still gonna need on the spirit ring. actually, my lock is doing that too! L365 is just too good to resist. even if one of the stats arent that useful for locks (spirit – for mana passive regen).

all who can get the creepy crate pet has it. and most have completed the sinister calling achievement.

out of my L84 toons, i left with just 4. the rest have hit level cap, in time, i guess, for the next xpac. after this festival, i will be mostly getting the rest of their secondary skills up – FA and cooking. i am still hoping the cooking festival will be upgraded too, so FA is more problematic. i need to use my tailoring alts to go kill cata humanoids for a higher cloth drop rate. so far, rhoanin@jubeithos is doing a good job in deepholm. cos frost mage can aoe mobs down fast.

the last 4 L84s are:

firetree: moodykat and darksunder

jubeithos: incorrigible and gsauce

but i have already started work on them (after the daily hallow runs) – firetree toons are already in TH and jubei ones are just about to pop in.


cleaning up b4 cat

lately, been doing H runs with a good pal. he logs in with a dps alt and joins one of my tank (2) or healer (3) alts and we queue LFG. we do that for about 2 hrs per night, swapping alts. good for me, good for him. he skips the long dps queue time, and i get badges for my tanks and healers which otherwise i wouldnt (i prefer to play my dps and take the long queue time to do other stuff). then we go off and do our own stuff again. we include other pals if they are online at the same time.

so what do i mean by cleaning up b4 cat?

it’s for prepping my L80s for cat, and it means:

  1. getting the cooking and FA skills up to par. (425). this is completed for toons on BWR. on firetree, magel is now doing the farming of food mats (that is why i dualspec her to be deep frost the week before)
  2. getting everstone exalted with kaluak for the fab fishing pole by doing the 3 dailies for 14 days.
  3. levelling xbowstrike fishing skill to max (he’s already got the fab fish pole – and penguin pet to boot)
  4. using everstone to hatch an oracle egg every 7 days. if its a pet it goes to one of the many alts
  5. level davina tailoring to max by making glacial bags. however, i need to get her exalted with faction to get the pattern first! i think i better get started on it this week. time is running out!
  6. farming ores with pickwick and muzzleshot to make titansteel bars
  7. completing JC dailies and doing transmuting on daily basis to get as many recipes and mats as possible. as they are being used up by the alts that get emblem gear and need epic gems
  8. accumulating as much gold as possible but not doing it specifically.

but what happens when cat arrives?

then i put the majority of my alts in cold storage while i race to the new level cap on (in the order of importance):

  1. zappel and naturespower on jubei’thos for raiding purpose
  2. spiricat and everstone on firetree
  3. timeforfun and xbowstrike on BWR

altoholic daily tasks

even if i dont run LFG instance (and the very rare raid these days), there are some things i will do a quick login for:


AH if i got a ton of stuff to sell but i dont want to sell it all at once – eg. ench mats. so i just sell 1 piece a day. to keep the demand up. and oso to check. some days the price goes down and i dont sell.

sad to say, inscription scrolls are practically no-sale items these days. every one’s got a ton of them to get rid of. the other crap item is the engineering swiss knife. the other day got ppl just giving it away. but haha, on blackwater, it’s not crap to me yet. cos i havent got my engineering toon up to that level yet, so my toons on the realm are still carrying all the other prof tools.


this is such a pain. only 1 transmute a day for either an eternal or a gem. and then random procs are really that – hardly ever. all my alchemists are transmutation masters but i think they are all noobs! XD.

but since i mine a lot of saronite, i need to transmute them to titanium bars and that is cool cos there is no CD for that. oso, as a result of my mining toons i get a lot of eternal earth so it makes sense to convert them to more useful eternals.

and now that i have got a few of my alchemists to max level, they can even transmute gems! and that is way cheaper than trading in my hard earned EoTs down to EoHs to buy them off the vendor. cos most of my L80 toons still need to use EoTs to get the L232 class set. only zappel and naturespower are beyond that requirement and hence all their spare EoTs were spent on BoA gear for Incorrigible and Stormfrost.


ok, so the scrolls are worthless. but i still need to farm herbs and learn the full inscription skills. so that is an on-going concern on both my scribes, blackstealth@firetree and pyroblast@blackwater

Less a few tasks, thanks to recent changes with Patch 3.3.3

Now without the CDs for ebonweave, spellweave, titansteel, i dont need to do them anymore, except when i need to. so the constraint now falls on how much cloth or eternals i manage to pickup or transmute. once i get missmisty max level for tailoring, i can even relax on the cloth stuff. and then i can get my toons trained up on FA! i had to sacrifice levelling FA for tailoring for the longest time. the end is in sight!