northrend loremaster WIP with zappel

have been neglecting zappel for spiritcat for a while, but now that cat’s done until cat (bad ham, i know) i decided to go do up the rest of zappel’s questing.

at the same time, i checked out his gear. bought all the fire glyphs, swapped out 2 pieces of his gear for the L264 mage set. oso bought Wrathful Gladiator’s Spellblade, the PVP wpn, with his honor points. initially, not enough pts. so i ran a couple of random BGs. lost 2, then won the last one and got achievement too! Warsong Gulch Perfection. which is a 3-0 scoreline.

so now his GS is 5.4k, 2 x L245 set and 2 x L264 set and the L264 PVP wpn. only thing crappy is his wrist item. L200 only. to upgrade, i will have to run him on ToC at the minimum, up to ruby sanctum. or buy the BoE L245 item from AH.

so i took him questing in Zuldrak (75 of 100 quests completed) and LFGing, but not running Headless Horseman. cos i not that interested in pets or the L200 gear it drops.

in LFG, we had a first timer warrior in FoS and tanking it. the healer popped out at the sight of the 1st mob. cos he wasnt grabbing the aggro of all the mobs. party wipe but mage went invis FTW. got a kingslayer healer next and he hung on. and we didnt wipe no more until end boss. cos first, 1 dps got killed during mirrored soul (he killed himself, he didnt have a boss mod like DBM to tell him to stop when he got the mirror). and then the tank forgot about the purple stuff on the ground despite me already given the instruction to get out of it. party wipe minus mage cos invis is DA BOMB! but healer pro. hung on and came back and rezzed tank (cos tank lost – dunno where the instance is). 2nd time on boss was a clean and easy fight. another reason why ppl need DBM is – during 1st boss fight. the melee dps who got soul split didnt move away from the boss so the soul got absorbed real quick. tank couldnt kite fast enough – not his fault. if DBM was active on the dps account then he would know he had to get out of the way to give the tank space to kite boss.

btw. Pwnstars guild leader has just become a daddy. gratz!

am having fun. are you?

last night was a blast! basically, i was playing missmisty again for rep, and shortnacity to level his 2h mace skill for tanking.

i oso took moodykat tanking with her new 2h mace skilled titansteel destroyer in H FoS! haha. actually, she cant tank H FoS. it’s the party that carried the tank! ROFL!!!!!! the healer asked, can the tank wear her tanking gear, and i replied, she is! lucky i got a pro shammy healer. DKs work best with earth shield. even so, the dps will take aggro and they were the best – burn down whoever they aggro and give me more time to grab the aggro of the rest of the mob. we made it to the end cos they burned down the mobs so fast i hardly took too much damage. it was my first time tanking with ANY toon in H FoS. Everstone had done that b4, but that was my buddy playing his fave tank so even though he was undergeared he knew the tricks to pull off. warrior tanks oso have more mitigation, and his toon had tons of it (from naxx and ulduar gear)

as for missmisty, i spent her triumph badges on rep. so she got exalted with wyrm. so i flew there to buy her epic boots. so now just left Ebon Hold rep (half way to exalted) – so will have to do a combo of rep quests and LFG queues to complete it.

finally, training shortnacity to use the 2h-mace. Ellonis made the titansteel destroyer, but he had to train 2h-mace. however, last night there was a shortage of dps so he was constantly popping into instances to run. but since he has no friendly rep with any of the tabard factions, he was only getting rep for vanguard, which didnt have anything useful for him rep wise. so i bought some rep tokens with his EoTs, then bought the wrym and KT tabards. he is now running instances with the wrym tabard. there is something nice for him at exalted. then i flew him over to SB and farmed sabers. or rather, they farmed him. haha. miss-dodge until he levelled the skill to 200+. left him in SB to continue his training another time.

in LFGs, there is a world of diff between the battlegroups for firetree and BWR. moodykat has better gear than shortnacity, but do less dps in LFGs. it goes to show the maturity of the group, i.e. there are more high geared toons in the firetree battlegroup. however, since both are mostly in def tier gear and blood tanking talents, they generate less dps than a blood dps DK like dethnyte, who can keep above 2k dps even with the pros.

the pits

yup. farming. racing against other farmers for that vein. its the pits when you dont have crusader aura + epic flying. then its a matter of skill. only disowned has both to really farm like a pro. but i hardly use him to farm cos his bags are usually maxed out. he is only good for the daily JC quest run.

and since i prefer to use a toon that has dual farming skills, its usually muzzleshot (engr+mining) or pickwick (engr+mining) or else it’s xbowstrike (skin+herbing) or xense (mining+herbing). xense is my fave farmer cos she can handle horde (except stun lock rogues) and has epic flying. and when there are too many ore farmers in SB, she can always switch to herbing instead!

even so, during lull periods, slow flying can still reap rewards. pickwick managed to find 2 titanium veins last night while waiting for his turn at LFG. another long wait for dps. *sigh* but the best thing with engineers are, there are so FEW of them in SB. so all the gas clouds are MINE! muahahahaha. so whenever i see a mine and a cloud on the minimap, i go for the mine first. cos the cloud is mine whenever i choose to get it. ok bad pun there.

im still progressing nicely on getting Timeforfun to L80. last night he went to check out Halls of Stone for the first time. these days, everyone seems to want the shortcut. so i pity dpsers who wait a long time, and then get blown thru the dungeon and out again. i queue 1 min max for Time. last night was instant. rofl. we did 2 bosses, i completed the HoS quest, and was out and back in dalaran and logged out for the night under 30 min. there was a wipe, near the start cos the circle has a lot of pat mobs. the rest went smoothly. but i am bothered cos Time didnt have his L78 blue gear yet. as a result, he ran out of mana easily. i think i need to farm cloth for him. ie. run tons of LFG on xbowstrike.

xbowstrike had a 1st timer too. H FoS (ICC 1st dungeon, Forge of Souls)! so double achievement for him on completing it. he died during the 1st boss cyclone cos i think his health a bit low. but otherwise he did well in dps but less in terms of overall damage.

xense got an achievement last night. in H Nexus. she finally did the 1st boss by downing the split images fast enough (the rest of the party are 5k GS)