levelling in outlands (HellFire Peninsula)

my typical strat for outlands is: get there around L59. cos if you go there too early (ie L58), it’s a pain to travel without a plane (i mean, flying, which you can only get at L60. thereafter you can even fly, back in azeroth, if you paid for the appropriate flying training).  you dont want to get there after 60, cos you miss out on gear from some starter quests in the hellfire zone.

just before you step into outlands, set your home/hearth in IF or SW (now that there are no more portals in dalaran or shattrah city). then take the portal to the blasted lands. mount up and run up to the npc just before the dark portal to pick up the 1st of a chain quest:  Through the Dark Portal

enter the dark portal, then just follow the quests to Honor Hold, right up to the fortress. which then splits into 2 quest chains. both are worth doing, but one is key to getting a quest for the 1st instance called Hellfire Ramparts (2nd instance is Blood Furnace)

Do the Know Your Enemy quest, which leads to the Fel Orc Scavengers quest, which leads to Ill Omens, which then opens up Weaken the Ramparts instance quest.

if you need to cook, pick up the ravager egg quest from a npc at the zeppelin crash site. cos then when you kill the ravagers, the meat will drop and you can cook it. the recipe is from the cook in the HH inn.

remember to get the Temple of Telhamat FP.

after a few quests and LFG instance queues to the 2 instances, you would be L61/62 and ready for Zangarmarsh.