opheilia – finally geared enuf for tanking



once i got her def up to 535, i took her tanking. and she’s been ok so far in her runs. i even once got her into a H run as dps (the dps was crap. 700 instead of the minimum 2k!)

after that embarrassing run, i dual spec her Fury. now i have to see if  i got any gear for her to run with that. going to queue as dps for a few H runs tonight just to try it out. but first, gonna read up elitist jerk etc for talent tree and dps rotation.

highlight of her tanking so far: H HoL. 1st boss. actually, she pulled the circle mob, and then went down the ramp to avoid the boss. but the healer (stupid tree) was healing on the circle and didnt move even though i msg party a few times that the boss was coming. so boss was aggroed while he had the lightning buff. i had to use challenging roar to grab the boss and his 2 adds while holding the rest of the current mob we were fighting. lucky the rest of the dps were pros (probably 6k GS types) so we finished off the current mob real quick and downed the 2 boss adds before going for the boss. no one died. healer was great (if a bit blur when it comes to positioning)

damn, i still havent time to gear Fruit for healing. he is still right where he last was. just turned L80 and sitting idle.

tank got vote kicked

yup, it finally happened to me, tanking as opheilia in GD. i asked group to choose between me or the huntard that pulled mobs. the group chose the huntard and kicked me out of the group.  next sec, i queued and got into a new GD group and we cleared it superfast.

in another LFG, something weird happened. pickwick (L79 lock) found a HoL group with a 5k GS hunter (probably doing it for relax since he is ICC MM spec) and thought it would be a piece of cake run. sure enough, at the start, he was already doing 4k dps. but the healer started to act oddly and the tank died twice. after that, the healer left. maybe it was a small kid playing his dad’s account and couldnt hack it.

so we thought, no biggie, lets get another healer and finish it. but damn, 10 min wait and nothing. so i told the group i’d relog my healer and queue. so the funny thing is, when i tried with fruit (L78), i didnt get the group. so i relog with spiritcat (L80) and queue (normal LFG, not H), i got back in the same group! so basically, i helped them complete the instance (healing in shadow priest spec – too lazy to switch spec for reg LFG run) and got myself 2 EoTs. but poor pickwick will have to wait another day for his daily EoTs.

timeforfun is latest L80


not too bad. he already had 90 EoTs when he dinged on a LFG group last night to HoL. so i did a re-spec (still disc/holy but cleaned up some mess of his talent pts) and bought the head and shoulders L232 set. plus a titansteel spell necklace made by gorlog, he passed the 3k GS mark and went LFG H run. lucky it was a simple VH run. and with the rest all at approx 5k GS, it was a breeze.

a perfect day

i love it when everything goes well. last night was such a pleasant time.

i took ellonis saronite farming in SB (got her cold weather flying a couple of days ago) so i put her in LFG dps queue instead of tanking, which would be instant and she wont be able to level her mining skill. as she was flying over SB, i kinda heartpain when i saw 2 tit veins and nothing i could do about it. i managed to get her almost to max mining skill, then LFG popped up for an ok run thru OK (haha bad pun).  not good but just ok. cos the tank died in a simple mob fight (L73 pally but higher dmg than Ellonis at L75) and we wiped. but after that, no more deaths so that was ok. the tank was acting a bit weird, pulling stuff that ppl usually skip, and skipping what we usually pull (ok, that’s just once, he overshot the 1st boss. haha), i was in tanking gear for the 2nd half of the run. just in case. even though the heals was L78 pally. as long as i was in blood presence, it was ok.

even better was running Timeforfun thru UP. got 2 quests done, and xp almost hitting L80. i think i will hit L80 for him this weekend together with Gorlog. then start to worry about gear…. the dungeon was a piece of cake, although some ppl died along the way, through their eagerness to take dmg over the tank, who was top dmg. in fact, he carried the whole group. can tell when dps is bad, the 2 animals just b4 the 2nd boss fight actually got time to enrage!

took Cavelion thru an instance too, just for fun. he healed VH with a pro group but as usual, some overeager dps (ie never let tank grab loose mob first). but no one died cos cavelion is disc. disc really has some advantages over holy in quick saves.

while i was at it, i ran Darksunder thru DTK. cos he got the LFG real quick, he didnt have time to get water, so i had to port out to Dalaran for water, then back in. but after that, it was a piece of cake. so quick, i sometimes forgot to drop either the heroism for the boss fights or the fire/earth elemental.  and had to skip on skinning. *sad*

in that same mood, i ran LFG for moodykat (GD) and naturespower (HoL), before i called it a night. all the groups were nice and efficient. ok. make that SUPER efficient for naturespower’s group. the shaman was 6k GS and doing 6k dps. we killed the end boss loken so fast, there was no time for him to cast lightning nova.

makeover of 2 toons: zappel and xense

been getting new gear for both my L80 toons: zappel (raiding) xense (farming and H) and things were getting messy in their inventory. so i took a closer look at their spec/gear/glyphs/gems/enchants/rotation.

i did xense first cos i had done an earlier round of consolidation for zappel. checked out the best hunter specs. and did a bit of minor re-spec. still PVE survival. cleaned out the crappy epics and gemmed and enchanted the stuff left behind. still need to buy head and shoulder enchants (mostly likely WG since not enuf rep with the required factions) and to fit in a prismatic gem on the belt but otherwise its all done for now. rotation no change, still Kill Shot>Explosive Shot (ES)>Black Arrow>Serpent Sting>Steady Shot (SS). Multi and Volley on 3 or more tgts.  finally, got a new L80 wolf from Storm Peaks, and specced for Furious Howl. the one that changes colour when u summon pet.

so, took her for a LFG H run: HoL. turned in quite respectable 3k dps for GS of just past the 4k mark. for these runs, Serpent Sting and SS were hardly used, since the other ppl will make short work of the mobs. only for boss these were put to use some of the time. other shots still take precedence, esp Lock and Load (L&L) procs. for L&L i have decided to just wait and fire off the next ES after the earlier ES on the tgt is left with 1 tick. with lag etc, the shot should not clip and nicely carry on with max dps on tgt. some ppl like to tab to another target to fire off but in case of boss, a short wait is better than putting a SS between ES.

for zappel, i now have 2 piece T9 gear and enough hit rating to remove some other hit rating gear and focus on SP and Haste. so after the inventory cleanup, all my various outfits are similar, the only difference is in trinket and wpn (to vary out the hit rating requirements between arcane and frost spec)

took zappel for a H run: ToC in frost spec. someone in party comment i should be in arcane, but my dps was 2nd and above the tank so who cares? then i took him to guild 25-man Ony, still in frost spec. other guild mage told me its better in arcane but i like to do Ony as frost. my dps would have been better, but i DC as i cast my Blizzard during the first whelping and by the time i got back in the whelps were dead. so major loss of dps there. but subsequently no more DC. so the new PC helped a lot. but i think if i wanna raid, i better have a cleaner interface (remove the non-raid mods). every little bit of tuning helps. towards the end of phase 3, i died (feared into whelps). so my dps suffered there too.

LFG mouth keeping

following my own advice from the previous post, i decided to let my fingers to the talking. unless someone was using way downranked skills, i didnt say anything. mostly, i just buffed and did my job silently and effectively. as tank, i seldom lost control of the mobs. even in the messy VH instance. as dps, i didnt aggro mobs b4 tank took control. i was still top or near top of dps, except in H instances on my undergeared toons. nowadays, H is filled with 5k GS ppl. so my toons cant compete. even zappel hasnt seen much ICC action of late. guild seems to be focussing more on gearing ppl thru 25-man TOC and Ony.

still i had a fun H run with a tank that was new to HoL (even though his GS is 4.5k). i guess most of the party took a look at his GS and thought he was kidding when he said it was his first time there. but i took him seriously, and explained the entire instance run (i was party lead anyway, on xense). i didnt top the dps meter, but i wasnt far off, since i had slightly over 4k GS by now. at the end of the run, he thanked me for my advice. i also learnt some new stuff about HoL from the other party members, who were in sharing mode too. nice begats nice, i think. the 3rd boss now only needs to be shot with 3 harpoons. i wonder if the skadi achievement still stands?

finally, some progress with Kiseki. she can say bye to zangar now that she managed to find a SP and UB instance to complete Lost In Action, as well as her Sporeggar rep quests. also had good party members, L66, and i advised them to go questing in Nagrand. which will pop them over to Northrend at L68 nicely.