closing in on explorer title

alcaz island. it rose out of  the sea one xpac ago.

spiritcat cleared dustwallow marsh and feralas. had a long levitate trip to cross the waters to the alcaz island which is pretty cool. a WoW friend told me it didnt exist in classic and only popped up in BC for some quest chain stuff (he told me the details, it just didnt stay in my brain).

no wonder i didnt seem to recall dustwallow marsh having any significantly large islands in the past! (spiritcat used to pop over to theramore to learn fishing from the trainer who will give u a really dumb quest to do to earn your stripes)

onyxia ignored. again

nowadays, the only reason to pop into theramore is because of onyxia. but even then, raids on her seemed to have stopped – everyone is so ICC and RS. so it is pretty sad. they took all the fun out of the original onyxia, only to have her now stuck in the marshes and no one cares about killing her anymore here too. maybe they will resurrect her in the xpac after cat. haha. this dragon has more lives than a cat!

LFG roll of the dice

very very strange. there are 12 normal dungeons, excluding the one in TOC and 3 in ICC. but it seems i get a lot of ICC runs these days. every day i queue with spiritcat i will get at least 1 ICC run, if not more. so the dice is loaded based on gear.

but i am getting used to it. getting used to not having a speed run but actually having to work for my badges. i am oso used to being last in terms of total dmg in groups. even if my dps is always 2k+

but surprisingly, i prefer ICC (even HOR if the tank and heals are good) to TOC. TOC is easier, but i hate the 1st part which requires you to mount and charge. i just dont see the point these days. cos the opponents are like mush – i just cut thru them.

i see dumb ppl

i think rankwatch will always have business. it’s still sending msg to party members that they are not using the highest ranked spells.

and dumb ppl who still stand in fire/green(poison)/white(ice) stuff and slowly die or actually die.

during a GD run 2nd boss fight, a few ppl were just standing in the purple squares and their health is dropping. but lucky for them the healer was pro.

in an oculus run, ppl were standing still in ice and dropping health, after downing the 3rd boss. must be too busy looking at who is gonna win the dream shard roll.

LFG – vote kick issues

thanks to a variety of reasons, sometimes you need to vote kick someone from your party. i find that for myself, this generally happens because of:

1) dc. in the past, i used to wait like 2 min or even longer. but nowadays, ppl will kick in like a min or so. esp for dps. tanks and heals usually dc in the event of a wipe. cos it could be that due to dc, we wipe, or that because we wipe, the tank/heals give up and log out.

2) not geared for instance. this applies to ICC dungeons usually, esp H HoR. last night, i had a tank, only about 30k health. so he asked to be vote kicked so that he wont need to waste time queuing again. however, a dps refuse to kick him, saying he should leave on his own. but he refused to leave and became a squatter. since i was playing dps, i left group. that was a no-win situation.

3) rude ppl. some ppl are just plain rude and deserve to be kicked. however, if they are in a group, then u will end up being vote-kicked out. happened to me before. had to put the whole group on /ignore after that. it would not be useful to run with them in the future. in some other cases, like a duo, if u vote kicked the rude dps, then the heals will just pop off saying since his friend left, he had to go too. i oso put these ppl on /ignore.

4) underperfoming ppl. some dps are just so bad, they get vote kicked. that would be huntards and others who pull mobs but cant tank them. but that is pretty rare nowadays. more often, it is the tank or heals that get kicked cos they didnt do their job. esp for demanding instances like H HoR. once we changed 2 healers before we found one that could and did the job. we kicked a pally heals whose beacon of light heals total were half his flash heals, meaning he didnt know how to use it.

5) afk ppl. ppl who say brb 2 min and 5 min on they are still not back. nowadays, ppl wont wait even 2 min so this sort of situation is becoming rare.


i used to dread running H HoR. but last night i had a great run. i had just popped out of a guild 10-man ToC raid (left after 1st wipe on Faction bosses so other guildies can have a run thru the rest of ToC) so i was looking to do my H daily.

H HoR is all about pro heals. tank GS wasnt that hot. 4.5k. but heals was 5.5k. that made all the diff in staying alive during the 10 waves. even so, the ending was a bit funny. the 3 dps died at the last hurdle. then instead of running forward to end the Lich King chase, the tank ran back towards us. and he got killed. so the healer on completion of the instance, came back and rezzed us all.

now i am saving up my EoTs to get T9 gear for Zappel. probably Leg gear, since the rest can be bought by saving up EoFs. my current focus is to get the chest piece at 95 EoFs.

LFG – H HoR getting on my nerves

it got so bad i finally sent a ticket to keep the very very busy GMs 1 more piece of mail to attend to.

crux of the matter: LFG requirements for this H is not stringent enough. so many parties wipe and call it because either the tank or heals or even dps is not good enough to clear it.

how low can you go? last night, i waited 20 min (mage is dps) for LFG, and H HoR pops up. already  my heart sink low low. 2 sec into the instance, the tank (i quickly do a GS inspection of the party) with GS of around 4100 leaves the party cos he knows he wont be able to tank it.

so what do you do? wait until another tank comes along, with a high enough GS? sometimes, even a high GS tank wont want to do it if the heals or dps isnt good enough.

H HoR is not a walk in the park. it’s the new oculus, now that oculus has been nerfed to the ground. so you take a 15 min LFG deserter penalty. not your fault, but the stupid LFG system fault for finding a group that wont cut it.

and then you take another 20min to queue  in LFG because you are dps.