Hall of Stone guide

seen too many fail runs at HoS, so here’s my guide.

2 mobs lead up to a circle of multiple pat mobs and giants.

circle of pats

clear the whole circle, cos if u want the end boss of the instance you will need to do it sooner or later. i prefer to do it sooner. as the pats overlap, tanks need to time their pulls or be ready to pick up chain mobs. otherwise the healer usually gets it. when healer dies, its usually a wipe and then everything goes crappy. cos tank or the heals will just leave group.

after that, go up the stairs and clear 1 pat mob.

crossroads – short vs long version of instance

the next is a giant on the left, and some shardlings on the right. most tanks will pull both, but some will just kill the giant. cos they are going for the short version of the instance (event+end boss) and are not going to kill the stone and lady giants.

the long version is usually stone, lady, event then end boss. so the tank will leave the 3 pat mobs ahead for later, and enter the stone tunnel on the right.

long version starts here, for short version, skip to “continue to event” section

boomkin warning

for the first few mobs in the tunnel, if u have a boomkin in the party, tell him not to starfall. it will actually aggro the boss since the start of the tunnel is pretty close to where the boss is (but he is on a higher level and can only be aggroed by starfall which has a massive aoe radius). if u aggro boss now, your party will wipe.

if everything goes well, you will clear mobs and shardlings and 2 dark rune controllers to the stone boss. make sure you or your dps can interrupt the controllers’ mind control. else someone usually dies under MC.

stone boss fight

tank should charge boss and then stand next to a wall so he does not get knocked down to the lower level and have to run the length of the tunnel back to the boss. every once in a while, boss will do a aoe knockback followed by a freeze of all party members. members close together will take more aoe damage than if they were out of range of all others. range should spread out and be max dist from boss. if a party has too many melee dps then they should not run back to boss after the knockback, but to wait until the freeze and explosion is over. some groups dont care and just count on the heals to keep everyone alive. in one case, the healer even died from the aoe explosion cos he was too close to melee dps!

continue to next boss

drop off the boss level and run back out of the stone tunnel to the crossroads.

unless epic tank, 2 LoS pulls (mobs have casters) and then charge 1 mob should clear the 3 pat mobs leading to the lady giant boss.

clear the rest of the mobs to the lady boss.

lady boss fight

tank and spank, while avoiding black circles on the ground. every once in a while, the boss casts a stun on everyone. the stun is pretty long unless u get hit and get out of it. so tanks will step into the black circle for a split sec b4 the stun, and by taking damage in the circle, the tank can quickly get out of the stun and out of the circle and back to tanking boss.

continue to event (or the short version)

run back to crossroads, then clear the final path, which starts with a giant pat, followed by 2 other golems and then 4 golems in an open area. after that talk to the npc to start the event.

follow the npc and kill off the 3 giants. if he dies you have to wait for him to respawn and restart the event. otherwise, talk to him again to start the phased event.

event phased fight

objective: keep npc alive.


  1. pats on left, tank and spank
  2. pats on left and right, tank and spank
  3. pats on left and right, and avoid a laser beam that hits very hard. if you are halfway casting or bashing some mob, break off and get away from the beam immediately! it hits that hard!

continue to end boss

after the 5 min event, loot chest, talk to the npc, then run back to the starting circle and clear whatever mobs u didnt clear at the start. hence i recommend clearing all pats around the circle, right from the start.

talk to the npc to open the door. make sure everyone is inside before charging boss. i have seen healers left outside and the group wipe. dps left outside is fine if the rest of the dps is in ICC gear.

end boss fight

tank charge and pull boss to the middle of the zone so that he can block off any adds hitting on the healer. healer and range should be at max dist so as to avoid the boss lightning nova.

pros can go for achievement. which require tank and healer to survive many novas and for dps to not kill boss or hit oozes until 5 of them combined and then they can be killed.

watching kdrama severely impacts my playtime

ah, the joy of opportunity costs. since i paid for both the kdrama and gametime on wow, if i watch the drama, i lose playtime on wow. as both are such fun things to do, i dont regret one for the other. but ultimately, it does mean i spend less time on wow. and ignoring the levelling of some alts.

but i guess if we play less, we enjoy what we play more too. so when i took dethnyte tanking in VH, and had a great group, it was fun.

playing cavelion was even more fun. the OK LFG group had a L80 5k GS DK tanking in dps gear. he said the prev heals left. couldnt hack it.  and was a resto druid too. lol. i told him, no problem with disc priest. sure enough. it was a breeze of a run. popping shield and renew and once in a while a penance was enough. had to work a bit harder when he chose to pull 2 large mobs as we headed for the end boss. 2 greater heals in addition to the usual stuff i throw out.

finally, a tough ICC H run thru PoS for missmisty. we wiped twice cos the healer was a bit slow to the heal on the tank. once tank down, the group will wipe in most cases, and this was not an exception. but other than those 2 wipe situations, the rest was biz as usual. the 2nd wipe probably caused a bug leading to the end boss fight, so we wiped again. cos the adds kept on respawning and we couldnt fight both boss and the tunnel adds.

once we wiped, the end boss fight was properly reset and we downed the boss easily. no thanks to me, i was 3rd on damage meters but close enough to 2nd dps.

having fun

last night was a blast. my new 3v3 arena team actually won some matches. we got lucky when the only other team our ranking in queue was a noob shammy pally hunter group. with lock-hunter-pally in our group, we feared their pally and burned down their shammy. then the rest was a piece of cake. i always send my felhunter on the pally to harass him. they oso got us sometimes, when they managed to burn our hunter down fast enough.

did the usual prof routine stuff, transmutes, inscription, JC dailies. best of all, sent xense out to farm a bit of herbs and that was enough to max alchemy for  Opheilia. so now opheilia oso has the cardinal ruby transmute quest. which would allow me to have 2 alchemists on firetree who can also transmute the low level gems to the epic ones. yippee!

timeforfun@blackwater raiders already maxed alchemy. but he lacks a forest gem for the final transmute before completing the ruby quest. of course you can do any 5 epic transmutes but i’d like to do one of each at the start. anyway, it isnt a big rush cos gorlog hasnt levelled JC to 450 yet. he still needs to do a lot of JC dailies to get a few more recipes to help him get there. anyway, i only have 1 L80 there still. gorlog and time are both at L79

ran LFGs for various toons. that’s how time got to L79! 1 smooth run in HoS. but something funny happened on the way to the stone boss. the controller dwarf mced one of the party and he got chopped down by his teammates. haha.

off-topic: bought the COD:MW2 DLC stimpack last night.

the pits

yup. farming. racing against other farmers for that vein. its the pits when you dont have crusader aura + epic flying. then its a matter of skill. only disowned has both to really farm like a pro. but i hardly use him to farm cos his bags are usually maxed out. he is only good for the daily JC quest run.

and since i prefer to use a toon that has dual farming skills, its usually muzzleshot (engr+mining) or pickwick (engr+mining) or else it’s xbowstrike (skin+herbing) or xense (mining+herbing). xense is my fave farmer cos she can handle horde (except stun lock rogues) and has epic flying. and when there are too many ore farmers in SB, she can always switch to herbing instead!

even so, during lull periods, slow flying can still reap rewards. pickwick managed to find 2 titanium veins last night while waiting for his turn at LFG. another long wait for dps. *sigh* but the best thing with engineers are, there are so FEW of them in SB. so all the gas clouds are MINE! muahahahaha. so whenever i see a mine and a cloud on the minimap, i go for the mine first. cos the cloud is mine whenever i choose to get it. ok bad pun there.

im still progressing nicely on getting Timeforfun to L80. last night he went to check out Halls of Stone for the first time. these days, everyone seems to want the shortcut. so i pity dpsers who wait a long time, and then get blown thru the dungeon and out again. i queue 1 min max for Time. last night was instant. rofl. we did 2 bosses, i completed the HoS quest, and was out and back in dalaran and logged out for the night under 30 min. there was a wipe, near the start cos the circle has a lot of pat mobs. the rest went smoothly. but i am bothered cos Time didnt have his L78 blue gear yet. as a result, he ran out of mana easily. i think i need to farm cloth for him. ie. run tons of LFG on xbowstrike.

xbowstrike had a 1st timer too. H FoS (ICC 1st dungeon, Forge of Souls)! so double achievement for him on completing it. he died during the 1st boss cyclone cos i think his health a bit low. but otherwise he did well in dps but less in terms of overall damage.

xense got an achievement last night. in H Nexus. she finally did the 1st boss by downing the split images fast enough (the rest of the party are 5k GS)

the night the server lagged to hell

so i tried to play nighthaven on blackwater raiders. cos i was not happy with my previous sea quest attempt. and met the server from hell.

wtf? latency RED over 4k? i have never seen performance this poor since the last time when the internet undersea cables were snapped during the taiwan earthquake.

so i couldnt do anything on that realm. i switched over to firetree. no major latency issues. however, there were lag spikes. fortunately, i was playing Spiritcat and the tank had over 5k GS. even when i didnt know what i was healing, it didnt matter, the pally tank couldnt die. so we cleared AN easily and got my 2 EoFs basically for free.

but cos of the lag issues, i was not very motivated to play on. i only logged into MissMisty and ran her thru some Storm Peaks quests while waiting in LFG. once i got the HoS run, i was the top dps although i didnt have to do anything different from the way locks dps. locks are just awesome whether it is single target or aoe mobs. i have put talent points in faster and harder hitting shadow bolts, and when it comes to aoe, i have SoC, hellfire and rain of fire. and my pet FG hits just as hard if not harder  :D plus i was on healer lookout duty. (SS and sending minion to taunt off mobs the tree had pissed off) dinged 79 during the run. MissMisty is already in all blue gear, so it is just 1  more level to being able to wear her L80 gear, currently kept in her bank. she has rings and trinkets from festivals and BoE cloth gear she can make for herself. and she should be able to buy an item off the EoT vendor soon. so she will start off at L80 in half epics.


so i think she will in all probability be my 9th L80, depending on when i decide to get her up to L80