more adventures with the guild

firetree being a bit more active than jubeithos recently, although i just got kingslayer on xbow and zappel with the jubei guild.

classic dungeons with Vertu

sunken temple

first, me and vertu went to do classic dungeons. i dragged along fruit to make it a guild achievement run. ported to blasted lands, then flew into ST. headed straight for the end boss, only to find the dragon sleeping and refused to wake up. so we had to go kill jam the prophet first. he didnt have time to MC. fruit didnt need to go bear form either to tank the end dragon. he dropped superfast.

then vertu used his brewfest remote and ported us to BRD bar.

blackrock depths

we didnt have to kill phalanx cos vertu once upon a time did the quest for love potion so she would just open the door for us. nevertheless, cant just pop into end boss (emp room) so we had to clear some mobs and bosses along the way. the 7-dwarf room, then the hunt for 2 flame keepers. that was fun cos we didnt aggro any of the mobs, just kill and light altar and continue. then just aggro boss and kill him, and it’s over. then we had to run back the same way we came – to the portal, just outside the bar, then port to entrance and run out of the instance.

then it is a run up the chains and drop into BRS

blackrock spire (lower and upper)

we did lower first, and basically cleared mobs that were in our way. it was a pretty long run to the end boss cos there was a shortcut to drop onto the boss but i didnt know how. anyway, along the way i picked up the spider pet for everstone

then we dropped from the end boss to near the starting point, and ran upper. didnt do the “leeroy” achievement cos no mage. anyway vertu already got it and i dont care for it. again, killed stuff we needed to cos they were in the way, but i specifically went to kill for the worg pet. then end boss and we hearthed.

done for the day.

the next day, we did H Wrath dungeons with Samin

we decided to clear L to R, but i forgot ICC.

so i ported everstone to dalaran and then flew to coldarra to summon samin and spiritcat. vertu used his engr portal device to meet me at the nexus summoning stone.

H nexus

have to kill all bosses for end boss to activate. so we did that

samin was half tanking cos he had his RF on. who cares? whatever it takes to make it faster.

run out and fly up to H Occulus

H Occulus

vertu was skeptical if the end boss fight was possible, since we would have to 3-drake it out, but i said let’s try it since the dungeon has been nerfed so many times.

the first part, i thot can just run thru the mobs and then port into next zone. cant. so we killed them all at the end of the path.

cant avoid any of the bosses, so just tank and spanked them all.

drake boss fight was simple. and no one died. but no mount looted either. oh well, that was always a rare chance anyway, like the rivendare mount.

after that, run out and fly everstone to dragonblight for AN and OK.


again, kill all bosses. but we used vertu to FD to glitch boss so we can kill the spider boss faster. everstone got achievement for that. lol.

after kill end boss, path opens for us to run out and then into OK


skip bosses 1 and 3, and optional boss. then we went on to VH.


i hearthed both everstone and spiritcat, then use mage to port them to dalaran

VH is just kill kill kill and then achievement done.


time’s up. leaving the rest for another day.

The guild earned the achievement Heroic: The Violet Hold Guild Run for 10 points.

16 hours ago

The guild earned the achievement Heroic: Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom Guild Run for 10 points.

17 hours ago

The guild earned the achievement Heroic: Azjol-Nerub Guild Run for 10 points.

17 hours ago

The guild earned the achievement Heroic: The Oculus Guild Run for 10 points.

17 hours ago

The guild earned the achievement Heroic: The Nexus Guild Run for 10 points.

18 hours ago

70 quests to go for achievement

northrend loremaster, here i come! (for zappel)

left 70 quests to do in icecrown – there is one quest that bugs me. it requires 5-man and even though zappel can solo most 5-man quests, this one is not possible, due to the cool down of the potion needed to be put into the cauldron.

still, there are other quest lines to be done. however, if i finish all and am still short because i am stuck at this one quest line, i am going to be rather mad with blizzard. cos it’s practically impossible to find ppl to do the same quest now.

as for getting ready for cat, im there. my computers have enough power to run the new xpac without issues. cos i just bought a new i5 computer for my 2nd account. so now both accounts will run on i5 computers.

LFG has become pretty insane. there aren’t many ppl who still need on the blues and epics in the normal H dungeons. some ICC H dungeons gear is still needed. it’s common to see someone hit 4 or 5k dps and carry the group. heck, zappel does that some times too. other times, he is bottom dps. haha. he gets beaten by the DKs and warriors mostly. cos they charge in, aoe, smack everyone in a couple of sec and then the mob is dead. fire mage charges in too, just a sec or two slower so less power.

closing in on explorer title

alcaz island. it rose out of  the sea one xpac ago.

spiritcat cleared dustwallow marsh and feralas. had a long levitate trip to cross the waters to the alcaz island which is pretty cool. a WoW friend told me it didnt exist in classic and only popped up in BC for some quest chain stuff (he told me the details, it just didnt stay in my brain).

no wonder i didnt seem to recall dustwallow marsh having any significantly large islands in the past! (spiritcat used to pop over to theramore to learn fishing from the trainer who will give u a really dumb quest to do to earn your stripes)

onyxia ignored. again

nowadays, the only reason to pop into theramore is because of onyxia. but even then, raids on her seemed to have stopped – everyone is so ICC and RS. so it is pretty sad. they took all the fun out of the original onyxia, only to have her now stuck in the marshes and no one cares about killing her anymore here too. maybe they will resurrect her in the xpac after cat. haha. this dragon has more lives than a cat!

LFG roll of the dice

very very strange. there are 12 normal dungeons, excluding the one in TOC and 3 in ICC. but it seems i get a lot of ICC runs these days. every day i queue with spiritcat i will get at least 1 ICC run, if not more. so the dice is loaded based on gear.

but i am getting used to it. getting used to not having a speed run but actually having to work for my badges. i am oso used to being last in terms of total dmg in groups. even if my dps is always 2k+

but surprisingly, i prefer ICC (even HOR if the tank and heals are good) to TOC. TOC is easier, but i hate the 1st part which requires you to mount and charge. i just dont see the point these days. cos the opponents are like mush – i just cut thru them.

i see dumb ppl

i think rankwatch will always have business. it’s still sending msg to party members that they are not using the highest ranked spells.

and dumb ppl who still stand in fire/green(poison)/white(ice) stuff and slowly die or actually die.

during a GD run 2nd boss fight, a few ppl were just standing in the purple squares and their health is dropping. but lucky for them the healer was pro.

in an oculus run, ppl were standing still in ice and dropping health, after downing the 3rd boss. must be too busy looking at who is gonna win the dream shard roll.

LFG – vote kick issues

thanks to a variety of reasons, sometimes you need to vote kick someone from your party. i find that for myself, this generally happens because of:

1) dc. in the past, i used to wait like 2 min or even longer. but nowadays, ppl will kick in like a min or so. esp for dps. tanks and heals usually dc in the event of a wipe. cos it could be that due to dc, we wipe, or that because we wipe, the tank/heals give up and log out.

2) not geared for instance. this applies to ICC dungeons usually, esp H HoR. last night, i had a tank, only about 30k health. so he asked to be vote kicked so that he wont need to waste time queuing again. however, a dps refuse to kick him, saying he should leave on his own. but he refused to leave and became a squatter. since i was playing dps, i left group. that was a no-win situation.

3) rude ppl. some ppl are just plain rude and deserve to be kicked. however, if they are in a group, then u will end up being vote-kicked out. happened to me before. had to put the whole group on /ignore after that. it would not be useful to run with them in the future. in some other cases, like a duo, if u vote kicked the rude dps, then the heals will just pop off saying since his friend left, he had to go too. i oso put these ppl on /ignore.

4) underperfoming ppl. some dps are just so bad, they get vote kicked. that would be huntards and others who pull mobs but cant tank them. but that is pretty rare nowadays. more often, it is the tank or heals that get kicked cos they didnt do their job. esp for demanding instances like H HoR. once we changed 2 healers before we found one that could and did the job. we kicked a pally heals whose beacon of light heals total were half his flash heals, meaning he didnt know how to use it.

5) afk ppl. ppl who say brb 2 min and 5 min on they are still not back. nowadays, ppl wont wait even 2 min so this sort of situation is becoming rare.

to queue or not to queue more?

ahune is ending soon, but quite  a few of my alts havent got what they need out of the season yet. so i may have to start some serious chain runs this weekend… zzz.

i oso may have to give up trying to get some L77s to L78 in order to make the ahune run. have to check the xp bar and see how far along they are to crossing the bar. if it is 1 or 2 more LFGs, then i can push them over in a day or two.

i think there is a side effect to running too many ahunes. the insults that ppl trade are showing that they are now starting to feel the stress of the season ending without them achieving what they set out to do a week ago. a lot of ppl want the satchel pet drop (frost something) that is pretty rare. otherwise i think ICC geared ppl wont even bother with ahune, except perhaps a daily run for the quick 2 EoFs.

running ahune as an under 80

its tough but stick it out. the rewards are worth the insults from the pros and noobs alike.


if you are dps you will most likely be carried unless there are a few new L80s (GS around 3.5k or lower). as pyroblast, a L78 frost mage. i do 10% of the dmg of the top dpser. and if u need on the cloak which u cant use yet, you get ppl really pissed off. in which case, if i win i usually trade it with the L80 who can use it. the 2 EoFs are more than enuf reward. or in the case of pyro, he found the pet in his satchel last night!

Tanking, not!

if you are tank spec, you can probably tank the adds and since there is no boss. however, you wont be able to hold aggro since the L80 ICC geared dps will grab it off you in a sec. so queue as dps but help the tank to grab aggro as u stay in tank spec and gear. unless you got dual spec as dps or have good dps gear. tanking gear just makes u survive longer and now tanking spec hits as hard if not harder than if you were dps.

Heals, OK… but….

if you are a healer, and if you had to choose tank or dps to heal, and the dps dies, you will get heaps of blame. but you dont have to take crap from dps. cos this fight is easy, and dps should not get much dmg unless they grab aggro off the tank (that is why under 80 tanks should not queue as tank for Ahune). last night i levelled Darksunder to L78, geared him up in the Stormhide set and took him to Ahune. the 1st time we wiped. cos the dps died right off the bat (stupid guy took aggro off tank and since a whole bunch of them were up front and took aoe dmg, i couldnt heal them all) even so, i kept the tank up until the 4th cycle (dps died by 3rd cycle). no mana and nothing left to kill off Ahune, cos the tank wasnt even hitting Ahune during core phase at times, he was too busy tanking mobs. they blame the L78 healer (Darksunder) cos he couldnt keep them up. but i gave it right back to them! i told them this is easy fight, ive done it b4 and if they get the strat right its a piece of cake. 2nd time, no one died. i had tons of mana at the end of the fight, and the tank grabbed all the mobs and held aggro. didnt win anything though, but its a start. there are still a few days left to grab the gear off Ahune. and probably tons of insults still to come my way… XD

a week compressed in a day’s post

ive been lazy to update blog last week. however, i was pretty active on wow. although i still only have 15 L80s, i have levelled the following toons to close on 80:


  • Fruit L79 resto druid
  • Opheilia L79 prot warrior
  • Davina L78 ret pally
  • Cavelion L78 disc priest

Blackwater Raiders:

  • Kiseki L78 demon lock
  • Muzzleshot L78 surv hunter

in addition, i re-joined guild raids for 25-man ICC and had fun downing the first 6 bosses with the gang. will probably resume raiding until cat or guild raids stop.

SPAM that looks like the real deal – NOT!

in the meanwhile, please take care with spam mails that look like they come from Blizzard but aren’t. stuff like beta testing, or account verification, are too good to be true. dont fall for it!

tank got vote kicked

yup, it finally happened to me, tanking as opheilia in GD. i asked group to choose between me or the huntard that pulled mobs. the group chose the huntard and kicked me out of the group.  next sec, i queued and got into a new GD group and we cleared it superfast.

in another LFG, something weird happened. pickwick (L79 lock) found a HoL group with a 5k GS hunter (probably doing it for relax since he is ICC MM spec) and thought it would be a piece of cake run. sure enough, at the start, he was already doing 4k dps. but the healer started to act oddly and the tank died twice. after that, the healer left. maybe it was a small kid playing his dad’s account and couldnt hack it.

so we thought, no biggie, lets get another healer and finish it. but damn, 10 min wait and nothing. so i told the group i’d relog my healer and queue. so the funny thing is, when i tried with fruit (L78), i didnt get the group. so i relog with spiritcat (L80) and queue (normal LFG, not H), i got back in the same group! so basically, i helped them complete the instance (healing in shadow priest spec – too lazy to switch spec for reg LFG run) and got myself 2 EoTs. but poor pickwick will have to wait another day for his daily EoTs.

watching kdrama severely impacts my playtime

ah, the joy of opportunity costs. since i paid for both the kdrama and gametime on wow, if i watch the drama, i lose playtime on wow. as both are such fun things to do, i dont regret one for the other. but ultimately, it does mean i spend less time on wow. and ignoring the levelling of some alts.

but i guess if we play less, we enjoy what we play more too. so when i took dethnyte tanking in VH, and had a great group, it was fun.

playing cavelion was even more fun. the OK LFG group had a L80 5k GS DK tanking in dps gear. he said the prev heals left. couldnt hack it.  and was a resto druid too. lol. i told him, no problem with disc priest. sure enough. it was a breeze of a run. popping shield and renew and once in a while a penance was enough. had to work a bit harder when he chose to pull 2 large mobs as we headed for the end boss. 2 greater heals in addition to the usual stuff i throw out.

finally, a tough ICC H run thru PoS for missmisty. we wiped twice cos the healer was a bit slow to the heal on the tank. once tank down, the group will wipe in most cases, and this was not an exception. but other than those 2 wipe situations, the rest was biz as usual. the 2nd wipe probably caused a bug leading to the end boss fight, so we wiped again. cos the adds kept on respawning and we couldnt fight both boss and the tunnel adds.

once we wiped, the end boss fight was properly reset and we downed the boss easily. no thanks to me, i was 3rd on damage meters but close enough to 2nd dps.

the pits

yup. farming. racing against other farmers for that vein. its the pits when you dont have crusader aura + epic flying. then its a matter of skill. only disowned has both to really farm like a pro. but i hardly use him to farm cos his bags are usually maxed out. he is only good for the daily JC quest run.

and since i prefer to use a toon that has dual farming skills, its usually muzzleshot (engr+mining) or pickwick (engr+mining) or else it’s xbowstrike (skin+herbing) or xense (mining+herbing). xense is my fave farmer cos she can handle horde (except stun lock rogues) and has epic flying. and when there are too many ore farmers in SB, she can always switch to herbing instead!

even so, during lull periods, slow flying can still reap rewards. pickwick managed to find 2 titanium veins last night while waiting for his turn at LFG. another long wait for dps. *sigh* but the best thing with engineers are, there are so FEW of them in SB. so all the gas clouds are MINE! muahahahaha. so whenever i see a mine and a cloud on the minimap, i go for the mine first. cos the cloud is mine whenever i choose to get it. ok bad pun there.

im still progressing nicely on getting Timeforfun to L80. last night he went to check out Halls of Stone for the first time. these days, everyone seems to want the shortcut. so i pity dpsers who wait a long time, and then get blown thru the dungeon and out again. i queue 1 min max for Time. last night was instant. rofl. we did 2 bosses, i completed the HoS quest, and was out and back in dalaran and logged out for the night under 30 min. there was a wipe, near the start cos the circle has a lot of pat mobs. the rest went smoothly. but i am bothered cos Time didnt have his L78 blue gear yet. as a result, he ran out of mana easily. i think i need to farm cloth for him. ie. run tons of LFG on xbowstrike.

xbowstrike had a 1st timer too. H FoS (ICC 1st dungeon, Forge of Souls)! so double achievement for him on completing it. he died during the 1st boss cyclone cos i think his health a bit low. but otherwise he did well in dps but less in terms of overall damage.

xense got an achievement last night. in H Nexus. she finally did the 1st boss by downing the split images fast enough (the rest of the party are 5k GS)