the joys of having 2 accounts

if you have more, well, more power to you.

but for me, 2 is just right. well, technically, if you have 5 you can run a dungeon by yourself, or if you have 10 you can raid by yourself. but that’s no fun.

two is enough

2 is just right cos for me:

  • i have a mage on every realm and account, so that i can port my own toons around. this means that i usually level a mage faster than the rest (unless it is a main). the exception is wagyuburgler whom i just started last week on khaz (now L5 only) cos i only decided to put a mage there recently, to keep company with sealtle (now L60).
  • if i start a lowbie toon and get stuck somewhere, i can always count on a higher level toon on my other account to help out. when i needed cloth for sealtle’s tailoring, such as wool and silk and later on mageweave, i basically used my L80 lock Missmisty to run deadmines, stockades, and uldaman dungeons for cloth. she would just run and hellfire everything in the path, then return to loot the bodies.
  • sometimes, i level 2 toons at the same time by putting the other toon on follow. of course, then i prefer to pick up kill-based quests rather than loot quests
  • for passing mats around between 2 accounts, it helps to have mages that can meet up to trade (if you mail to another account, unless both toons are in a high level guild for instant mail transfers, it takes a REAL-TIME hour to pass customs). i have been doing that recently when i levelled profs for khaz toons – darkruby mines ores, then smelt to bars and trades them to sealtle who then mails them to sealism for JC. since dark is based in IF, i parked sealtle (L60 mage) in IF too, since both seals are on the same ac but dark is on the other ac.
  • when i am running a guild dungeon, i can even bring along an inactive toon (when there are not enough guildies online). most heroics just need 4 man to clear these days, so the inactive toon is just tagging along for more guild points.


Leaving the 80s behind

moving on, firetree toons are now mostly past L80, except for Opheilia and Dethnyte, and the worgens Wormage and Werewolfe. from now on, i will probably put in more effort to levelling them as well. in fact, both worgens levelled from 72 to 74 over the weekend, and are now empty of rested XP.

on jubei’thos, things have also started to stir, and Greeni is now 81 and can queue LFG. so all the toons on jubei can now do LFG. however, prof-wise, Greeni is still pretty low on JC and inscription, so that means some ppl will have to farm the mats for her.

prof-wise, the latest and greatest thing i am doing is getting Spiritcat@firetree to level engineering past 450. so she can now use the Jeeves recipe she picked up a long time ago in a Northrend raid. once the 2 alchemists transmute a King’s Amber each tonight, she will be able to make it!


levelling in outlands (Terokkar/Nagrand)

now that you are L64, it’s time to visit Auchindon (Terokkar Forest) and Nagrand. by the time you are done with these 2 places, you would have moved on to the next xpac zones, Northrend! (L68 and higher)


Nagrand will give you enough quests. i like to do ALL the Nesingwary quests (the meats can be used to level cooking skill) in Nagrand, as well as some starter quests from Telaar (if nothing else, just to get the cooking recipes) and the Consortium guys (esp. nice for JCers)

also, if you run instances, pick up the quests that are at Auchindon, just outside the instances. you need to be at the appropriate level in order to get the quests. so start with the Mana Tomb quests.


  • Mana Tombs – L64
  • Crypts – L65
  • Sethekk Halls – L67
  • Old Hillsbrad – L67  (not in Auch but CoT, but if you use LFG you will get this randomly)

oh, pick up the FP for Telaar/Nagrand and Allerian Stronghold/Terokkar Forest. and if you get some spirit shards while killing bosses in Auchindon instances when the PVP buff is on the Alliance side, they can be traded for some nice stuff at the stronghold.

cleaning up b4 cat

lately, been doing H runs with a good pal. he logs in with a dps alt and joins one of my tank (2) or healer (3) alts and we queue LFG. we do that for about 2 hrs per night, swapping alts. good for me, good for him. he skips the long dps queue time, and i get badges for my tanks and healers which otherwise i wouldnt (i prefer to play my dps and take the long queue time to do other stuff). then we go off and do our own stuff again. we include other pals if they are online at the same time.

so what do i mean by cleaning up b4 cat?

it’s for prepping my L80s for cat, and it means:

  1. getting the cooking and FA skills up to par. (425). this is completed for toons on BWR. on firetree, magel is now doing the farming of food mats (that is why i dualspec her to be deep frost the week before)
  2. getting everstone exalted with kaluak for the fab fishing pole by doing the 3 dailies for 14 days.
  3. levelling xbowstrike fishing skill to max (he’s already got the fab fish pole – and penguin pet to boot)
  4. using everstone to hatch an oracle egg every 7 days. if its a pet it goes to one of the many alts
  5. level davina tailoring to max by making glacial bags. however, i need to get her exalted with faction to get the pattern first! i think i better get started on it this week. time is running out!
  6. farming ores with pickwick and muzzleshot to make titansteel bars
  7. completing JC dailies and doing transmuting on daily basis to get as many recipes and mats as possible. as they are being used up by the alts that get emblem gear and need epic gems
  8. accumulating as much gold as possible but not doing it specifically.

but what happens when cat arrives?

then i put the majority of my alts in cold storage while i race to the new level cap on (in the order of importance):

  1. zappel and naturespower on jubei’thos for raiding purpose
  2. spiricat and everstone on firetree
  3. timeforfun and xbowstrike on BWR

show me the money

or, you cant have your dough and cake it.

for altoholics, having gold is always an issue. you want to gift epic flying to those alts that need to fly around regularly – miners and herbalists, and even JCs to do their daily JC quest fast.

having gold means you can buy stuff off AH instead of farming it yourself too.

some ppl play the AH, but i dont have the patience for that. i usually sell off stuff i dont want myself at near bottom prices cos i dont want to keep monitoring the AH. i have other things to do. if something doesnt sell and doesnt look like its going to be sold even after a couple of listings, i either keep it for a long time (like next xpac is out, and ppl need the item again but by then no one is farming them) or else vendor/DE it if i think the item is overstocked for posterity.

so i make a little money off AH, and it helps that i dont buy the expensive stuff from AH. and i vendor trash (i pick up everything unless i dont have bag space). plus the quests and LFG, it’s a slow but sure gathering of gold. i dont have a chicken that lays golden eggs.

so whenever i splash the cash for some expensive item, like epic flying, i have to consider it carefully.

currently, i think i will need epic flying for 2 toons on BWR. Muzzleshot will need it since he is miner and engineer, but i dont know who i should buy it for on the other account.

as for firetree, there are no more major expenses until cat, so every penny i earn is saved for that rainy day in cat.

farming one thing or another

ok, i have to admit it, im a farm-aholic. with good justification (or so i think). some ppl just level to 80 without profession, but i think most ppl will do the 2 primary profs along the way or at L80 or even re-prof. cos unless its a farming prof, there is a little bit of benefit. and for someone like me with so many alts on a particular realm, i have all the profs so i can craft stuff for all and any.

however levelling a prof and putting that prof to use does require a ton of material for each prof on each alt. hence i do a lot of farming. some of it is incidental. levelling mats are usually acquired when i am levelling my alts anyway. you run along a path to a quest objective, since u are on a miner alt and a vein pops up on your mini map nearby, stop and just pick it up, and continue along your way. of course, that will never suffice. if it is some cheap stuff i can get off AH, i’d use this shortcut. however, i dont have a lot of gold (too many alts that still dont have epic flying – 5k gold), so i’d rather farm it myself. i stop questing, and just do a few runs around a zone to pick up the necessary mats. that may or may not be done with the same alt. if an alt needs to level his mining skill, then i may use him for the zone farming. but if the alt already does not need that, then i will usually bring in a higher level alt and farm the zone in faster time. high level toons dont aggro much in lower level zones.

since all my target alts are now L80, i dont do incidental stuff anymore. it’s more specific questing. for some of the rep prof rewards. and if i farm a zone specifically, it is cos some of their profs are still in need of levelling. not so much their main 2 profs. as long as i got them to 425, its good enough for cat. the effort to hit max would cost too much in mats. nevertheless, i acquired too much mats for enchanting so it was easy to hit 450 on all my ench toons. in the case of JC and alchemy, it is mandatory to hit 450 to be able to benefit from it, so i did that. for BS, as i make epic gear for the toons, i get it to max easy. inscription is oso easy to hit max, along with tailoring (making epic bags). LW is kinda stuck around 440. i didnt need the L200 epic cloaks cos i farmed L232 cloaks from the last Midsummer festival, but i might make some of the L200 epic leather gear for Blackstealth. or bags. Engineering is the worst for maxing out. i never max out engineering. i just dont see any point there. i keep it around the 440 level too. Engineering is more for some self-buffs and making bullets/arrows for hunters. haha.

alts countdown to L80

i said earlier that by around this time, i wont have any more alts to level. well, seems i missed the mark by being a bit lazy… haha.


my ele/resto shammy, darksunder, is L79


my frost dk, shortnacity, is L79

my blood dk, ellonis, is L78

my SV hunter, muzzleshot, is L79

what i did over the weekend

so i probably have around 20 L80s right now. and instead of just levelling my alts to cap, i spent some of my love on my existing and newly minted 80s.

i spent a bit of time getting blacksteath lockpick skills up to cap. now, you dont need to go and find ppl to lockpick in icecrown for boxes. just port back to shattrah and fly to nagrand. those boxes in the killsorrow stronghold are green and will level u at the rate of approx 2 box to 1 level.

i oso got my JCers to trade JC badges for epic gem recipes. so that i can replace the lower gems for some of my 80s with EPIC! of course, both gorlog and disowned have a lot more to learn, so i will continue their daily JC quests until cat.

as a result of using those epic gems, i had to now make my alchemists work on transmuting epic gems in addition to their daily eternals. so its one or the other for timeforfun, opheilia and cavelion.

i had the most fun with getting pyroblast to L80. cos he switched from deep frost to arcane (shortcut to spell hit cap) and was already 3.6k GS (tier set head and shoulders, tailored spellweave chest and hands, ahune cloak, etc.) when he popped into his first H. and he did respectable damage (ie. not bottom).

as for the oldies but goodies, i took timeforfun into onyxia for the  first time last night. and he was the lowest GS but 2nd in dps! as a shadow priest! whoohoo!!!! too bad, no gear drops for him.

prof – the long hard grind

i think its very smart of wow to make ppl who like professions keep on working at it. there isnt one easy prof. the farming ones are easy but they are repetitious after a while. just who is first to the herb or ore vein.

but no matter how devious they get, it eventually comes to the point where ppl will either complete what they need, or give up.

of course, to be the perfect prof, your toon will need to raid at the top level – the best recipes drop from raids. your toon would also have put in the many hours needed to perfect your prof. esp JC, which requires you to do 4 dailies to get 1 epic recipe. or alternatively, farm tons of titanium ore so that you can prospect them for gems and exchange the leftover dust for the JC tokens. while you can only do 1 JC daily a day, you can mine a ton of titanium ore and prospect them for gems and dust. hence if you want to pick up the necessary recipes, you need to mine like hell. or spend a year on dailies. the choice is yours.

another example is leatherworking. you need to skin a lot of beasts. the LW vendor has a ton of recipes for you buy with Heavy Borean Leather. since LW can make 2 leather sets – melee and spellcaster and 2 mail sets. that is a lot of leather!

or blacksmithing. the worst of the lot at start up. cos there are ton of BS quests that you would have to do. sure you can dont do most of them, however, the quest chain to specialise as a armor or wpn smith, is long and require a ton of mats.

as an altoholic, i always go for the least effort prof levelling. having a lot of farming alts help to gather the mats. but once in a while, i will need to actually go out and deliberately farm for mats. eternal air and fire are some of those hard to get stuff. titanium ore is another. the rest of the stuff can be acquired 1 way or another. it used to be that frost lotus was one of the hardest things to farm. but bliz made it drop a lot more often now. whew. plus you can even buy it with leather. now if only they can fix the eternal air and fire and titanium ore requirements. haha.

prof: jewelcrafting 1-300

re-prof Gorlog as JC cos i had started to accumulate too many gems over time.  some, like citrine, i sold in AH when i should have kept them. also, i needed a JC on Blackwater Raiders.

mats for JC are more expensive than their final product, which is overstocked in AH and virtually worthless.  unless you make blue BoE items….

it’s easy to get gems – not from mining, which only randomly drops gems, but from prospecting the relevant 5 x ore. so i got the citrine i needed by prospecting iron and mithril ore. which i could easily mine in Badlands on my 73 DK (almost like pally with crusader aura, DKs have unholy presence to move faster).

some of the weird stuff needed to make JC items: large fang, essence of undeath, essence of earth, powerful mojo, flask of mojo

now gorlog is at approx L280, so there is still some way to go. good thing is, for the 300-375 stretch, i have lots of outland ore…. and if necessary, get all my toons to go visit the consortium guy in nagrand for their complimentary monthly gem packet.