howling fjord ka’luak quests

there is a bunch of ka’luak quests that start from outside westguard keep and end with 2 nice blue trinkets that’s very level appropriate. hence if you dont have BoA trinkets, this is a good chain to get into.

since this is at westguard, the game play assumes you would already have levelled once or twice before getting here, and should be at least L70.

pick up the first quest from the npc, lunk-tusk, who is just outside westguard keep. it will lead you to kamagua, the ka’luak island just off the coast and a hop away from westguard keep. after that, it will lead you to a series of quests for scalawag point, the next island.

by the end of the quests, you should be richer by 2 blue trinkets:

  1. The Jig is Up (group of 2 but can solo)
  2. Return to Atuik (the end of the the end of the quests for Ka’luak in HF)

after this, you should move on to Dragonblight, since you should have picked up a quest to go to Moa’ki Harbor. and you should go there, since the quest will reward you with a nice green item just for getting there.

as you already have cold weather flying, you can either fly there or wait for turtle boat.

northrend again

finally got an alt high enuf to revisit northrend, i first landed incorrigible, my L68 prot pally in BT (Borean Tundra). well, i did that cos he was based in Stormwind (SW) and they have a boat to BT.

big mistake. that was never my fave starter zone for levelling in northrend. just couldnt get the enthusiasm up. after paying for northrend cold weather flying and then checking out a few FPs and doing some starter quests in the vicinity of the alliance base, i flew east to valgarde in HF (Howling Fjord).

some funny happened along the way. i flew across northrend, then down to HF. as i was approaching HF, i got distracted and then left him to continue to fly off the radar. by the time i got back, he was in serious difficulties and couldnt fly back to safety. died from flying fatigue! ROFL! he rezzed somewhere in Westfall! dunno if that is a bug or what! anyway, i hearthed him back to SW and then flew him to Ironforge (IF) and set his base there. then i flew him over to Menethil Harbor and took the other boat to northrend, the one that stops at Valgarde, HF.

HF is where it’s at, boys! did the starter quests, then flew over to the HF Utgarde Keep (UK) instance, and picked up the 2 quests from the NPC outside it.  i had hit L69 shortly before, so i queued for LFG and see what i would get. yup, almost immediately, i got a LFG for tanking UK!

i was kinda distracted, and so was the healer, but we made it to the first boss and actually didnt wipe a few times along the way. even though we didnt follow strat on the first boss (stack so that consec etc will break ice tomb and oso keep the adds away from the healer)

however, the first mob up the stairs wiped us. how? i have no idea, but wipe we did. after that, a dps left and a rogue popped in. good thing, cos he helped sap for the next 4-man mob on the stairs. i probably didnt have enough gear for northrend dungeon cos i had just popped into the first dungeon without northrend gear although i had quite a bit of BoA stuff. we didnt wipe after that, and went on to clear the end boss with EASE (although i think 1 guy died. how? i have no idea, since i was doing the correct tanking style for the end boss – dont move, take the dmg from the phase 1 smash and the harder phase 2 dark smash) when tank dont move, melee dps wont run the risk of getting hit by the boss, but i think the flying axe done him in. i had to move when the flying axe got too close. twice.

and after turning the quests for the run as well as some additional utgarde catacombs, incorrigible dinged L70! and now has some northrend gear too. so next time can try the other instance in BT – Nexus.

now to rest him for a bit while i get the others to play catch up.

important update 8th april 2011:

ok. i found out the hard way. took Persi (L68 lock) to HF first, only to find out, there is NO FLYING TRAINER IN VALGARDE (HF)

so you should still go to BT first, and get the cold weather flying training, then fly over to HF, or stick with BT to level up. i just prefer HF for now. maybe after 2 toons, i might just do BT cos of the boredom of repetition.

some milestones for my alts


got pyro to L60 and bought him his flying mount so its easy herbing from the skies. but he still havent done the chain leading to the ramps quests, so once he gets some rested xp i will do so. finally, i have no more toons that will need to run old world dungeons. farewell, LBRS! that hopeless maze that no one knows how to run.

2 others dinged 70: muzzleshot and mib. they now can equip the first of the L70 set gear that mib (LW) made.