the joys of having 2 accounts

if you have more, well, more power to you.

but for me, 2 is just right. well, technically, if you have 5 you can run a dungeon by yourself, or if you have 10 you can raid by yourself. but that’s no fun.

two is enough

2 is just right cos for me:

  • i have a mage on every realm and account, so that i can port my own toons around. this means that i usually level a mage faster than the rest (unless it is a main). the exception is wagyuburgler whom i just started last week on khaz (now L5 only) cos i only decided to put a mage there recently, to keep company with sealtle (now L60).
  • if i start a lowbie toon and get stuck somewhere, i can always count on a higher level toon on my other account to help out. when i needed cloth for sealtle’s tailoring, such as wool and silk and later on mageweave, i basically used my L80 lock Missmisty to run deadmines, stockades, and uldaman dungeons for cloth. she would just run and hellfire everything in the path, then return to loot the bodies.
  • sometimes, i level 2 toons at the same time by putting the other toon on follow. of course, then i prefer to pick up kill-based quests rather than loot quests
  • for passing mats around between 2 accounts, it helps to have mages that can meet up to trade (if you mail to another account, unless both toons are in a high level guild for instant mail transfers, it takes a REAL-TIME hour to pass customs). i have been doing that recently when i levelled profs for khaz toons – darkruby mines ores, then smelt to bars and trades them to sealtle who then mails them to sealism for JC. since dark is based in IF, i parked sealtle (L60 mage) in IF too, since both seals are on the same ac but dark is on the other ac.
  • when i am running a guild dungeon, i can even bring along an inactive toon (when there are not enough guildies online). most heroics just need 4 man to clear these days, so the inactive toon is just tagging along for more guild points.


Leaving the 80s behind

moving on, firetree toons are now mostly past L80, except for Opheilia and Dethnyte, and the worgens Wormage and Werewolfe. from now on, i will probably put in more effort to levelling them as well. in fact, both worgens levelled from 72 to 74 over the weekend, and are now empty of rested XP.

on jubei’thos, things have also started to stir, and Greeni is now 81 and can queue LFG. so all the toons on jubei can now do LFG. however, prof-wise, Greeni is still pretty low on JC and inscription, so that means some ppl will have to farm the mats for her.

prof-wise, the latest and greatest thing i am doing is getting Spiritcat@firetree to level engineering past 450. so she can now use the Jeeves recipe she picked up a long time ago in a Northrend raid. once the 2 alchemists transmute a King’s Amber each tonight, she will be able to make it!


my virtual life so far

due to real life time constraints, i have decided some time ago to drop my toons on blackwater raiders. so they will stay forever 80. lol.

instead, i have just been playing firetree and jubei’thos. even so, my main on firetree is better geared than my main on jubei. since my guilds on both realms are non-raiding, i have just been gearing up my pal’s toon, xense. so he can go raid with other guilds. which he has been doing. and i am in the process of getting the mats to make for xense the blacksmithing epic hunter polearm.

along the way, farming mats have helped to gain xp for many of my toons. a few of them are just a hop and skip from level cap. that’s cavelion and everstone. as for the rest, like opheilia and disowned, even though they are only L80, they can already queue for dungeon and tank them. whereas on jubei, i have L80 toons but  not enuf cata gear to queue for LFG yet.

so what i have been doing a lot is farming. both realms. so that they can get their profs up to level for the next xpac. to that effect, i have been buying the epic flying for 4k gold for some toons – gsauce and incorrigible on jubei, and moodykat on firetree. i should probably invest in the 4k for wormage and werewolfe too. well, those 2 will be my next targets for epic flying. naturally, a lot of the gold came from questing from L85s, and some from the AH of lower level mats.


alts update

some of my toons got the new ambassador title, after the delay in getting Gilneas rep – Greeni for one.

i guess over time, more of my toons will hit level cap. Pickwick just hit L85 last week. working on Blackstealth@Firetree and various on Jubei’thos, esp Persi who is already L83 and running Cat dungeons

on the other hand, i have Rhoanin and Greeni hit L80 but put on hold for levelling them for the time being. i want to get more BoE green gear for them first.

for my lower ranking toons, the last of my Firetree lowbies are now into Outlands or soon to be. Werewolfe is L59 and will pop into Outlands next. Wormage already completed both dungeons in Hellfire Peninsula and is now L62. Gonna move him into Zangarmarsh

As for the Firetree raiding toons, Xense and Magel, both are iL346 blued out and raid ready. both have also been running H LFG for the valor points (VP) and Tol Barad (TB) for honor points (HP).

am gonna have to spend a lot of time farming to get the professions up for quite a few of my toons. that should keep me busy, but i dunno if i have the time come July. got some real life things to do then….


it helps to be in a guild. you get 50% guild rep tabard on getting Friendly, and 100% tabard on Honoured. so when you quest, you get rep for your guild. and your guild level benefits you too! after certain level you can get BoA gear which will help your alts level faster. you also get a better chance at getting into a raid and getting even better gear!

job done – all intended alts are L80

since ellonis hit 80 over the weekend, i have been focussing on getting exalted rep with northrend factions so that i can buy head and shoulder enchants for the alts on the respective realm/account. since i have 2 realms and 2 accounts – i need 4 alts to have exalted rep. i have identified them as:

firetree: xense and missmisty

BWR: timeforfun and xbowstrike

for this, the best way is to run LFG to get badges to trade for rep. however, i found out, there is one rep u cant buy – alliance vanguard. you need to run L80s instances without a faction tabard or do quests that give rep to the sub factions under the vanguard.

and if i get gear along the way, nice. i am oso doing the mining and other stuff so that i can make gear for some of the new 80s.

kiseki and mib hit 80

following closely on the heels of cavelion, but diff realm, kiseki and mib made the level cap in 1 LFG run.

i even took kiseki to a H run. (not first cos she already ran several Ahune dungeons and so got that nice L232 caster dps cloak but no staff.

i didnt have time to run mib cos i still need to get the head and shoulders enchants (buy with someone who is exalted rep) cos he bought the head and shoulders L232 tier set with his 100 EoTs. kiseki didnt accumulate so many, so i got her the EoT hit rating trinket and wand instead.

finally, the first toon i had turns 80!

cavelion made it to level cap on sunday during a LFG run.

and i guess that is where he will stay for a long long while. i dont have plans to make him into a main since he is on my 2nd account. but i think it’s just a super great feeling when ur toons finally cross the line.

17th – davina (retadin)

davina is now L80, the best part of it is, i can solo ZF! (Earned the achievement Zul’Farrak for 10 points.) of course, i could have done ZF even earlier but there was no request (i did ZF on davina long before achievements came on, getting the stupid mallet from hinterlands when it was a tough run thru the troll temple). i took 2 guildies with me since they had quests there and it was fun to see the sgt bly fight turn into an aoe orgy. guildie thought there was a bug cos after the 1st aoe, nothing happened for a long time. i told them it was working as intended (ie. scripted fight sequence) and cos we killed the mob by aoe below instead of waiting for them to run up the steps, we have to wait a long time before the next mob forms. so 3 aoes later, with much waiting in between, sgt bly is dead.

yeah, crappy stats right? she ran a H run and only came up with 1.3k dps. and her GS is under 3k so i wont say how much, haha.

i think i have just a couple of L78s left. 2 DKs on blackwater raiders and 1 shammy on firetree. the rest are 79. excluding my 80s.

once i get everyone to L80 (in a week or two at most), i think i will stop and concentrate on a few i wanna gear up properly. i cannot gear all of these last few 80s properly, but i should get a few done up for cat.


opheilia my prot/fury warrior should get more gear both ways. she is fun to play with and will come in useful in cat. she is the alternative to everstone who is prot/arms warrior on the other account.

i oso want to get cavelion geared up cos he was my first priest toon (which i put on hold in wow classic in order to get everstone levelled up and created spiritcat on the other account as my 2nd priest and main toon for the longest time. zappel on jubei’thos only became my main cos of guild migration)

davina, i will level her Sons of Hodir rep so she can make glacial bags. (tailoring currently just nice for the recipe, at L445). the bags will come in just nice for my alts too


timeforfun (holy/shadow priest)needs to get full rep on all factions so that 80s on that account can get the Sons of Hodir shoulder enchants. muzzleshot (hunter) needs to get to L80 so that he can be the farmer (miner and engineer) for that account. will probably have to save money and get epic flying (5k gold).

pyroblast (frost mage) and kiseki (demo lock) are now L79 and most likely to be next 80s on this realm. they already got the spellfire chest and hands made by timeforfun. so they just need to get their hit rating up (probably buy a trinket with EoTs)

thanks for the breaks, blizzard maintenance

i look forward to idle tuesday nights. when i can fully indulge in my other fave hobby – watch dvds. could be old audrey hepburn b/w movies like Love in the Afternoon, new movies like Transformers 2, war movies like The Hurt Locker, old tv serials like M.A.S.H., dorama like Jin.

But mostly, its korean dramas of late. i had finished Terroir, a modern drama about wine and Jumong, an 80+ episode historical drama of an ancient king of korea. and i loved the storyline in Terroir so much, i started to watch it a 2nd time round.

actually, i usually watch dvd after playing wow, and then i sleep. if i dont get caught up in the serials, i can sleep pretty early. but any late nights is usually due to the powerful korean dramas, since i dont raid anymore (again).

i dont raid cos my guild dont follow good time management. if the ppl commit and then dont turn up on time, and the raid gets called off much later, or else it starts 1+ hours later, i lose interest. if ppl did this at work they wont have a job the next day. but a game is just a game, and i dont want to get stressed out over a game. its not worth it.

i wont bother to look for another guild, cos the end of this xpac is approaching, and i am just looking forward to the new one. so im busy as it is with gearing my new L80s (thru LFG, as well as Ahune runs for now) and levelling the rest of my alts to hit 80 b4 cat.

and watching tons of korean drama! i already got the next one lined up. starring my 1st fave korean artiste (Her House lead actress)…

running ahune as an under 80

its tough but stick it out. the rewards are worth the insults from the pros and noobs alike.


if you are dps you will most likely be carried unless there are a few new L80s (GS around 3.5k or lower). as pyroblast, a L78 frost mage. i do 10% of the dmg of the top dpser. and if u need on the cloak which u cant use yet, you get ppl really pissed off. in which case, if i win i usually trade it with the L80 who can use it. the 2 EoFs are more than enuf reward. or in the case of pyro, he found the pet in his satchel last night!

Tanking, not!

if you are tank spec, you can probably tank the adds and since there is no boss. however, you wont be able to hold aggro since the L80 ICC geared dps will grab it off you in a sec. so queue as dps but help the tank to grab aggro as u stay in tank spec and gear. unless you got dual spec as dps or have good dps gear. tanking gear just makes u survive longer and now tanking spec hits as hard if not harder than if you were dps.

Heals, OK… but….

if you are a healer, and if you had to choose tank or dps to heal, and the dps dies, you will get heaps of blame. but you dont have to take crap from dps. cos this fight is easy, and dps should not get much dmg unless they grab aggro off the tank (that is why under 80 tanks should not queue as tank for Ahune). last night i levelled Darksunder to L78, geared him up in the Stormhide set and took him to Ahune. the 1st time we wiped. cos the dps died right off the bat (stupid guy took aggro off tank and since a whole bunch of them were up front and took aoe dmg, i couldnt heal them all) even so, i kept the tank up until the 4th cycle (dps died by 3rd cycle). no mana and nothing left to kill off Ahune, cos the tank wasnt even hitting Ahune during core phase at times, he was too busy tanking mobs. they blame the L78 healer (Darksunder) cos he couldnt keep them up. but i gave it right back to them! i told them this is easy fight, ive done it b4 and if they get the strat right its a piece of cake. 2nd time, no one died. i had tons of mana at the end of the fight, and the tank grabbed all the mobs and held aggro. didnt win anything though, but its a start. there are still a few days left to grab the gear off Ahune. and probably tons of insults still to come my way… XD