Ahune with under L80s

its possible, its been done, but its not very nice.

if you are a healer, that is fine. if you are a tank, please go as dps and let the others carry you thru. even going in as dps, you will lose to the L80s, usually.

i healed with fruit (L79) and cavelion (L78) . fruit’s team was a breeze so he never ran out of mana.

cavelion’s team sucked bad although their GS were all pretty high and tank was a prot pally. i had to teach how how to play cos they just expected the healer to heal them thru the massive damage they took from the start of the fight. they all stood in the ice and when the boss aoe, their health went from 100 to 30% in a sec. and expect a L78 priest to heal them up to full health??? we wiped when the dps kept tanking adds and i ran out of mana to heal all of them. and some of the dps had the cheek to say i was a crap healer. but the tank put in a good word for me. i fucked the dps back and told them to let the tank do his job and for them to stay out of the fire. 2nd time round, it was a breeze. no dps took major dmg, the tank hardly took any dmg. i healed everyone thru the once in a while bits of dmg. ended the fight with plenty of mana in my bank. but for a while, i was really pissed off with the quality of dps u get in randoms.

as a under L80 dps in Ahune, you are the lowest geared of the party, so you can only hope you are doing some useful damage while the rest of the team practically 1-hit kills off the adds. but Davina (ret pally L78) managed to top the tank (DK, haha) since she has lots of aoe options and oso helps mitigate damage with frost resistance aura.

midsummer – time to get a nice cloak!

free cloaks! (but only for L80s – ok that has been fixed. under 80 can run it too. further confirmation. only L78 and higher can use LFG for Ahune)

since i levelled many L80s, a lot of them are not wearing great cloaks. some are even blues that are not L200 gear. so this festival (which started yesterday or today depending on where u live) is just in time for me to get gear upgrades!

the reason is simple, EoTs cannot buy cloaks at L232. they are for rings or trinkets but first priority is set gear. which means head, shoulders, chest, hands and legs. to get a set of 4 will require a lot of EoTs, which means i would never get a chance on a cloak except via a instance drop or, in this case, a festival’s easy loot!

since the boss will drop 1 cloak and he has 4 options (tanking, melee dps, castor dps, healing), the chances are pretty good. of course, he drops a nice staff too, but that’s pretty rare. i havent seen it drop yet.

even if the healing cloak drops, a castor dps can still roll for it and use it.

Slave Pens – getting there

now, it isnt a form a group and run to SP in Zangarmarsh. instead, u need to be 70+ (not sure what is the admission level but i have seen L78. confirmed only L78 and above. i logged in with a L77 and couldnt use LFG for Ahune.)  and use the LFG tool. Select the Ahune option and wait in queue. it will port u right where u need to fight.

The fight mechanics

start the fight by killing the add defending the summoning stone. click stone to summon boss.

once boss appears, kill his adds. you can target boss too but his defenses make your efforts practically useless. once enough of his adds are down, he changes into a frozen core, and that’s when everyone (tank, heals too) will focus on it and burn it ASAP. if you didnt manage to kill core in 1 try, the boss reappears and the cycle starts all over again. if the boss is just a few % from death, and you got good dps, then you can try and dps down the boss (even if his dmg taken is a major drop off your usual dmg) in a minute or two.

if you got good group, 1 core is all it takes to finish the fight. some groups u gotta do the core 3 times. more than that, i think your group will wipe anyway. and now with the under 80s getting into the game, things get tricky. they are usually the first to die and if they are your heals, they run out of mana real quick. so if you dont manage to burn boss in 1 turn, it can get really messy.

frost immunity

this fight is hard on frost DK tanks and frost mages, since the boss and adds are frost immune.

loot loot and more loot

loot chest for your cloak and shard of ahune (quest item). sometimes, other stuff drop. there was an enchant i looted before for Spiritcat. havent seen the staff yet. latest update: spiritcat got the staff in her bag (that usually contains 2 EoFs and nothing else)! but to bad, she already got a L232 staff of approx the same stats from long ago.

dont forget to check your inventory for the bag containing your 2 EoFs, which they give for your 1st Ahune run of the day.

updated to include info about under 80s doing the quest (L80-only bug has been fixed)

further updated to confirm that only L78 and above can use LFG for Ahune.

Gearing 2 new L80 DKs at the same time

good thing is, they are for diff spec – Moody’s tank and Deth’s dps. but they still cost a lot of titansteel to make the L80 epic helm and boots. then the rest of the gear, they have to get via H dungeon drops and emblems.

since Moody had a head start in tanking, she’s got a bit more gear since the last time. so she can tank ok as long as i dont forget frost presence XD. i have also macro in rune strike to increase dmg, since her parry and dodge ratings are pretty high (plus talents).

Deth was respecced to be a better dps. and with gear, he is generating 2k dps in H runs now.

here we go. another 2 L80s

ran an instance each for pickwick and dethnyte and they dinged.

easier for pickwick to gear up, since he already got chest and hands made by tailor. plus pants from EoTs. already past 3k GS from the start. i oso respec him back to demonlogy so that he will have easier time farming since he is my farming too.

running H dungeons yielded a lot more loot. now have 45 EoTs. one more run and can buy another L232 set piece.


dethnyte is just L80 but gear to be made still. havent decided if he is tanking or dps.


moodykat hit L80

got to 80 but cannot tank yet. not enuf stamina.

i respecced her frost.


opheilia made the epic tanking helm and boots, she got a epic dps ring and a blue L200 tanking necklace. with 60 EoTs saved up she got the epic tanking chest. but that’s about it. 2 blue L78 swords. some of her gear below iL187 so when she went for her 1st H instance, the GS 5k DK tanked instead.

the instance run was a bit weird. wiped once when one of the dps ran and aggro additional mob. he was vote kicked. running back in, with a new hunter, he auto run into mob and since i was next to him, we died. lucky no one else was near and when the healer got back he rezzed us. after that, the hunter died again when at the 3 monsters b4 end boss. he complain he didnt get heals, but i said, range shouldnt even get any dmg in the first place. they can see the missile flying towards them and run away!

gonna make her some more gear. Disowned gemmed for her, but he will also make a tanking ring. Everstone will make the Belt of the Titans for her too. so maybe things will be better tonight.

another day another penny

slowly progressing my alts to level cap is fun.

on firetree, dethnyte is now L79, and should be my first DK to L80. moodykat isnt far behind. i intend for both to hit L80 about the same time. probably in a couple of weeks. cos i only run like 1 LFG per day to max out the EoTs. since they both tank, it’s a fast queue. and if tanks have to queue, i switch over to healer alts. so either way, it’s fast faster fastest! yup, also putting in time for fruit (resto druid), cavelion (disc priest), darksunder (resto shammy).

on blackwater raiders, things are a bit different. im more into farming mats for making tanking gear for gorlog, my new tankadin/retadin. so i prefer using dps alts that have a long LFG queue time, so that they can fly around SB and mine tons of ore and elements. i dont run LFG for gorlog, cos his dps as retadin is really really low. no gear. so he can’t really tank either. well, he tanked 1 H run before, but that’s about it. i wait for weekends when i can run gorlog (dps) together with timeforfun (heals). then he will be able to get a LFG group fast and chance for gear drops. anyway, i prefer to run time or xbow in H so that they can get frozen orbs, which are required mats in almost all starter epic crafted stuff.

lastly, just got 2 BoA items for blacksteath – the shoulders and chest xp gear. missmisty had accumulated enough shards and EoTs to exchange for the items. then i took him to complete his trinket run in howling fjord (kaluak quests) and with an instance run, he finally got to L74. oh, and something funny happened in the instance, DTK. he got the blue 1h mace drop, and then equipped it as main wpn. then he started missing all his shots. LOL. he hasnt trained in mace since donkey years! none of his sinister strikes hit the tgt. after awhile, i realised something was wrong, and i took it off. have to go train his mace skills b4 i can use the wpn! after the run, i respecced him so that he could use the glyph of vigor (i was such a noob! i glyped him but didnt spec him for vigor, so the glyph was basically USELESS!) now he has 120 energy and gives much better performance in his key skills like SND and eviscerate. i have to get him to L80 sooner or later, as he is the scribe on firetree. i will probably retire assasinatorx (L80), since both rogues have the same spec and assainatorx is just a farming toon. haha. i guess i have to go level his lockpicking skills. i forgot to do it for some levels.

what a difference a weekend makes


check it out, timeforfun can heal pretty well now,  after a few days work.  his gear is now in Superior level. countless running LFG H gives u a few advantages – you pick up epic stuff, get rep and cash and more EoTs! (plus the daily EoFs).

of course, he started out with enough EoTs to get 2 pieces of the L232 priest set. and with Gorlog making an epic neck piece, etc, he was pretty much already heal-able.

Gorlog has also made it to L80 but he has still a long way to go. will be hard to tank with so little epic gear, although he oso has 2 pieces of the L232 plate tanking set.


timeforfun is latest L80


not too bad. he already had 90 EoTs when he dinged on a LFG group last night to HoL. so i did a re-spec (still disc/holy but cleaned up some mess of his talent pts) and bought the head and shoulders L232 set. plus a titansteel spell necklace made by gorlog, he passed the 3k GS mark and went LFG H run. lucky it was a simple VH run. and with the rest all at approx 5k GS, it was a breeze.

the pits

yup. farming. racing against other farmers for that vein. its the pits when you dont have crusader aura + epic flying. then its a matter of skill. only disowned has both to really farm like a pro. but i hardly use him to farm cos his bags are usually maxed out. he is only good for the daily JC quest run.

and since i prefer to use a toon that has dual farming skills, its usually muzzleshot (engr+mining) or pickwick (engr+mining) or else it’s xbowstrike (skin+herbing) or xense (mining+herbing). xense is my fave farmer cos she can handle horde (except stun lock rogues) and has epic flying. and when there are too many ore farmers in SB, she can always switch to herbing instead!

even so, during lull periods, slow flying can still reap rewards. pickwick managed to find 2 titanium veins last night while waiting for his turn at LFG. another long wait for dps. *sigh* but the best thing with engineers are, there are so FEW of them in SB. so all the gas clouds are MINE! muahahahaha. so whenever i see a mine and a cloud on the minimap, i go for the mine first. cos the cloud is mine whenever i choose to get it. ok bad pun there.

im still progressing nicely on getting Timeforfun to L80. last night he went to check out Halls of Stone for the first time. these days, everyone seems to want the shortcut. so i pity dpsers who wait a long time, and then get blown thru the dungeon and out again. i queue 1 min max for Time. last night was instant. rofl. we did 2 bosses, i completed the HoS quest, and was out and back in dalaran and logged out for the night under 30 min. there was a wipe, near the start cos the circle has a lot of pat mobs. the rest went smoothly. but i am bothered cos Time didnt have his L78 blue gear yet. as a result, he ran out of mana easily. i think i need to farm cloth for him. ie. run tons of LFG on xbowstrike.

xbowstrike had a 1st timer too. H FoS (ICC 1st dungeon, Forge of Souls)! so double achievement for him on completing it. he died during the 1st boss cyclone cos i think his health a bit low. but otherwise he did well in dps but less in terms of overall damage.

xense got an achievement last night. in H Nexus. she finally did the 1st boss by downing the split images fast enough (the rest of the party are 5k GS)

altoholics – oh, the pain

why oh why must cat come? with 9 L80s and many L70+ i am now having to face with the dilemma that i must put some of my L70+ toons into cold storage, perhaps forever. i have already put my horde toons in the freezer, together with some alts on other realms. and just focus on firetree, blackwater raiders and jubei’thos toons. even then there are too many.

i guess b4 cat arrives, i will probably end up with around 11 or 12 L80s. cos im serious about getting Timeforfun@L78 to L80 as well as Gorlog@L79.  both are on blackwater raiders. i will probably get Pickwick@L76 to L80 as well on firetree.

i did originally want to get my shammy and a couple of DKs to L80 as well. so that may well happen. shammy is Darksunder@L74 (unlikely, right? but then again he is a resto shammy so… it’s always possible using LFG) DKs are moodykat@L77 and dethnyte@L77 – i can probably tank these 2 to L80 in a matter of days but i think i will take my time to gather EoTs.

i have been playing a lot of my blackwater raider toons, rogue Mib@74, hunter Muzzleshot@75, mage Pyroblast@74 and lock Kiseki@74 so who knows?

but come cat, i know it will be just a few key mains.


  • mage Zappel
  • druid Naturespower


  • priest Spiritcat
  • warrior Everstone
  • pally Disowned
  • hunter Xense
  • lock Pickwick
  • mage Magel
  • rogue Assasinatorx

Blackwater Raiders:

  • pally Gorlog
  • priest Timeforfun
  • hunter Xbowstrike

ok. not a few mains but a lot. however, i will focus on Jubei’thos cos those are my raiding toons. the rest shall only run on rested xp.

and in my free time, rolling a worgen or two and running them up from scratch. on which realm? i havent really decided yet.