xense re-profs almost done

engineering at max, blacksmithing at 311. now comes the hard part. making truegold for engineering epic gun for xense, and getting blacksmithing up via purchase of recipes from the blacksmithing vendor. these require a ton of mats – elementium no less. obsidian is no longer required.

due to the daily cd of truegold transmutes, both opheilia and cavelion are now on daily transmute duty. need 15 bars. xense has the pyrium bars, but not enough of the volatiles. anyway, since a lot of mats still need to be mined, i think the gathering of volatiles will continue to replenish the small stack on xense even as some are taken out for the transmutes.

xense managed to get 2 raids done over the weekend.


meanwhile, on khaz’goroth

i decided to let my occasional gamer pal switch from playing a frost mage (L57) to a DK, cos he was constantly leaving the mage in melee range of mobs.

by the end of the day, he got his Blood DK out of the training zone, and went to tank (for the first time), LBRS. did quite an ok job. it helped that my xense-playing pal was on a Frost DK (started at the same time – so both ran the training zone together, and my experienced pal helped out the newbie) so they cleared to the end boss in very fast timing.


some milestones for my alts


got pyro to L60 and bought him his flying mount so its easy herbing from the skies. but he still havent done the chain leading to the ramps quests, so once he gets some rested xp i will do so. finally, i have no more toons that will need to run old world dungeons. farewell, LBRS! that hopeless maze that no one knows how to run.

2 others dinged 70: muzzleshot and mib. they now can equip the first of the L70 set gear that mib (LW) made.



LFG LBRS – satchel of helpful goods

i finally got a LFG run in LBRS (Lower Blackrock Spire), after several boring DM East runs. i no longer run BRD, since my toons have levelled past them.

the bag boss is the end boss of the instance… Overlord Wyrmthalak. however, the bosses and mobs leading up to him are good for gear upgrades, xp and recipe drops.

the group i was in didnt know how to fight Urok Doomhowl using Omokk’s Head so we just fought off the mob waves the hard way. Strat here: http://www.wowwiki.com/Urok_Doomhowl