cooking progress is slow. patch 4.3 is awesome!

cooking L350 onwards

it’s all about northrend cooking. however, on firetree and jubeithos, all my toons are already into cata cooking. which means doing cooking dailies to get the chef awards needed to buy recipes to go from 450 up to 500. so only toons on khaz are doing northrend cooking. and i havent really started on that yet. no rush since the toons are currently 70+

regarding cata cooking, the first part is to get toons who are past northrend cooking (approx 425) to hit 450. that means cooking toughened flesh. the easiest way i’ve found is to go mt hyjal, and kill stags for meat. i usually bring a skinner toon so i get skins for LW too! once they get to 450, it’s coffee time! that should level to 460. then either the monstrous claw recipe or blood shrimp recipe will get them to 475. from 475 to 500, the easiest is blood shrimp again. cos the rest of the cooking recipes require fishing (not exactly my fave form of time wasting)

so in order to collect a whole ton of blood shrimp, i have decided to complete vashjr quests on all my L85 alts. it has 2 benefits – faction and guild reps.

patch 4.3

patch 4.3 is like wrath’s icc phase. now ppl get get L378 loot from the new COT dungeons, bypassing the need to accumulate gear the hard way thru H LFG runs. of course, the catch 22 situation is, in order to be able to queue for these higher level dungeons, the gear level requirement is also upped. so long as your item level is at least 353, you can queue for it. so anyone just fresh capped from questing won’t be able to get in, cos that is just 346. you will need to buy some JP gear (assuming you ran some random LFGs while levelling and accumulated some JPs) or craft or buy off AH.

the other cool thing is the random raid finder. i havent used it myself, since i dont care to raid. and i am busy with the secondary profs of my alts. trying to get them prepped for the next xpac in 2012.

one benefit for me is that now is a lot easier to level fishing! yup, the effort has been halved. in one hour, i can get a toon from 50+ fishing, up to 175. of course, as it goes up the scale, the fishing will take longer, but still, shorter than before patch 4.3 came out. still, fishing to me is like the 2nd last thing on earth/wow to do. the last thing is arch. i’m still waiting for wow to shorten that pain first /rofl

 correction on arch

Archaeology leveling speed was also increased, now granting 5-9 fragments per dig. The number of fragments required to solve an artifact has also been decreased slightly. The Archy addon that we previously reviewed has been updated for 4.3 as well!

the joys of having 2 accounts

if you have more, well, more power to you.

but for me, 2 is just right. well, technically, if you have 5 you can run a dungeon by yourself, or if you have 10 you can raid by yourself. but that’s no fun.

two is enough

2 is just right cos for me:

  • i have a mage on every realm and account, so that i can port my own toons around. this means that i usually level a mage faster than the rest (unless it is a main). the exception is wagyuburgler whom i just started last week on khaz (now L5 only) cos i only decided to put a mage there recently, to keep company with sealtle (now L60).
  • if i start a lowbie toon and get stuck somewhere, i can always count on a higher level toon on my other account to help out. when i needed cloth for sealtle’s tailoring, such as wool and silk and later on mageweave, i basically used my L80 lock Missmisty to run deadmines, stockades, and uldaman dungeons for cloth. she would just run and hellfire everything in the path, then return to loot the bodies.
  • sometimes, i level 2 toons at the same time by putting the other toon on follow. of course, then i prefer to pick up kill-based quests rather than loot quests
  • for passing mats around between 2 accounts, it helps to have mages that can meet up to trade (if you mail to another account, unless both toons are in a high level guild for instant mail transfers, it takes a REAL-TIME hour to pass customs). i have been doing that recently when i levelled profs for khaz toons – darkruby mines ores, then smelt to bars and trades them to sealtle who then mails them to sealism for JC. since dark is based in IF, i parked sealtle (L60 mage) in IF too, since both seals are on the same ac but dark is on the other ac.
  • when i am running a guild dungeon, i can even bring along an inactive toon (when there are not enough guildies online). most heroics just need 4 man to clear these days, so the inactive toon is just tagging along for more guild points.


farming one thing or another

ok, i have to admit it, im a farm-aholic. with good justification (or so i think). some ppl just level to 80 without profession, but i think most ppl will do the 2 primary profs along the way or at L80 or even re-prof. cos unless its a farming prof, there is a little bit of benefit. and for someone like me with so many alts on a particular realm, i have all the profs so i can craft stuff for all and any.

however levelling a prof and putting that prof to use does require a ton of material for each prof on each alt. hence i do a lot of farming. some of it is incidental. levelling mats are usually acquired when i am levelling my alts anyway. you run along a path to a quest objective, since u are on a miner alt and a vein pops up on your mini map nearby, stop and just pick it up, and continue along your way. of course, that will never suffice. if it is some cheap stuff i can get off AH, i’d use this shortcut. however, i dont have a lot of gold (too many alts that still dont have epic flying – 5k gold), so i’d rather farm it myself. i stop questing, and just do a few runs around a zone to pick up the necessary mats. that may or may not be done with the same alt. if an alt needs to level his mining skill, then i may use him for the zone farming. but if the alt already does not need that, then i will usually bring in a higher level alt and farm the zone in faster time. high level toons dont aggro much in lower level zones.

since all my target alts are now L80, i dont do incidental stuff anymore. it’s more specific questing. for some of the rep prof rewards. and if i farm a zone specifically, it is cos some of their profs are still in need of levelling. not so much their main 2 profs. as long as i got them to 425, its good enough for cat. the effort to hit max would cost too much in mats. nevertheless, i acquired too much mats for enchanting so it was easy to hit 450 on all my ench toons. in the case of JC and alchemy, it is mandatory to hit 450 to be able to benefit from it, so i did that. for BS, as i make epic gear for the toons, i get it to max easy. inscription is oso easy to hit max, along with tailoring (making epic bags). LW is kinda stuck around 440. i didnt need the L200 epic cloaks cos i farmed L232 cloaks from the last Midsummer festival, but i might make some of the L200 epic leather gear for Blackstealth. or bags. Engineering is the worst for maxing out. i never max out engineering. i just dont see any point there. i keep it around the 440 level too. Engineering is more for some self-buffs and making bullets/arrows for hunters. haha.

prof – the long hard grind

i think its very smart of wow to make ppl who like professions keep on working at it. there isnt one easy prof. the farming ones are easy but they are repetitious after a while. just who is first to the herb or ore vein.

but no matter how devious they get, it eventually comes to the point where ppl will either complete what they need, or give up.

of course, to be the perfect prof, your toon will need to raid at the top level – the best recipes drop from raids. your toon would also have put in the many hours needed to perfect your prof. esp JC, which requires you to do 4 dailies to get 1 epic recipe. or alternatively, farm tons of titanium ore so that you can prospect them for gems and exchange the leftover dust for the JC tokens. while you can only do 1 JC daily a day, you can mine a ton of titanium ore and prospect them for gems and dust. hence if you want to pick up the necessary recipes, you need to mine like hell. or spend a year on dailies. the choice is yours.

another example is leatherworking. you need to skin a lot of beasts. the LW vendor has a ton of recipes for you buy with Heavy Borean Leather. since LW can make 2 leather sets – melee and spellcaster and 2 mail sets. that is a lot of leather!

or blacksmithing. the worst of the lot at start up. cos there are ton of BS quests that you would have to do. sure you can dont do most of them, however, the quest chain to specialise as a armor or wpn smith, is long and require a ton of mats.

as an altoholic, i always go for the least effort prof levelling. having a lot of farming alts help to gather the mats. but once in a while, i will need to actually go out and deliberately farm for mats. eternal air and fire are some of those hard to get stuff. titanium ore is another. the rest of the stuff can be acquired 1 way or another. it used to be that frost lotus was one of the hardest things to farm. but bliz made it drop a lot more often now. whew. plus you can even buy it with leather. now if only they can fix the eternal air and fire and titanium ore requirements. haha.